Mother of Palestinian Knife Attacker in Praise of Son: He Was a Butcher, Knew How to Slaughter


Ilhan Omar & Co. Were Elected Because of Their Racism, Not In Spite of It

Rep. Ilhan Omar is an antisemite and, as the actions of the congressional Democratic leadership last week made clear, hating Jews is a perfectly acceptable position in today’s Democratic Party.

Nick Sandmann’s Lawyers File Massive Lawsuit Against The Washington Post

Lawyers representing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann filed a massive $250 million lawsuit against The Washington Post on Tuesday and warned, “this is only the beginning.”

On January 29, Two Hate Crimes Occurred. The Media Only Covered The Fake One. Here’s Why.

The narrative the Left wishes to push is that America is deeply discriminatory and bigoted, rife with hate. But by statistics, Jews are by far the most likely group to be targeted in America on a per capita basis. This is a problem for the intersectionality-oriented Left, which sees Jews not as victims but as part of the power hierarchy in the United States. How can the Left uphold its hierarchy of victimhood if Jews are the chief targets of hate crime – and furthermore, if such hate crime is largely perpetrated by non-white supremacists, people who supposedly lie higher on the victim hierarchy than Jews?

WATCH: Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “We Will Stand by Israel Every Step of the Way”

Australian PM Scott Morrison has released a video message marking 70 years of Australian-Israel diplomatic relations.

A Month of Multiculturalism in Germany: January 2019

Getting what they deserve

14 must-read books about Israel

The following 14 English-language books, all from the last decade, are excellent representations of Israel in food, culture, history, technology and children’s literature, written by leading authors, illustrators, and photographers from Israel and the English-speaking world.