Documentary: The Intifada Comes to Campus

Featuring Canada’s very own Rafeef Ziadah – CUPE member, Palestine House supporter, Hezbollah loving, TIFF boycotting, Israeli Apartheid Week organizing, Jew hater.


9 responses to “Documentary: The Intifada Comes to Campus

  1. You left out .”spoken word artist”.

    I wonder if she received Canada Council Arts Grants to screech and complain in English and Arabic?

    It costs money to record and produce a CD. Musicians don’t work for free.

  2. Oh, and supporter of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (she and Mazen Masri were in their group at the Pride Parade) and Dead Sea Scrolls objector.

  3. So if the Intifada is coming to campus…can we deploy the IDF there too to put it down?

  4. Wouldn’t it be great if protesters show up at Israeli Apartheid Week events dressed as IDF soldiers? Their heads would explode.

  5. I have an IDF t-shirt. You can get your’s here:
    These Israeli Apartheid psychos can be dangerous, make sure someone has your back.

  6. A professional douche. Paid for by your tax dollars (Jizra) to force Islam down all our throats.
    Mean while visions of ovens full of Kaffurs dance behind her eyes.

  7. I don’t think Ziadah is an Islamist. I believe she’s one of those marxist lefties that is willing to support any barbaric regime if it means bringing about the annihilation of Israel.

  8. Sassy
    Marxist or Islamist. The end is the same. Mass Murder starting with Jews. The rest come latter.
    Marx & Mohammad share the same bed.
    Death lovers.

  9. “the whole nine yards” thats what these freaks need

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