Alleged al-Qaeda Jihadis Caught Trying to Enter U.S. with Fake Colombian Passports

The men appear to have entered Colombia through Venezuela

Sima Aprahamian – Jew hating Concordia prof of the day

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Georgetown Lawyer: Exclude Science from Transgender Sports Debate

Libs don’t care about no stinkin’ science

Columbia University Found Him Guilty. But He’s Got Voice Recordings, And He’s Not Afraid

700 pictures, 13 videos and 30 minutes of audio

Last May, Feibleman filed a $25 million lawsuit against Columbia University in New York federal court for expulsion and gender discrimination under Title IX. A female classmate had accused him of sexual assault. He says she assaulted him, not the other way around. Despite the evidence, the school decided he was guilty. His case is now in the discovery phase.

‘Marry-your-rapist’ bill to be introduced by lawmakers in Turkey

A law which would allow men accused of having sex with girls who are under 18 to avoid punishment if they marry their victims is set to be introduced to parliament in Turkey.

The controversial so-called “marry-your-rapist” bill, which lawmakers are planning to introduce to Turkish parliament at the end of January, has sparked fury among women’s rights campaigners in the country.

Critics argue the legislation, which the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) is urging the government to axe, not only legitimises child marriage and statutory rape but also paves the way for child abuse and sexual exploitation.

German Language Police Group Decides To ‘UnWord’ The Term “Climate Hysteria”

First of all, just let it sink in that there is an organization comprised of linguists which exists solely to ‘ban’ words and terms that they don’t like. Their action is known as ‘Un-word of the year’.

They’re literally attempting to re-create 1984’s Newspeak dictionary, which shrank in size year after year in order to eliminate language and limit free thought and free speech, making it harder for the plebs to vocalize their opposition to The Party.

As you may have suspected, every word or term already ‘banned’ by the group in recent years are ones used by conservatives to challenge leftist political tropes.

Police officer suspects internal ‘coverup’ by CP Rail in fatal B.C. mountain crash

A police officer probing the death of three Canadian Pacific Railway crewmen killed in a runaway train crash in B.C. last February alleges he was denied access to key evidence and suspects a “coverup” by the railway.

Mark Tataryn was one of three officers with CP Police Service assigned to investigate the derailment of CP Train 301. CPPS is a fully authorized federal force, bound to uphold Canada’s laws, but is employed directly by the company.

Tataryn began investigating potential criminal negligence by CP after the parked train suffered air brake failure in the mountains in –28 C temperatures and crashed at the historic Spiral Tunnels near Field, B.C. on Feb. 4, 2019

“I was ordered to stop investigating,” Tataryn told CBC’s The Fifth Estate, saying his superiors prevented him from obtaining key witness accounts. “I would say it was some type of coverup.”