Lib who attacked Sun photographer arrested

Not the sharpest tool in the shed:

Donald Joseph MacLeod’s Facebook page appears to make overt comments regarding the incident.

“Your [sic] making fools of yourselves. every single one of you. the police, the sun, the star, the globe,” MacLeod posted. “Whats the charge going to be exactly? taking someones hat and throwing it back to them?”


Turkey lira nears junk status


Video: Arab attempts to stab Jew in Jerusalem



Canadian Newspaper Praises Palestinian Mothers Who Sent Their Sons on Jihad Missions

Muhammad Sayf al-Dawla, the author, is the founder of the Movement of Egyptian Citizens against Zionism and served as an adviser on Arab affairs to President Mohamed Morsi, who headed the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt. The original article was published on al-Dawla’s blog on July 31, 2018,2 and reprinted in the Canadian newspaper Akhbar al-Arab.

Fashion shoot at Ottawa’s Holocaust monument a ‘desecration’: Jewish leaders

Click the image of the ignorant bitch who is responsible


Michèle Beaudoin 

Tory senator pokes holes in Khalid’s claim she didn’t know constituent was alleged anti-Semite

Conservative Sen. Linda Frum says she isn’t satisfied with Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s apology for giving an award to an alleged anti-Semite — saying Khalid’s professed ignorance of the man’s association with anti-Jewish causes is disingenuous given she’s called him her “rock” and “brother” in the past.

Head of Syrian intel’s ‘Palestine Department’ assassinated in home — report

A Syrian military intelligence officer in charge of the army’s “Palestine Department” was assassinated Saturday in the country’s northwest, Arabic media reported.

Ahmad Issa Habib was said to have been shot in the head by unknown assailants in his home in the village of Baarin, west of the city of Hama.

According to Army Radio Habib was responsible for operations targeting the Jewish state.