A university lecturer and senior executive of one of Belgium’s main trade unions wrote that Israel poisons Palestinians and kills their children for their organs.


Robrecht Vanderbeeken


The Media’s Saudi Hypocrisy Problem

What we have are a group of liberal journalists – everyone of them public and strong supporters of gay rights, one of them himself gay – being represented by a talent agency that had a $400 million investment deal with the Saudi government. That would be the self-same Saudis, who, again according to the Washington Post, punish gays in their country by stoning them to death. And not a one of these liberal journalists – not a single, solitary one of them – uttered a word of protest about their agency’s ties to the Saudis until this minute when the Khashoggi case suddenly applies heat.

In other words, the brazen hypocrisy here is mind blowing.

But not surprising.

Political whore of the day

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Saron Gebresellassi


PETA releases article claiming cow’s milk is the symbol of white supremacists

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has released an article detailing why they believe cow’s milk is the “perfect drink for supremacists.”

New York Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Senators Over Kavanaugh Confirmation

 “It’s a 9 millimeter. Side of your f***ing skull you scumbag motherf*cker.”

The City That Had Too Much Money

It’s a product of one of the largest financial flows of the 21st century: The money being frenetically shuffled by millions of wealthy Chinese into safe assets abroad, in defiance of their country’s capital controls. Since mid-2014, capital flight from China may have totaled as much as $800 billion, according to estimates from the Institute of International Finance.

In Vancouver, the tidal wave has wrought a dramatic economic, demographic, and physical transformation. Alberni Street, a formerly dowdy downtown thoroughfare, has in the past decade welcomed a two-level Prada boutique with a black marble facade, one of the largest Rolex showrooms in North America, and a 62-story tower with a five-star Shangri-La hotel. All have Mandarin-speaking staff. In May, Rolls-Royce chose Vancouver to unveil its first sport utility vehicle, which starts at more than $300,000, hosting a Champagne reception at its sleek new local dealership in an upmarket neighborhood about two miles south of Alberni. Six sold on the first day—bound, perhaps, for the “car condo,” a kind of luxe garage with customizable suites that’s being built in a majority-Asian suburb. The units start at more than C$800,000, and the first batch recently sold out.

Much of the money coming in has been legitimately earned, if sometimes extricated by gray-market means. But officials say that a substantial proportion is the proceeds of corruption or crime, including the illegal sale of opiates such as fentanyl.

Russia wooing white South African farmers

Vladimir Putin’s Government has scrapped tourist visa requirements for South Africans, which it is thought was done to make it easier for them to visit and look at potential homes.

Vladimir Poluboyarenko, a government liaison from the Stavropol region in southern Russia, said: “I want them to know that Russia can be their mother country, too.”

A large visit to Crimea by a number of wine-producing South African farmers is also planned soon.