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Be afraid: The brains behind Ontario’s energy disaster are now advising PM

It is uncontroversial to call Ontario’s energy situation a disaster. As Premier Kathleen Wynne has herself conceded: Ontarians are now having to “choose between paying the electricity bill and buying food or paying rent.”

Wynne’s polling numbers suggest that most Ontarians know where to square the blame, with a pitiful 15 per cent approval rating and 58 per cent of the electorate believing she should resign.

However, Wynne alone shouldn’t bear the burden for the fact that hydro bills for the average consumer have skyrocketed over recent years; it was former premier Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal team from 2003 to 2012 — including his former principal secretary and “policy guru” Gerald Butts — who set Ontario on this financially bleak, dead-end road. And now, Butts is headed on the same path, leading not the premier, but the prime minister, on the way down.

Proposed Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Discrimination Against Black Employees at CNN, TBS


Ramallah to name street after Fidel Castro

“Castro bravely faced the world, the Palestinian people admire and love him”

Top 10 ‘real’ news stories that turned out to be fake

Since “fake news” is all the rage within the mainstream media, here’s the top 10 “real” news stories they reported on — and some downright propagandized — that turned out to be, well, fake. It’s the reason this new narrative of “fake news” will never catch on, and why Americans’ trust in the press is at an all-time low.

Here’s the piece of shit responsible for the deaths of 36 people

Peace partner: “Slice ‎open the enemy’s chest… I have no ‎love other than the love of the rifle”‎