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CBC loses key court battle to keep documents secret

Your feel good story of the day.

Good news: Only 60% of the Jews Are Evil

Egyptian presidential candidate:

“Not all the Jews in the world are evil. You may ask: Tawfiq, what is the ratio? The ratio is 60-40. Sixty percent are evil to varying degrees, all the way to a level that words cannot describe, while 40% are not evil. They, however, are divided into three categories: One group consists of the non-evil, another group consists of the non-evil to a lesser degree, and the third group consists of the non-evil to an even lesser degree.”

‘Blast rocks Hezbollah stronghold in Lebanon’

A large explosion rocked a Hezbollah stronghold in the city of Tyre on the southern Lebanese coast late on Tuesday night, Lebanon newspaper The Daily Star reported on Wednesday.

The Daily Star quoted local media as saying the explosion took place at a Hezbollah arms cache.

Canada casts 9 votes defending Israel at UN

Canada has stood up once again for Israel on the world stage.

Member states voted on a series of resolutions at the United Nations General Assembly Nov. 10 that were explicitly or implicitly critical of Israel, and Canada voted “no” or abstained on all of them.

One of them, from the UN special political and decolonization committee – which deals with a variety of subjects, including the Palestinian refugee issue, human rights and peacekeeping – contained a resolution with numerous criticisms of Israel and no mention of Palestinian obligations in the peace process.

The special committee had submitted a report from another subcommittee that was charged with investigating “Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs of the occupied territories.”

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said that this resolution was “one-sided, unbalanced and does not address the complexities of the issues, nor seeks to address the true actions and responsibilities of all parties.”

He added that Canada remained “frustrated” with the UN’s process on Middle East peace.

Canada, Baird said, believes Israel and the Palestinians must resolve all “final status” peace issues in bilateral negotiations, not at the UN.

“Canada has long been concerned by the sheer number of UN resolutions critical solely of Israel. No other conflict area in the world draws even a fraction of the time and energy of member states.

Baird said the committee’s resolution package on Israel was prejudiced and lacked “references to terrorist activities carried out by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and others against Israel and are, thus, ultimately unhelpful to the cause of a lasting, negotiated peace.”

Hezbollah considering military coup if Assad falls

Sources tell al-Arabia network Shiite group planning to ‘seize parts of Beirut’ should Assad’s regime fall for fear of foreign intervention in Lebanon.

Four Things You Need to Know about Venezuela

The Chávez regime is increasingly sustained by China, Cuba, drug-trafficking generals, and a paramilitary militia.

Iran cut off from Canada, U.S., U.K. banking systems

Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. are limiting Iran’s access to much of the world’s financial system in an attempt to isolate the country’s regime.

The sanctions Canada announced Monday also add the leadership from the Revolutionary Guard to the list of people designated for sanctions and expands the list of prohibited goods.

“The regime in Iran poses a significant threat to regional and global peace. We will do what it takes to isolate the regime and to minimize the risk that it poses to global peace,” said Government House Leader Peter Van Loan.

The four front-runners for “unity” PA prime minister

And the nominees are…..

Slowpoke Rodriguez

Occupy Wall Street protesters stay at $700-a-night hotel

Instead of Zuccotti Park squalor a swanky room at the W Hotel Downtown was more comfy for Brad Spitzer and other well-heeled protesters.

Hell no, we won’t go — unless we get goose down pillows.

A key Occupy Wall Street leader and another protester who leads a double life as a businessman ditched fetid tents and church basements for rooms at a luxurious hotel that promises guests can “unleash [their] inner Gordon Gekko,” The Post has learned.

The $700-per-night W Hotel Downtown last week hosted both Peter Dutro, one of a select few OWS members on the powerful finance committee, and Brad Spitzer, a California-based analyst who not only secretly took part in protests during a week-long business trip but offered shelter to protesters in his swanky platinum-card room.

“Tents are not for me,” he confessed, when confronted in the sleek black lobby of the Washington Street hotel where sources described him as a “repeat” guest.Spitzer, 24, an associate at financial-services giant Deloitte, which netted $29 billion in revenue last year, admitted he joined the protest at Zuccotti Park several times.

Musical Interlude


EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration

EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact.

Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from making the claim and will face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the edict, which comes into force in the UK next month.

Last night, critics claimed the EU was at odds with both science and common sense. Conservative MEP Roger Helmer said: “This is stupidity writ large.

“The euro is burning, the EU is falling apart and yet here they are: highly-paid, highly-pensioned officials worrying about the obvious qualities of water and trying to deny us the right to say what is patently true.

“If ever there were an episode which demonstrates the folly of the great European project then this is it.”

Syrian Ba’ath party building ‘hit by rockets’ in Damascus

At least two rocket-propelled grenades have hit a ruling Ba’ath party building in Damascus, residents said, in the first insurgent attack reported inside the Syrian capital since the eight-month uprising began against President Bashar al-Assad.

The attack on Sunday occurred hours after an Arab League deadline for Syria to end its crackdown against protesters passed with no sign of violence abating, and Assad remained defiant in the face of growing international isolation.

“Security police blocked off the square where the Ba’ath’s Damascus branch is located. But I saw smoke rising from the building and fire trucks around it,” said one witness, who declined to be named.

“The attack was just before dawn and the building was mostly empty. It seems to have been intended as a message to the regime,” said the witness.

The Free Syrian Army, comprised of army defectors and based in neighbouring Turkey, claimed responsibility for the attack.

MP on Iranians living in Canada who are affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government

Good news: Terrorists reach understandings

Not that different after all.

Ontario Lawyers file Occupy complaint with U.N.

A group of Ontario lawyers has filed a submission to the United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights protesting against the move by some Canadian cities to evict members of the Occupy Movement.

The move against the occupiers by police and municipal governments is in “violation of the rights to freedom of expression, opinion, peaceful assembly and association,’’ states the brief by the Law Union of Ontario, a coalition of lawyers, law students and legal workers.

Cities are trying “to elevate the enforcement of municipal bylaws related to park use and maintenance above fundamental civil and political rights,’’ according to the submission from the lawyers, which points to occupy protests already dismantled in Halifax, London and Regina, with evictions threatened in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria.

The brief also takes a swing at the federal government for being supportive of the Arab Spring demonstrators but being “silent as to the Occupy protestors’ fundamental human rights, while municipal governments forcibly remove them and terminate their protests.’’

Colombian Marxists plotted to sell uranium to Venezuela for ‘distant friends’

Paul Reyes wrote: 'It occurs to me that 'Angel' might have an interest in this product for their friends from distant lands. I hope to discuss this topic with the man'

“Colombian Marxist rebels plotted to sell uranium to Venezuela in the belief that they would pass it on to “friends from distant lands”, according to leaked emails.”

You can guess who.

Some surprising words now banned from Pakistan text messages

Texters in Pakistan better start watching their language.

Pakistan’s telecommunications authority sent a letter ordering cellphone companies to block text messages containing what it perceives to be obscenities, Anjum Nida Rahman, a spokeswoman for Telenor Pakistan, said Friday.

It also sent a list of more than 1,500 English and Urdu words that were to be blocked.

The order was part of the regulator’s attempt to block spam messages, said Rahman. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority refused to comment on the initiative.

Many of the words to be blocked were sexually explicit terms or swear words, according to a copy of the list obtained by The Associated Press.

It also included relatively mild terms like fart and idiot.

The reasons for blocking some words, including Jesus Christ, headlights and tampon, were less clear, raising questions about religious freedom and practicality.

Iran training Gaza terrorists

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have trained in Iran and learned how to operate sophisticated anti-tank missiles, an Israeli defense official said.

Saudi Islamic Virtue Committee Will Begin Ordering Women To Cover “Tempting” Eyes

Women with sexy eyes in Saudi Arabia may be forced to cover them up, according to the spokesperson of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) in the conservative Gulf kingdom.

Canadians urged to get out of Syria while they still can

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird delivered a pretty clear signal yesterday: Canadians in Syria, he said, should take commercial flights out of the country “while they’re still available.”

“Nazi Haircut” is hot

CLEAN-CUT young men have been going to F.S.C. Barber in the West Village and asking for the same haircut: buzzed on the sides, longer on top and slicked back with a dab of pomade. You could call it a modified McSqueeb, a J. Edgar Hoover or maybe a Jimmy Darmody, after the character in “Boardwalk Empire.”

But a lot of them just ask for a Hitler Youth.

Attack on Syrian intelligence base is most audacious yet

Symbolic significance of assault on Syria’s feared Air Force Intelligence directorate will not be lost on civilians.

Where good ideas come from

The OWS Legal Team

Yesterday, lawyers for the Occupy Wall Street movement successfully filed for a temporary restraining order with a New York court. On paper, at least — the Bloomberg administration did not comply — Justice Lucy Billings’s ruling allowed the protesters to return to Zuccotti Park between yesterday morning’s eviction and yesterday afternoon’s full hearing. She temporarily barred the city and the private owners of the park from preventing the occupation or keeping the occupiers from setting up tents.

Justice Billings is perhaps the ideal enabler for the occupiers. Her liberal credentials are sterling: She graduated from the University of California–Berkeley’s law school in 1973, was admitted to the Vermont bar in 1974, and went on to spend 25 years working for the American Civil Liberties Union, where she worked, according to her official biography online, “to enforce new rights for minority, disabled, and low-income persons” and “forged new legal remedies by litigating issues not previously addressed in housing, environmental justice . . . public health, child welfare, education, and employment.” And her role may not have been coincidental; the Daily News reports: “Asked why they called her first, protest lawyer Daniel Alterman wouldn’t say, remarking that he’s not a ‘gossip guy.’”

Speaking of the protest’s lawyers, most of them are affiliated with the National Lawyers Guild, a group of explicitly progressive lawyers whose mission calls for the “reconstruction of legal values to emphasize human rights over property rights.” That philosophy runs throughout much of their work, which has consistently championed the preferences of “marginalized” groups over the rule of law. Here is a guide to Occupy Wall Street’s legal counsel.

LGBTI refugees seek haven in Lebanon

Lebanese protesters hold signs in support of homosexual people and against their discrimination during a demonstration on the eve of the International Day Against Homophobia in Beirut on May 16, 2010 (Anwar Amro/AFP/Getty Images)

But persecuted Syrians, Iraqis and Algerians find it isn’t what they imagined.

Attempted Jew massacre of the day

Two Qassam rockets land near kindergarten.

Egyptian women fret as ‘modesty’ becomes election issue

The controversy over the status of women in post-Mubarak Egypt came to a head at the start of November after Hazem Saleh Abu Ismail, a leading presidential candidate and Muslim cleric, gave two television interviews in which he outlined an Islamic future for the country that would impose Saudi Arabian-style dress and behavior on the public.

In an interview on the 90 Minutes television program, Abu Ismail said he supported what he called “Islamic dress” for women, meaning the hijab, or veil. Asked about what would happen to a woman wearing a bikini on the beach, he responded, “she would be arrested.”

Syria’s ‘bloodiest day’ leaves scores dead

At least 70 people have been killed in violence across Syria over the past 24 hours in one of the bloodiest days since an anti-government uprising began eight months ago, activists reported.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday that 27 civilians were shot dead by security forces and 34 soldiers as well as 12 suspected army deserters were killed in clashes.

Most of the victims were killed in the southern flashpoint province of Deraa, the observatory said in a statement.

“Twenty-three people were shot dead by security forces posted along the road between the towns of Kherbet Ghazale and Hirak,” the statement said.

At least four other civilians were killed by security force fire in the city of Homs, a protest hub in central Syria, the rights group reported.

How Iran persecutes its oldest religion

Zoroastrian worshipers

“Like members of the Christian, Jewish and Baha’i minorities, Zoroastrian activists who protest the theocracy’s excesses are sent to Tehran’s notorious Evin prison on charges of sedition. At the ayatollahs’ instigation, Iranian media characterizes the followers of Iran’s ancient faith as polytheists and devil worshipers. Lesser mullahs rant against Zoroastrians not only in Iran, but even at mosques in Toronto.”

Lecture topic for Islamic History Month: “Islam’s Contribution to Enlightened Governance, Pluralism and Diversity as a Civilization”

Yes, really.

Enlightened governance?

Pluralism and diversity?

I could add 1000 links here to prove how dishonest this lecture must have been…

Palestinian Officials Should Be Careful What They Wish For

Granted UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) membership, “Palestine” seeks recognition of statehood with a vote from the U.N. Security Council. Palestinian Authority officials should be careful what they wish for.

The P.A. seeks sovereignty so, among other things, it can haul Israelis before the U.N.’s International Criminal Court on “war crimes” charges.

Yet Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, for example, have not joined the ICC.

One reason, according to Prof. Robbie Sabel, former legal adviser to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, is that they don’t want their citizens exposed to war crimes prosecution. Terrorism is such a crime.

Only a totalitarian New World Order can save us now says Naomi Slime

No Logo author Naomi Klein has a solution to climate change and it goes like this: punitive taxation; massive wealth re-distribution; the abolition of free trade and free markets; a state-enforced end to to the “cult of shopping”; the whole to be supervised by a New World Order of selfless illuminati (who presumably resemble Naomi Klein).

Iran Signals Its Readiness for a Final Confrontation

Of all the Iranian statements, one made by Ahmadinejad stands out. During a meeting with supporters, he said, “the West is mobilizing all its forces to finish the job because it is clear as day that NATO is yearning to act against Iran.” He added in an apocalyptic-messianic spirit that the conditions taking shape in the region are not normal (a hint at the Imam Mahdi),4 and that “we are nearing the point of final confrontation.”

A video for the faithful

FINALLY: Raelians endorse Occupy movement

“It’s time for all the ex-colonized countries around the world to take revenge on the West.”

Video: Letters from Iran

“While winds of change have been blowing through the Arab world this year, Iranians have been forced to wait for political reform.

In 2009, in the aftermath of an election that saw Mahmoud Ahmadinejad controversially returned to power as president of the Islamic Republic, millions took to the streets of Tehran to protest against the result. But the demonstrations were brutally repressed and the hopes of the “green revolutionaries” were dashed.

Since then Iran has closed itself off to international media scrutiny and it has been difficult to determine exactly what happened to the many thousands of dissidents arrested and imprisoned during the protests, or the current scale of political opposition to the regime.

Yet as this film reveals, that opposition is still alive and kicking and just as eager for change as before. Letters from Iran paints a fascinating portrait of the aftermath of the Green Revolution and a country holding its breath.”

iCow: Kenyans now manage their herds via mobile phone

As an organic farmer outside of Nairobi, Su Kahumbu could see the challenge that her cattle-herding neighbors had in handling the expenses of their most precious assets, the female cow.

If the cattle owner didn’t pay attention, he might miss the very brief window of time when his cow went into heat, missing a chance at expanding his herd. Some cattle men wasted their money on the wrong kind of feed, others were selling their cattle off at below the market rate, and yet all of them had the tool in their hands to get information: a cell phone.  

So, Ms. Kahumbu came up with iCow, a mobile-phone application that allows herders to register each individual cow, and to receive individualized text messages on their mobile phones, including advice for veterinary care and feeding schedules, a database of experts, and updated market rates on cattle prices. It’s an example of how high technology can help out even in the low-tech business of agriculture, in which 80 percent of Kenyans make a living.

Arab League votes to suspend Syria in 4 days

The Arab League voted Saturday to suspend Syria in four days and warned it could face sanctions if it does not end its bloody crackdown against anti-government protesters. The decision was a symbolic blow to a nation that prides itself on being a powerhouse of Arab nationalism.

Bad idea: Occupiers try to crash conservative bloggers conference

We want the dog!


Click the image.

Egypt closes Pyramids in fear of Jewish Masonic numerology plot

Click the image.

Occupy Canada Facebook page: “Everything Hitler did was legal and Germany was high developing civilization country! Peace & light”

Hitler, David Icke, Louis Farrakhan — it’s all there.

Here’s a comment in response to the Hitler post: “Hitler was a pawn in a global game of currency GOLDMAN SACHS,ROTHSCHILDS ROCKERFELLERS… Titanic was sunk for the same reason MONEY POWER RELIGION….”

Good Times!

CSIS warnings echo what bloggers have been screaming about for years

“More traditional means of spying are also being employed, including by foreign states who send in “agents of influence” to shape political decisions. “We also cannot ignore attempts by foreign powers to manipulate and use members of certain communities to unduly influence government of Canada policies,” Mr. Ellis said.

Sounding the alarm about such activities is fraught with difficulty for CSIS, given that spy-service director Richard Fadden landed in hot water last year for making similar remarks. On the eve of the G20 conference, Mr. Fadden suggested certain provincial ministers had been corrupted by such agents, but refused to name them. Opposition and provincial politicians castigated him when he refused to do so.

Mr. Ellis did not give much detail on the problem of foreign interference in Canada. “This can be a sensitive topic,” he said, before adding that it is mostly “immigrant communities who are the victims” of such activities.”

Video: Sea Hitler douches hold press conference

Psychological torture!

UK’s Guardian: The anti-semitic crap we publish is by accident

Ultimately, while the paper did not feel it purposefully published explicitly anti-Semitic material – saying that the examples “may be read as anti-Semitic,” as opposed to deliberate anti-Semitism – Elliot did say that “reporters, writers and editors must be more vigilant to ensure our voice in the debate is not diminished because our reputation has been tarnished.”

Triumph The Insult Dog @ Occupy Wall Street

Suicidal Israel, part #97,462

“The Efraim District Coordination and Liaison (DCL) held an employment fair to increase the number of Palestinians working in Israel. Chairmen and representatives of both Israeli and Palestinian employment bureaus attended the fair.

The fair and the cooperation of the Palestinian Ministry of Economy were arranged by the Civil Administration to better connect between Israeli employers and Palestinian worker representatives to increase the number of Palestinians employed in Israel.

As part of the accommodations Israel made in honor of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha, the criteria for Palestinians to work in Israel were relaxed including reduction of the age limit from 28 to 26. This will greatly increase the number of Palestinians allowed to work in Israel.”

Israeli officials: ElBaradei an Iranian agent

Senior state officials accuse former IAEA chairman of covering up for Islamic Republic during his term, allowing Iranians to move ahead with nuclear program while playing for time. ‘He is a despicable person,’ one of them says. El Baradei calls accusations ‘false’.