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Jooos contaminate Marlboros with pig hemoglobin and nuclear material

The conspiracy of Zionists exporting tainted cigarettes to Iran.

Imam Idol

A 26-year-old religious scholar has been chosen as the winner of a Malaysian TV talent show searching for a top young imam, or Muslim leader.

In Friday’s live TV final, Muhammad Asyraf saw off the last of nine other contestants vying to win Young Imam.

He had survived 10 weeks of written and practical tests, which included reciting Koran verses, washing a dead body for burial and slaughtering sheep.

The Conversion of David Mamet

It may be that at 62, David Mamet has said what he has to say as a playwright and thus will be unlikely to profit artistically from his belated conversion to libertarian–flavored conservatism. On the other hand, it may also be, as his harshest left-wing critics suggest, that he has already written some of the most conservative plays of the modern era—plays that are “conservative” in part because they do not portray the world through the obscuring lens of ideology.

UK taxpayers funding “virginity repair” operations

Doctors say patients are under pressure from future husbands or relatives who insist that they should be virgins on their wedding night.

Critics, including moderate Muslim groups, have condemned the trend as a sign of the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in the West.

Coaching soccer in North Korea is dangerous work

First, they were made to listen to a public airing of their faults. Then they had to turn around en masse and do the same thing to their disgraced coach, who may not be long for this world.

Today in rocket attacks on Jews

Ho hum.  Click the image.

Video: Where Massive Aid to PA Really Goes

And where it could go…….

More info about the AWOL afghans smuggled into Canada

The Afghans who have made it to Canada appear to be living comfortably there — and many have put themselves on Facebook, where they connect with other Afghan dissenters and active U.S. and Afghan military personnel, including members of the Afghan military currently attending the Defense Language Institute at Lackland or receiving training at other military bases in the U.S.

Abbas: PA State To Be Judenrein

If a Palestinian Authority state is created in Judea and Samaria, no Israeli citizen will be allowed to set foot inside, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said this week in a meeting with members of the Arab League.

“I will never allow a single Israeli to live among us on Palestinian land,” Abbas declared.

Video: What the Boycott Movement Wants

Good video.

Man arrested for ‘insulting Lebanese president on Facebook’

Ahmad Shuman was detained shortly after he arrived in Beirut’s international airport on a flight from Kiev.

According to prosecutors, Mr Shuman committed “libel, slander and defamation” when he and three friends set up a page on the social networking website to criticise President Sleiman.

9 natural cures you can trust

Scientists have compiled compelling new evidence affirming the ability of many complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) to prevent and treat a host of common ailments — giving an important stamp of approval to healing practices that have long resided at the fringe of conventional medicine.

Bible study goes 2.0

Was Queen Jezebel the ultimate shiksa?

For the uninitiated, a shiksa is a non-Jewish woman in pursuit of a Jewish man, or so goes one interpretation. Queen Jezebel has been called the “bad girl of the Bible.”

“Much was written about her beauty. What was she really like? Watch the following video clip and reveal the blonde,” reads a footnote of the Bible according to MikraNet, an online Bible where readers can contribute their own interpretation of Biblical text.

MikraNet — “mikra” meaning “Bible” in Hebrew — was developed by the Israeli Center for Educational Technology (CET) and, say its founders, is the most sophisticated, updated, rich tool for teaching the Bible today.

In the spirit of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, anyone can contribute to MikraNet. A drawing, comic-strip or short personal video that comments on the subject may be uploaded and free debate may follow. Why memorize inextricable sentences when a student can watch Matt Barr, a Jewish rapper who interprets the holy text, upload fresh observations to a Facebook page, add personal comment and share it with some classmates?

What’s Up With Hollywood’s Hitler Moment?

Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone, Paris Hilton Drag Holocaust, Anti-Semitism Back to Discourse.

You’re wacked

New mental health ‘bible’ will lead to almost everyone having a disorder, warn experts.

Photo gallery: World Beard and Mustache Champions

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The fanatics inside Judaism

“Strange times to be a Jew.” That’s the master theme, voiced early and demonstrated often, in a haunting 2007 novel about Jewish messianism, The Yiddish Policemen’s Union.

Michael Chabon’s darkly brilliant achievement in alternate history sprang to mind last week, when news broke that if Israel’s extreme right wing ultra-Orthodox — the Haredim, who control the Chief Rabbinate — have their way, who is or isn’t a Jew will be far more narrowly circumscribed than ever before in Israel’s history.

The Knesset has approved a draft bill that would permit the Haredim to dictate the criteria for legal Jewish status. They would then hold the power to exclude thousands of Jewish converts, even many converted by orthodox rabbis, from eligibility for Israeli citizenship under the “law of return” accorded all Jews as an inherent right.

Whether the bill passes or not this time — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reassured panicked diaspora Jews he wouldn’t support it — it reminds us that, given israel’s electoral system of proportional representation, the political will of the disproportionately swelling ranks of Haredim (now about 1.3 million) will, one rapidly approaching day, dominate the Knesset — and Jewish destiny.

How intellectuals enable Islamism

This epidemic of moral idiocy is epitomized by the harsh treatment Israel endures combined with the tremendous leniency afforded Islamism. The failure of so many Western thinkers today to condemn Islamism is as outrageous as was their predecessors’ failure to recognize communism’s evil in the 20th century. While communist appeasers fanatically sought the noble idea of equality, today’s Islamist appeasers have been similarly blinded by their zeal for diversity.

The ‘Perfect Arab Terrorist’

Israel has profiled the “perfect terrorist” as one who is driven by incitement and not by Muslim radicalism.

Oliver Stone: Jewish control of the media is preventing free Holocaust debate

Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington’s foreign policy for years.

Canadian military buying Israeli-made unmanned aircraft?

Canadian Air Force Commander Lt.-Gen. Andre Deschamp, hosted by IAF Commander Gen. Ido Neuchushtan, discussed the merits and disadvantages of Israel’s latest generation of unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs), the Heron. “Links between the IAF and the Canadian Air Force are extremely important and therefore it was an excellent opportunity for me to visit here,” the Canadian commander told reporters. “I learned a lot.”

Saudi technology guards against women escaping

When women’s rights activist Wajiha Al-Huwaidar flew out of Saudi Arabia last week for a holiday in Italy with her family, she was hoping for a brief respite from what she describes as the ‘gender apartheid kingdom.’

She wasn’t so lucky.

As she left, her husband received an automated SMS text message from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informing him that his wife, legally considered his ‘dependant’ under Saudi Arabia’s strict gendered guardianship system, had left the country.

Video: And now, a pug sings the theme to Batman

Click on the pug.

To Protest Hiring of Nonunion Help, Union Hires Nonunion Pickets

Jobless Recruits Get Minimum Wage ‘To March Around and Sound Off’.

Afghanistan’s first media mogul

Mohseni’s company owns Tolo TV and Arman radio, the country’s most popular TV and radio networks. It also owns a music-recording company, a second TV network, an advertising agency, a television and movie production company, the magazine Afghan Scene, and two Internet cafés. Next month, it expects to launch Tolo News, a twenty-four-hour satellite news channel. In 2009, it partnered with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to create the Farsi1 satellite network, which packages entertainment programs in Dubai and beams them from England into Iran. In fact, Mohseni has been called the Rupert Murdoch of Afghanistan, and though the comparison is extravagant, it gives a sense of his influence and ambition.

Slaves in impoverished Yemen dream of freedom

“Whenever I think of freedom, I ask myself, ‘Where will I go?'” he told AFP as he stood outside a hut which serves as home for him and his family.

Black-skinned Mubarak does not know his birthday but he knows he has been a slave from birth 21 years ago. He has two children with a wife who was also a slave until she was emancipated by her master, a few years before they married.

“Sometimes I wonder what the fate of my children will be, having a slave father and an emancipated mother,” he said.

Mubarak and his family are just one case among many.

Rocket attack of the day

Police are working to figure out the origin of the rocket that was fired from the Gaza Strip Saturday evening and exploded near Kibbutz Nahal Oz, without causing damage or injures. A total of four rockets and two mortar shells were fired at Israel on Saturday, causing no injuries.

An initial examination revealed that the rocket fired at Nahal Oz was manufactured using professional means, most likely outside of the borders of the Gaza Strip.

Chávez cracks down on scrutiny

In June, Venezuela issued an arrest warrant for the head of Globovisión, which reaches 2.5 million homes and is the nation’s last openly critical TV station.

A month later, the government detained two people for posting notes on their Twitter accounts about a potential bank failure. One of them, “leaoxford,” had just 29 so-called “followers” or readers.

With vital legislative elections looming Sept. 26, the government has given notice that no media outlet is too large — or small — to escape scrutiny.

While the Globovisión case has been grabbing headlines and spurring international condemnation, media rights groups say the government has amassed a legal and economic arsenal that threatens to muzzle the press.

“We have boiling frog syndrome,” said Gregorio Salazar, the Latin American regional coordinator for the International Federation of Journalists.

Admit it, you’re a conservative

Researchers at the University of Leicester recently examined the stated values of 136,000 people in 48 countries and found that well-educated people are most likely to misplace themselves on the political spectrum. In particular, there was a tendency for educated, upper-middle-class respondents to identify as and to vote left wing despite holding views on wealth distribution that place them firmly to the right.

Conclusion: The more brains you have, the less likely you are to admit to being conservative while privately holding right-wing views.

Venus Williams stands up for Israeli tennis player in Dubai

Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe’er was permitted to play in the Barclay’s Dubai Tennis Championships in February with help from women’s professional tour star Venus Williams. After Pe’er was denied entrance to the United Arab Emirates for the 2009 championship, Williams spoke out, saying that she would not participate in the following year’s Dubai competition if Pe’er were denied entrance again.

This year, Dubai officials granted Pe’er a visa, allowing her to compete. Nevertheless, the Israeli was separated completely from the other Women’s Tennis Association competitors and, for security reasons, allowed movement only from her hotel room to the tennis courts. Pe’er also was the only player to not appear on the center court for a match.

Imagine a Nuclear Iran

For those who hold the fanatical religious convictions of a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “mutually assured destruction” is not a deterrent – it is an inducement.

Inspired by Sex and the City, woman becomes skanky whore

The university-educated brunette longed to be as confident in bed as Sex And The City maneater Samantha.  So she set herself a 10-year challenge – to get a thousand notches on her bedpost.

She said: “Sam went from one man to the next and was proud of it. I wanted to be confident like her. I got hooked on the buzz of one-night-stands.”

I THINK the earth moved

Is it possible to bring yourself to orgasm just by thinking?

Barbara Carrellas more than thinks so. She says she knows so, since she’s been “thinking herself off” for more than twenty years.

The world’s first concentration camp luxury hotel

Sometimes you just need to get away when genocide is being perpetrated on you.

Canada’s middle-aged anarchists

Canada’s radicals aren’t at all what you would expect.

Flotillas of useless shit

Only 30% of aid sent to the Gaza Strip is used.

Patients Find Kidney Donors on Facebook

Sarah Taylor was one of about 84,000 Americans in need of a kidney transplant.  She also was one of a few people who have been able to meet their medical needs through Facebook.

Video: “A Girl Tore Off Her Ear to Donate Her Earring to the People of Gaza”

Click on the MEMRI logo.

Who’s Against a Two-State Solution?

“Two states, living side by side in peace and security.” This, in the words of President Barack Obama, is the solution to the century-long conflict between Jews and Palestinian Arabs in the Middle East. Washington is fully and determinedly on board. So are the Europeans. The UN and the “international community” vociferously agree. Successive governments of the state of Israel have shown their support for the idea. So far, there is—just as there has always been—only one holdout.

Turkey in Cyprus vs. Israel in Gaza

In light of Ankara’s recent criticism of what it calls Israel’s “open-air jail” in Gaza, today’s date, which marks the anniversary of Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus, has special relevance.

Late Berlin judge: Arab drug mafia importing Palestinian kids into Germany

In new book, judge who killed herself writes that drug gangs are recruiting young refugees into a life of crime under the noses of German authorities.

How Israel Can Win the PR War

Israel’s enemies are conducting a classic PR offensive, designed to keep the focus relentlessly on Israel and away from themselves. Thus they never talk about themselves; they talk only about Israel.

Israel, however, does the opposite: it talks almost exclusively about itself, constantly trying to defend its own actions rather than focusing on its enemies’ actions.

Pity the Postmodern Cultural Elite

“Most of our problems transcend politics, which is increasingly a reflection of an elite, insider culture that is completely at odds with the majority of the country that it oversees.”

Gazans are starving….and shopping

In a new luxury mall!

Arabs reject unconditional talks

The “palestinian” people continue to get sodomized by their brothers.

Rent a Friend

An online service enables users to hire a friend to keep them company.

Turkish terrorists want to be killed on land, plan “surprises”

The Turkish terrorist organization IHH that organized a flotilla of aid ships bound for Gaza in May announced on Saturday that the group will continue efforts to bring supplies to Gaza, not only by sea, but “land convoys will head for Gaza” as well.

Israeli Set to Launch World’s First Global Veterinary Flight Service

The world’s largest pet air transportation and relocation company is launching an Israel-based 24/7 international flight with veterinarian service and crew that speaks 10 languages.

Animal Airways, the self-proclaimed leader in global pet flight & relocation, has subcontracted with an Israeli company, Terminal4Pets, to launch a full-time, global veterinarian support and guidance service.

The service will allow families traveling with pets to access a veterinarian 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in ten languages.

Lieberman suggests new Gaza policy

Plan aimed at ridding Israel of any responsibility for Strip calls to lift blockade entirely, rehabilitate Hamas-ruled territory with European assistance.

Oil company lives up to evil stereotype (again)

BP faced a new outcry Thursday about whether the Scottish and British governments sought to smooth BP’s oil exploration contract talks with Libya by releasing prisoners, including the man convicted of bombing the Pan Am plane that went down over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988. The bombing killed 270 people, including 189 Americans.

Bonus:  “The Libya deal was done with the full blessing of the U.S. government”.