France bans schools from teaching ‘gender neutral’ words with full stops in the middle because they are ‘a threat to the language’

For example, word ‘amis’ meaning ‘friends’, would be spelled ami.e.s to include the female ‘e’ ending – though it would be pronounced as usual

Antony Blinken Continues to Lecture the World on Values His Administration Aggressively Violates

How can you feign anger over others’ attacks on a free press when you imprison Assange as punishment for his vital revelations about U.S. officials?

VIDEO: Under attack in Jerusalem

Russian Criminal Group Suspected Over Cyberattack That Forced Shutdown of Top U.S. Pipeline

Multiple reports have attributed the attack to DarkSide, a relatively new collective of Russian hackers who steal data from victims, put it up for ransom, and engage in other kinds of cyber extortion.

Report: Palestinian Terror Group PFLP Siphoned Millions in European Donations to Affiliated Charities and NGOs

The terrorist outfit Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) diverted millions of euros from European donors, Israel’s Shin Bet agency uncovered. “Among their donors are Spain, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, the EU and Switzerland,” the Reuters reported citing Israeli sources.

The money given to PFLP-run charities and NGOs ended up recruiting, arming and bolstering the terrorist infrastructure. “The European funds were used to fund attacks and buildup of forces, subsidize families of PFLP terrorists, pay salaries to activists, expand recruitment activities, and promote the group’s ideology”

Independent Investigation: Supposed Zionist Pressure Not Why U. Toronto Refused To Hire Anti-Israel Academic Valentina Azarova

Predictably, Azarova’s supporters are not mollified that an independent investigation has corroborated the university’s original claims that Azarova was never formally offered the job, and that the decision not to hire her was based on legal and immigration difficulties, rather than outside influence.

Canadian court reverses settlement product labeling requirement

Products of Israeli companies in Judea and Samaria can be labeled “Made in Israel” for sale in Canada, after Canada’s Federal Court of Appeals reversed a lower court’s ruling that would have required labeling of settlement products.

Last week, the court determined that a lower court’s decision was made improperly and was not binding.

Australia: China-backed Confucius Institutes face closure under veto laws

The institutes, which are hosted by 13 Australian universities in partnership with Chinese universities, have come under scrutiny from the federal government amid concerns they function as a plank of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda effort.

Montreal Officers Claim They Avoid Stopping Minorities over Fears of Being Vilified as Racists

The officers, some of whom are minorities, all spoke under condition of anonymity and claim they would rather look the other way than have to intervene in a situation involving a “racialised” member of the public, stating that none of the officers wants to risk their career.

Puberty blockers banned to treat gender dysphoric youth in Sweden

Canada has been doubling down on the affirmation model, which tells clinicians to immediately affirm anyone’s chosen gender, no questions asked.

VIDEO: Chinese document discussing weaponising coronaviruses provides ‘chilling’ information

85-year-old with Alzheimer’s sold Bell products and services he can’t use after visit to The Source

Ross Miller, 85, thought he needed a new TV last October, so he went to The Source — a consumer electronics store owned by Bell Canada. But he got much more than he intended.

A sales rep signed Miller to two-year contracts for Bell Fibe TV and a new cell phone with data and a warranty plan; sold him a cordless phone, landline and tablet; and signed him to another two-year contract for high-speed home internet.

Miller, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, isn’t clear what happened. He already had a cell phone, which he doesn’t use, didn’t know what a tablet was and doesn’t understand the internet.

The new products and services “seemed to have been sold to me without my knowledge, I guess,” he told Go Public, shrugging. “That’s the only explanation I can have. I’m still not sure how that happened.”

Miller’s son has a pretty good idea what happened — he says a sales rep at the store in Toronto’s Dufferin Mall acted unethically.

“He went in to get a TV … and came out with everything except a TV,” said James Ogden. “There’s no justification for what they did, just taking advantage of somebody. It was exploitative.”

WATCH: Man in Iran Catches Fire While Trying to Burn Israeli Flag

Oopsy 🙂


The Wokest Place On Earth: Disney Training White Employees To “pivot” From “white dominant culture” To “something different”

Story here

Perhaps these 4 men should address their own pasty dominant culture

VIDEO: Transgenderism: The Unintended Victims

VIDEO: Project Cheetah

VIDEO: US balks at condemning Iran’s election to UN women’s commission

VIDEO: John McWhorter on “Black Fragility”

VIDEO: Angry School Board Lady Struggles to Breathe While Fighting to Mask Children

‘Don’t Take Questions’: Psaki Confirms Biden Answering Impromptu Questions ‘is Not Something We Recommend’

“The handling of Biden.”

CNN the ‘biggest loser’ in post-Trump era, viewership halved

“It may be that the biggest loser in last year’s election wasn’t a political candidate, but CNN, which has seen its ratings drop precipitously since former President Donald Trump left office in January”

Swiss city getting ‘rid’ of its homeless people with one-way tickets out of the country

The city of Basel in Switzerland has offered its homeless community a free one-way ticket to any other European destination if they agree to sign a contract vowing never to return.

VIDEO: Black Lies Matter founder ‘overjoyed’ to be compared to Mao…


Proud Boys reportedly getting huge Asian American support due to BLM, Antifa fears

The right-wing Proud Boys are getting a huge wave of support from Asian Americans who fear Antifa and Black Lives Matter want to bring Communist rule to the US, according to a new investigation.

Recent fundraising efforts for the Proud Boys saw as many as 80 percent of the donations coming from people with Chinese surnames, according to a review of leaked information obtained by USA Today.

The data — as well as a series of experts and supporters — show “significant support” specifically from the Chinese American community as well as expats in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the paper said.

“You have to understand how we feel – we came from Communist China and we managed to come here and we appreciate it here so much,” Rebecca Kwan, who recently donated $500 to the group, told the paper.

VIDEO: A dramatic reading of Stacey Abrams romance novel

‘Big reset’ called for debt-ridden N.L. with release of ground-shaking economic report

So so awful

Trudeau is experimenting on his people — and the world is watching

This week, Ottawa doubled-down on its policy of treating the population like human guinea pigs by opening the door to mixing vaccines

VIDEO: “At Least Canada Isn’t North Korea!”

WOKE WATCH: Prince gave comatose Snow White kiss without consent

“a kiss he (the prince) gives to her without her consent, while she’s asleep (in the story he thought she was dead, but nevermind that), which cannot possibly be true love if only one person knows it’s happening.”

U.S. gains just 266,000 jobs in April ‘in a huge disappointment’

The U.S. created just 266,000 new jobs in April on a seasonally adjusted basis even as the economy gained strength, suggesting companies might be struggling to fill open jobs even with millions of people still unemployed.

The increase in new jobs fell well short of Wall Street’s forecast. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal had estimated 1 million new jobs.

How The New York Times’ Misreporting Has Distorted History

The Gray Lady Winked: How the New York Times’s Misreporting, Distortions and Fabrications Radically Alter History

In his new book, Israel-based American author Ashley Rindsberg demonstrates the extent to which “interest and ideology” have skewed The New York Times‘ reporting on major world historical events — such as World War II, the Holocaust, the Second Intifada, Stalin’s Russia, and, most recently, the hotly criticized 1619 Project. The book has received much fanfare from prominent figures as diverse as Glenn Greenwald, Daniel Pipes, Mark Crispin Miller, and Jenny Holland.

Canada lost 207,000 jobs in April amid renewed COVID-19 restrictions

The unemployment rate rose to 8.1 per cent from 7.5 per cent in March.

Twitter Will Now Call Out ‘Mean Tweets’ – Before They Are Even Sent

Morons with man-buns and hateful feminazis shall control your behavior

Meet Nick Clegg, the British piece of shit who decides what Americans can read on Facebook

Who is Sir Nick Clegg, the Facebook vice president of global affairs who is placing America’s culture of free speech in manacles by continuing to ban Donald Trump from the platform? The man who wrote the Facebook post barring Trump in January and will decide whether to make it permanent is a career British liberal politician, once famously described as David Cameron’s condom by Boris Johnson.

Savor this for a moment: The former head of a party calling itself the “Liberal Democrats,” from the supposedly liberty-loving homeland of the Magna Carta, is stopping Americans from hearing the thoughts of a person we chose as our president. What was the point of the American Revolution if some aristocratic British nerd can decide which Americans get to speak?

Democrat AG Ellison: International Court Should Investigate US For Racism

“The International Criminal Court is looking at the American criminal justice system and its treatment particularly of African Americans and saying that it might be crimes against humanity,” said MSNBC host Joy Reid while talking with Ellison. She added that “this actually might be something that the international community ought to take a bigger look at in terms of whether there is systemic brutality, even torture, and in short, severe deprivation of physical liberty, persecution, and inhuman acts generally by American law enforcement. Do you agree with that kind of an inquiry?”

Ellison replied in the affirmative, saying, “I think it would be wise for the United States criminal justice system to open itself up.” He claimed that the “international community” has forced America to practice more “racial justice” in the past. “It’s largely believed that the Cold War and Cold War competition is what helped drive some of the Civil Rights movement as the United States was trying to tell the rest of the world and the emerging decolonized world, hey, join us, we’re on the side of democracy,” Ellison said, adding that people from those other countries were able to tell America “(W)ait a minute, I can’t buy a cup of coffee in your country.”

Defense contractor Honeywell fined $13M for sharing documents with China, other countries

Honeywell has agreed to pay the State Department $13 million after it transferred to other countries — including China — unauthorized technical data on the F-35 and F-22 fighter jets, among other weapon systems.

The defense contractor will pay $8 million in civilian penalties and $5 million on its own “remedial compliance measures” after “unauthorized exports and retransfers” of technical data to Canada, Ireland, Mexico, China and Taiwan, the State Department announced Monday.

The violations included sharing “engineering prints showing dimensions, geometries, and layouts for manufacturing castings and finished parts for multiple aircraft, gas turbine engines, and military electronics,” according to the statement.

EU backs mealworms for human consumption, touts environmental benefits

Outlining why Europeans might want to eat bugs, the European Commission said when it announced the decision: “The use of insects as an alternate source of protein is not new and insects are regularly eaten in many parts of the world.”

The EU’s executive arm explained that dried mealworms could be eaten “whole” in the “form of snacks” or as an ingredient in food. Agence France-Presse also suggested on Tuesday that they could be used in protein shakes or to make burgers.

The Commission went on to tout how eating bugs had “environmental benefits” and contributed to “sustainable diets”

BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Has Funneled Business To Company Run By Father Of Her Only Child, Records Show

Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder and executive director of Black Lives Matter’s national arm, has funneled business to a company led by a man she identified as the father of her only child, a Daily Caller News Foundation review of business records, interviews and social media posts found.

The company, Trap Heals, was formed just days before partnering with Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and later became the charity’s “lead developer of the art & cultural efforts,” according to business records, interviews and an archived version of Trap Heals’ website. Two other activist groups Cullors led paid Trap Heals a collective $238,000 to produce an election night livestream and for consulting services, campaign finance records show.

China labeled biggest polluter, more than US and rest of developed countries combined

Filthy, in so many ways

Trudeau accuses Canadians concerned with internet censorship of wearing ‘tin foil hats’

“The tinfoil hats on the other side of the aisle are really quite spectacular,” Trudeau said on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Irwin Cotler on Iran’s election to UN women’s rights commission

Terrorist Mobs Burn Police Alive in Colombia

Your daily libs

Wokeness Has Come for Adoption. It’s the Children Who Will Suffer

In a startling new report, Bethany Christian Services, one of the largest adoption agencies in the country, announced that allowing white families to adopt Black children from the foster care system “can cause a lot of harm to children of color.” As a result, the agency favors “overhauling” the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act, which bars racial discrimination in placing a child into an adoptive family. As part of its “long journey toward becoming an anti-racist organization,” Bethany’s leaders now believe a child’s race should be considered “as part of the best interest determination for child placement.”

How the agency arrived at this backward view—that determining the most welcoming, stable and potentially permanent home for a child should involve matching their skin color with that of the adults involved—is worth understanding both because it bodes ill for the tens of thousands of children of all races who need permanent homes and because it demonstrates just how quickly our understanding of discrimination has shifted in recent years.

Are Americans Becoming Sovietized?

Here are 10 symptoms of Sovietism. Ask yourself whether we are headed down this same road to perdition.

Affinity Groups: The Left’s New Term For Segregation

If ever a Leftist policy has an unpopular term or connotation attached to it, progressives simply rename it and pretend things are different.

Abortion turns people off? Call it “choice.” Illegal immigrant sounds bad? Call them “undocumented workers.” People don’t like riots? Call them “peaceful protests.” No one supports a death tax? Call it an “estate tax.”

One of the latest examples can be found in education, the business world, and government training programs: Affinity groups.

On its face, there’s nothing seemingly wrong with the term. Affinity groups have been around for centuries, typically involving people who naturally organize into groups based on shared characteristics and interests. Think of the Freemasons or sororities to something more nebulous like your friend group. People have been sorting themselves into groups for as long as humans have existed.

But a certain type of affinity group has risen in the past decade or so, one that isn’t about people coming together, but about separating people based on one specific characteristic: Skin color. This used to be called segregation, but that term rightfully brings up negative feelings, so it has now been rebranded under the guise of affinity groups.

Scientists Find That Cats Love to Sit Inside Squares—Even Fake Ones

“If I Fits I Sits: A Citizen Science Investigation into Illusory Contour Susceptibility in Domestic Cats (Felis silvestris catus)”

Toronto councillor wants “white and male” politicians replaced on Canadian currency

A motion by Toronto City Councillor Paul Ainslie (Ward 24) seeks to address the overrepresentation of “white and male” politicians on Canada’s currency.

The motion, which is entitled “Diversification of Depictions on Canadian Coins and Bills to better reflect a more Heterogeneous and Inclusive Society,” asks the City of Toronto to urge the Bank of Canada and the Royal Canadian Mint to print currency that better reflects “multicultural, gender diverse and multiracial” values.

NPR correspondent scorched over tweet suggesting journalists in America require bulletproof vests

An NPR correspondent deleted a tweet Tuesday after she was ridiculed for claiming her job “as a journalist in America” requires a bulletproof vest.

“My bulletproof vest that I may need to be a journalist in America arrived and they sent me a Small and I had to adjust it to make it a little smaller and for a moment I was happy that I was too small for my bulletproof vest that I need to do journalism in America,” Sarah McCammon wrote.

Liberal staffers offered free yoga class led by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

After a “very long and intense year,” the Liberals are offering their staff a unique event to help them “cope with the stress of the pandemic”: a one hour group virtual yoga session with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.