Fresno State Professor Randa Jarrar


Video: Senator Bob Menendez: Syria Strikes May Have Been ‘Choreographed’ With Russia

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NYT Reporter Based Her Decision Of When To ‘Freeze Her Eggs’ On Hillary Clinton’s Schedule

Libs are perfectly stable. Really.

Pali savages and their Nazi kite bombs

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Duke Students Who Hijacked Alumni Event: Punishing Us Would Hurt Us Mentally

I think we are particularly concerned that the University knows that by sending these conduct letters out that they will be concerning the students and that they will be exacerbating any pre-existing mental health conditions and, like Bryce said, traumatizing and starting new ones, especially after Saturday’s issues. I think that among the many things that we share in common with the administration, the number one thing is that we all want to see this University be better and be more accommodating and make changes. We’re not sure why they’re not taking that approach too and reaching out to us in good faith rather than initiating a conduct process.

This Writer’s Hilarious Headlines Are Getting Us Through The Endless Winter

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Indigenous artist getting ripped for racist artwork against, wait for it, indigenous people

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