And now, the Reverend Cheri Dinovo, with guest preacher, Premier Kathleen Wynne

A Covenanting Service, to formalize and celebrate Cheri’s ministry


Lebanon’s (Iran) espionage campaign

“This is a very large, global campaign, focused on mobile devices”

Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, sources say

It’s double murder, not murder-suicide. Barry and Honey Sherman were killed in what looks like a professional, contract killing. That’s the conclusion of a variety of experts who have been hired by the family to probe the case.

Here’s the new information: There are markings on the Shermans’ wrists, an indication that at some point their hands were tied together, though no rope or other ties were found near the bodies. Toxicology tests on their bodies reveal no sign of drugs that would have contributed to their deaths. Men’s leather belts found around their necks were the cause of the “ligature compression” that killed them. A top forensic pathologist who did a second autopsy determined this was a double homicide, barring any new information that surfaces.

McGuinty aide David Livingston found guilty in gas plants trial

A top political adviser to former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty was found guilty Friday of criminal charges for wiping government computers following the cancellation of two gas-fired power plants.

David Livingston, who was McGuinty’s chief of staff in 2012-13, was found guilty on one charge of unauthorized use of a computer and one charge of attempting to commit mischief to data.

Meanwhile, Livingston’s deputy, Laura Miller, was found not guilty on the same charges.

The ruling is a dramatic twist in a controversy that has swirled around Ontario politics for the past seven years: the costly cancellation of two gas-fired power plants in Mississauga and Oakville.

The charges against Livingston and Miller were laid over allegations the pair ordered the wiping of computers in the premier’s office in early 2013, just before McGuinty’s administration gave way to that of fellow Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne.

The verdict against Livingston could play into the upcoming provincial election in June.

“It’s a sad day when a premier’s most senior official is found guilty of trying to orchestrate a coverup of the $1.1 billion gas plant scandal,” said Oppositon Leader Patrick Brown of the Ontario PCs in a statement issued moments after the verdict.

“The guilty verdict is an indictment of the 15 years of Liberal political corruption that has long been rooted in the premier’s office,” said Brown.

Though Miller was ultimately found not guilty, Justice Timothy Lipson eviscerated her and Livingston’s defence case in his lengthy judgment, calling some of their explanations “implausible” and characterizing their tactics as “dishonest.”

Lipson said the evidence suggested Livingston was “rather more interested in deleting emails” than in ensuring relevant government documents were retained.

He said there was “compelling circumstantial evidence” that both Livingston and Miller believed there were files on the computers that ought to have been retained.

But he said the evidence did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Miller intended to wipe such data from the hard drives.

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Astonishing New Invention From Israel: Paint That Cools Your House With No Electric Bill

As usual, Israelis, the same people whose list of innovations is astonishing for a country of its size and population, have brought another unique invention to the world: a high-tech paint that utilizes the sun’s power to activate a cooling mechanism, thus giving buildings air conditioning without electricity.

Gaza family kills own son after Hamas says he aided Israel

The family said in a statement that a relative shot Ahmed Barhoum dead, but did not say which family member pulled the trigger. It said they followed developments in the Hamas investigation and believed their son was guilty.

Freedom is slavery at the Law Society of Orwellian Ontario

Never before have I or many other lawyers I know been so disappointed with the body that governs our profession, the Law Society of Ontario. For the first time in my 37-year legal career, I’m actually ashamed of it. Rather than helping ensure a robust and free-thinking legal profession, the society is becoming a kind of Orwellian thought-control institution that insists its members put into writing a “Statement of Principles” that “acknowledges” certain “obligations” never before imposed on any profession or citizen in Canada. What’s more, these “obligations” are not in fact found in the society’s rules of professional conduct.

This is a very dangerous development if we value an independent legal profession as a cornerstone of a free and democratic society.