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“Palestinian” Terror Attack Of The Day

Ho hum, just a little rocket.

Canadian Gaza Freedom Marchers At Risk In Cairo

An update to a previous post.  Things seem to be getting worse for the Jew haters. Here is more information on who some of the Canadian “delegates” are and a list of their endorsers. Why, it’s almost enough to make one giddy!

Putin Knows How To Deal With Terrorists And Obama

“Vladdy is playing for keeps.”

Video: Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks?

The average skank can’t keep up.

Video: Ricky Gervais Scares Elmo with Screeching Lullaby


Won’t Convert To Islam? Guess We’ll Just Have To Rape Your Baby Then

Jason Kenney personally issues a special ministerial permit to give Pakistani family asylum in Canada.

Gaza Freedom Marchers Helping Gaza Kids By Getting Deported & Assaulted By Egyptians


The Most Realistic Politician

Lieberman:  No peace deal in next 10 to 20 years.

This Week in Palestinian Terror

1 dead rabbi, 1 firebombed 18 year-old and assorted stone hurling.  In other words, business as usual.

The people in Gaza are starving, starving I tell you!

The humanitarian crisis is too overwhelming for words.  Only pictures can truly reveal the unimaginable suffering.

I went to the Toronto “Gaza Freedom March” and all I got was a Qassam rocket

Blazing Cat Fur’s got the story and some great pics!

Pravda: Santa Claus is Russian or something

He is none other than Ded Moroz, or Grandpa Frost.

Creature Interlude

Click here if you need a smile.

The myth of the poor, oppressed jihadist

The wealthy, pampered lifestyle of would-be Christmas Day bomber Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab.

B.O. Speaks!

No, not about the  almost blowed up plane, but about some guy who died.  Who the fuck is Percy Sutton?

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano pretty happy unsuspecting, untrained civilians are part of the “system”

Good Lord.

B.O.’s statement on thwarted airplane terrorist attack that nearly killed hundreds if not for a few brave passengers

Alas, the Messiah-in-Chief is busy playing golf in Hawaii.  Perhaps, if he has a good round he might treat us to one of his super special inspirational speeches.  Or maybe Michael Moore can find him on the golf course to give a statement? Until then, enjoy the sweet sounds of crickets.

Could Jesus Live Safely In Bethlehem Today?

“Within our lifetime, the Middle East could be wholly Islamicized for the first time in history.”

Stroke-inducing story of the day

“Medical tribalism” and $$$$.

Merry Christmas!

Video: Dear G-d

A lot of letters to G-d end up in Jerusalem.  Here’s where they go once they get there.

Feminist shop of handmade Vulva love

Happy Uterus Plushie only $23.00U.S.

It’s holiday season, and you know what that means: female genital mutilation parties

I have no words.  Just click for the awful story.

Environmentalist professors: The carbon pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle

I’d sooner rid the world of environmentalists before I got rid of my dogs.

Video: Canada’s Green party leader can fix AIDS thru reduced CO2

Yeah, this freak.

Meet ‘Giant George’ the 7ft-long blue great dane who could be the world’s tallest dog


Health Canada proposes putting anti-cancer drug into french fries, potato chips

Health Canada is proposing an unorthodox way of combating a food ingredient suspected in some cancers.

“Journalists” fight for their right to be incompetent, push personal agendas….and lie

The Supreme Court of Canada has been urged by media outlets to establish a new “responsible journalism” defence that would shield reporters who publish “in the public interest” and follow professional standards, even if the truth of their stories cannot be proven.

Jew hating, terrorist loving, peanut farming douchey ex president to Jews: Sorry

Fuck off.

The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

#1 on the list:  Usama Bin Laden.  Details:  He’s left-handed and his occupation is “unknown”.

‘Lousy Holiday Songs By Jews Trash Up Malls’

Click here for the story and a handy list of the Jew-y trash you love to sing along to.

What do you get when you bring a nazi and a lawyer together?

Pure evil.

Musical Interlude

Bob Dylan – Thunder On The Mountain

Video: Simulation Renders Entire Known Universe

HD, full screen, volume up.  Enjoy!

Arab Journalist Seeks Polygamy For Women

As could be expected, the article elicited angry responses among Muslim clerics.

Video: Muslim Women Practice Throat-Slitting Techniques At New York Compound

The “religion of peace”.

Rockets Into Roses

Each rose is a unique hand-sculpted piece of art, fashioned from actual rockets that landed in Israel.

BBC: Jerusalem–Holy To Muslims and Christians!

The BBC seems intent on solving the Middle East crisis–by completely rewriting history.

Quebec’s new state religion: cultural relativism

“Technologically, the Raelians are 25,000 years in advance of us”.

Latest Scientific Study Finds Santa’s a Public Health Menace

He’s a “reckless role model” for children, citing his “frequent cookie snacks, occasional cigars and refusal to don a helmet during ‘extreme sports such as roof surfing and chimney jumping”.

Africa is The Centre of Contemporary Slavery

There are more slaves today than ever before in world history.

The Hopeless Hell Hole That is Afghanistan

Watching this video, I think most would agree, it really is time to get the hell out and cut off every penny of aid.  No one can save these people from themselves.

Christmas Gifts For Your Progressive Friends

The Huffington rag has posted an article, “Christmas Gifts For Your Progressive Friends”.   This really is worth the click, if only to check out the new coffee scented line of soap.

Have We Stopped Trying to Make Good People?

One cannot make a good society if one does not begin with the arduous task of making good individuals.

University of Alberta Prof.: Thomas the Tank Engine is Sexist

Storylines written for Thomas and his steam-powered friends appeared to “punish individual initiative”, the Canadian study found, while female characters were shunted into support roles only.

In Pictures: Mayon volcano in the Philippines erupts

50,000 people evacuated.

Marriage is good for your health… unless you end it

Marriage makes men and women far less likely to suffer from anxiety – but puts them at risk of mental illness if they break up.

“Seinfeld and the Law: ‘A Seminar About Nothing’”

Fans of the famous 90‘s sitcom, Seinfeld, may not have realized it, but they were watching a show rife with complex legal issues.

Why the #$%! Do We Swear? For Pain Relief

Bad language could be good for you.

10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World