Heads of ‘orgasmic meditation’ group, OneTaste, charged with forced labor and sex abuse of followers

The group’s founder, Nicole Daedone, promised enlightenment through orgasms, but prosecutors say she ran a cult-like operation.

California teachers are striking over slavery

Today in home-school your kids

This filthy skank likes to steal from old people

Halton police have arrested and charged a 22-year-old Toronto woman in connection with an alleged “grandparent scam” fraud in Burlington last month.

On May 25, police were made aware of a scam in progress at an undisclosed Burlington residence.

The suspect attended the residence in order to collect $9,500 from a grandfather for the “alleged and fabricated bail of his grandchild.”

Jada Witter-Watts

‘All schools must comply’ – schools get heavy-handed against Pride backlash

Two provinces have now warned school boards that a failure to properly observe Pride could be illegal

Video: You have to see it with your own eyes

Video: Please tell me you’re not going to do your own research

Video: Libs sure are subdued when Muslims protest them

Vice Jew-hating Producer Lama Al-Arian Defends Islamic Jihad-Linked Father

An award-winning Vice News producer has downplayed the actions of her father, a convicted leader of the Palestinian terrorist organization Islamic Jihad (PIJ), HonestReporting revealed exclusively on Monday. In multiple social media posts, Lama Al-Arian portrayed Sami Al-Arian as an innocent victim of US government overreach, in addition to calling him a “political prisoner” in a 2007 interview.

Since joining Vice three years ago, Lama Al-Arian co-produced at least five one-sided video reports about Israel, including “Death of a Palestinian Protester” and “Inside the Battle for Jerusalem,” which HonestReporting critiqued in-depth. Additionally, she has more than once been caught twisting facts about Islamic Jihad, and even stands accused of inciting hatred against Jews.

“[A] professor by day and a terrorist by night.” That’s how federal prosecutor Cherie Krigsman described Sami Al-Arian during his 2005 criminal trial. Al-Arian, once a computer-engineering professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa, first aroused suspicion in the 90s, when PBS and a local newspaper alleged the university-based think tank he headed helped raise money for Iran-backed Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups in the Middle East.

At one fundraiser, Al-Arian was taped praising deadly attacks and glorifying the death of a 5-year-old Palestinian boy who had thrown rocks at Israelis. “Thus is the way of martyrdom. Thus is the way of blood, because this is the path to heaven,” the disgraced professor reportedly told attendees. “Your brothers in Palestine are struggling with their beings, so let us struggle here with our money… We will not cede one meter or one span to the enemies of God!”

Dan Abrams Calls Out NBC and Chuck Todd for Claiming His ‘Meet the Press’ Exit is Voluntary: ‘Almost Certainly a Lie’

Abrams noted that “for the most part, most people just don’t care if Chuck Todd hosts the show or not,” but argued the way Todd’s exit was handled speaks to a larger trust issue for news organizations.

“Here’s what does matter,” he added. “That a news operation that is supposed to be seeking out the truth and providing its viewers and readers with accurate information, calling out fact from fiction. And yet, they are almost certainly creating a fictionalized version of what happened.”

Lack of judges may see man accused of molesting daughter walk

Imagine being a young girl, sexually abused by her father for years, who finally has the courage to come forward, tell someone what has happened and have police lay charges. Yet, instead of seeing your father processed through the justice system, he walks not because a judge or jury of his peers acquits him but because the government hasn’t appointed enough judges.

Video shows Pride flag being torn down at London, Ont. high school

Lots of Muslim students at Sir Frederick Banting secondary school

Privy Council advocated downplaying COVID vaccine injuries or deaths

A secret Privy Council office memo recommended that any COVID vaccine-related injuries or deaths be carefully managed with “winning communication strategies” as to not “shake public confidence,” according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

Video: “Everything he said you can verify. Everything he said is true but there’s no money in agreeing with him.”

J6 Unmasked: Security footage confirms Capitol door opened, allowing 300 to enter building freely

Capitol Police officers eventually made their way to the Upper West Terrace doors but didn’t block the entrance as more rioters flowed into the building

Twitter Files Extra: How the World’s “No-Kidding Decision Makers” Got Organized

In Costa Rica and Latvia today, the Atlantic Council is hosting its 360/OS Summit at RightsCon Costa Rica and NATO’s Riga StratCom. Among other things, the influential think tank will be previewing its “Task Force for a Trustworthy Future Web” report, which they hope will “lay the groundwork for stronger cross-sectoral ideation and action” and “facilitate collaboration now between the expanding community dedicated to understanding and protecting trust and safety.”

In human terms, conference attendees are discussing how best to stay on-brand by presenting the Censorship-Industrial Complex as a human rights initiative, and as #TwitterFiles documents show, they have the juice to pull it off.

Biden race whore tells world US owes reparations

President Joe Biden seems to want his own appointee to tell the rest of the world there is “a continuation of slavery ” in the United States and that black people merit “ reparations ” under terms dictated by black recipients.

Howard law professor Justin Hansford is the latest example of the Biden administration appointing radicals to push extreme ideas unconnected with the centrist politics to which Biden pretends he adheres. Either the ancient Biden is not in charge or he is a loony leftist . Maybe both.

Two Tiers of Justice

The elite set of individuals that sit atop our federal agencies have completely weaponized our entire government apparatus. It is no longer a one-off “mistake,” but rather the intentional creation of a two-tier system of justice that has gone unchecked. The resulting impact is a death knell for American faith in all three branches of government. 

Allow me to preface with one important factor: This is not an indictment of the men and women who are our “boots on the ground.” They remember every day why they signed up to serve. They investigate real crimes, protect the public from acts of terror, and root out rampant corruption. These men and women across the country serving in all agencies remain heroes and are equally as frustrated with the leadership at the top of our federal government.   

The two-tier system of justice is not Democrats vs. Republicans. It is anyone who is part of the administrative state and the D.C. beltway versus those who seek to destroy this political demon of the deep state. It is government gangsters against everyone else.

The Buck Stops Nowhere

It’s amusing to watch the Biden circus but frightening to consider that nobody’s in charge.

Hard to believe this mentally ill child was wrong

Important climate change “Save That Date” in 17 days

Portland Anne Frank-impersonating drag queen trans activist arrested for murder in Virginia

Click the image

Dem Maryland official says Muslim children aligned with ‘White supremacists’ for opposing LGBTQ curriculum

A Democratic member of a Maryland city council blasted Muslim children as on the side of “White supremacists” after they spoke out against sexuality discussions and materials in classrooms during a heated school board meeting Tuesday evening.

“This issue has unfortunately does put… some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as White supremacists and outright bigots,” said Democrat Kristin Mink of Montgomery County Council for District 5. “I would not put you in the same category as those folks, although, you know, it’s complicated because they’re falling on the same side of this particular issue.”

Mink made the remark after Muslim children from the district spoke out against their parents’ inability to opt them out of lessons they deemed violated their faith. She argued Muslim families do not have the religious right to opt their children out of LGBTQ books, similar to parents’ inability to opt their children out of studying evolution.

VIDEOS: Migrants Attempt Border Rush at Texas Port of Entry

The incident took place on Monday afternoon in Brownsville, Texas, at the Gateway International Bridge. According to information provided to Breitbart Texas by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, at about 4:15 p.m. groups of migrants began congregating in the vicinity of the bridge.

New York: Killer MS-13 gangsters are being bused into our communities as ‘minors’

MS-13 gang members commit savage crimes — beheading their targets with machetes, hacking off their hands, burning them to death, dismembering them.

Demonic acts. If you think these crimes won’t happen where you live, keep reading.

The gang’s rule is “Kill, rape, control.” MS-13 brings terror to neighborhoods and even schoolyards.

In the New York City area, MS-13 has been linked to more than 65 prosecuted murders since 2009.

President Joe Biden couldn’t care less.

Chris Licht is OUT at CNN

Licht’s departure comes after a hellish first year at the helm of the flailing network.

Video: ‘You have to force behaviors’: Clip resurfaces showing BlackRock CEO tout ESG initiatives

AUDIO: Absolutely wild. Progressive Karen is yelling at her Muslim students, telling them that the rainbow kids “showed up for Ramadan,” so the Muslims have to show up for dildo drag story time or whatever. She also says that if u have Ugandan style views, “you don’t belong” in canada …

Robert F. Kennedy at the Border: ‘This Problem Is Solvable’

As an example, Kennedy cited the need for “restoring the surveillance infrastructure that was mysteriously removed three years ago — there were cameras, there were camera towers, there were ground-sensing devices that were literally torn up that are being stored in a military base, that were part of the patrol infrastructure for the Border Patrol.”

Kennedy said that several other programs, including those that required cooperation with the Mexican government, had been removed or downgraded. “Unfortunately, the Biden administration has let its relationship with Mexico and the Central American countries deteriorate, and we need cooperative agreements with all of them to stop the flow of immigration.

“And it can be easily done,” he continued. “Everybody here is confident that it is manageable, but there’s no will at the federal level.”

Video: Teens beat up Texas 7-Eleven clerks for refusing to sell cigar to minor

How Ontario teacher education became a political cult — as symbolized by a single @OISEUofT job ad

Tucker broke the corporate media monopoly matrix tonight & it’s never coming back

Hunter Biden ordered to appear in court in July and warned he faces JAIL for allegedly concealing his finances in child support payments to daughter he has with stripper

Hunter Biden will be hauled into court again next month and faces potential imprisonment if he doesn’t answer questions in his child support case, a judge ordered Monday.

The mother of Hunter’s child launched her case in a Batesville, Arkansas court in May 2019 demanding child support for their daughter Navy Joan Roberts – who Hunter initially denied was his.

In recent months the First Son, 53, asked the court to reduce his payments to baby momma Lunden Roberts, 32, and to deny her request to change Navy’s last name to Biden.

Sex harassment case involving Trudeau Foundation should be heard in N.L., lawyer says

Ongoing efforts by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation to change the venue of a sexual harassment suit filed by a foundation scholar are an attempt to force the alleged victim to drop her case, the victim’s lawyer said.

A hearing, carried out Tuesday in a St. John’s courtroom by Newfoundland Supreme Court Justice Peter Browne, centered around allegations made by Cherry Smiley, who alleges she was sexually assaulted in 2018 by Stephen Kakfwi — former Northwest Territories premier and her assigned foundation mentor.

Initially filed in B.C. court in May 2021, the foundation has yet to file a statement of defence, but has filed numerous motions requesting dismissals and requests the case be moved to a different venue.

“They’ve been trying to move this case to Montreal for years — I’ve never seen an organization fight this hard to contest jurisdiction,”  Smiley’s lawyer Kathryn Marshall said in an interview.

“It might very well end her case and they know that — that’s as big part of why I think they’re doing what they’re doing, and I think it’s disgusting.”

WATCH: Fights Outside California School Board Meeting over LGBT Curriculum

Here’s something new: Armenian-Americans clash with Antifa

US had intelligence of Ukrainian plan to attack Nord Stream project -Washington Post

The United States learned of a Ukrainian plan to attack the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines three months before they were damaged last September by underwater explosions, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday, citing leaked information posted online.

Trudeau’s ‘special rapporteur’ considers China his ‘home away from home’

David Johnson has made more than a dozen trips to China, saying he became ‘attached to Nanjing’ during his 40 year relationship with the Communist nation.

Audio: Pete Davidson tells PETA to ‘suck my d–k’ over new dog in phone rant

Pete Davidson has a bone to pick with PETA.

Davidson, 29, told the organization to “suck my d – – k” after Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations Daphna Nachminovitch expressed disappointment in Davidson’s choice to shop rather than adopt, after being seen at an NYC pet shop.

“My mom’s f – – king dog, who is 2 years old, died a week before, so we’re all so sad, so I had to get a specific dog,” he said in a voicemail to Nachminovitch, obtained by TMZ.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum shared that the dog was actually for his mother after the family dog, Henry, recently passed away prematurely.

He added that he’s “severely allergic” to dogs, which is why he had to get a Cavapoo — a mixed breed between the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and the poodle that’s hypoallergenic and considered a safe breed for allergy sufferers thanks to its low-shed coat, according to AZ Animals.

“So why don’t you do your research before you f – – king create news stories for people because you’re boring…” Davidson said in the voicemail, saying that the statement was “uneducated and premature.”

“F – – k you and suck my d – – k,” the comedian ended the phone call.

Video: Mr Bean explains the importance of free speech

Migrants stage pavement protest outside London hotel, demand private rooms and better Wi-Fi


Repeating the Past: Provinces Accept Federal Money at their Peril

The current federal government has committed to significant new spending in areas of provincial jurisdiction, including national pharmacare, dental care, and child care pro grams—even beyond its current tenure to 2025. However, the money promised is not guaranteed, and the federal government may reduce or eliminate funding in the future, leaving an unexpected and potentially large
financial burden on the provinces and territories.

Iranian IRGC-linked account says it will kill Israeli LGBTQ+ community members

“March of homosexuals in the occupied holy Al Quds city. After killing these impure [homosexuals], where should we bury them?”

Canadian race whore of the day

James Comey warns that if Trump is elected he might behave as Jim Comey did

James Comey is scared that a reelected President Trump might weaponize the judicial system against people for whom he feels animosity.

Therefore it is vital that Joe Biden be reelected.

He shared these rather surprising opinions–who could have guessed that straight-down-the-middle James Comey might harbor partisan opinions?–with Jen Psaki.

Jen is a famous non-partisan journalist who does excellent non-partisan journalism at MSNBC, an excellent non-partisan news organization.

To take James Comey’s warning to America about the politicization of justice in America seriously is similar to taking a warning about pedophiles being out there from a Level 3 sex offender. James Comey would certainly know that people in authority can abuse their power, given his own personal experience doing so.

Look in the mirror, pal.

California state Sen. Scott Wiener kicks off Capitol Pride with Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Now do Islam, nasty pussies

Video: 5th grade teacher calmly shuts down loony trans activists: “You’re just making it up.”

Yesterday, Pride Winnipeg had a drag queen story hour for children hosted by the “House of Hex”, a performance group that has extreme and satanic content on their public profiles

Race whores release new ‘reparations math’ curriculum for high school students

“The curriculum materials for math are clearly geared towards politicizing the youngest minds,”

Nearly a Third of Gen Z Favors the Government Installing Surveillance Cameras in Homes

Most ignorant, idiotic generation ever

Woke Fascists Censor Best Picture Winner ‘The French Connection’

The fascist culprit is almost certainly the child groomers at Disney.

Peppa Pig Wishes Children a ‘Happy Pride Month,’ Backlash Ensues

As with most children’s characters that get co-opted into promoting adult sexual proclivities, parents were none too happy with the post.

Congresswoman Luna: FBI ‘Afraid’ Informant in Biden Investigation ‘Will Be Killed’

No mention of who they’re “afraid” would kill him