Monthly Archives: August 2010

“Palestinian” terrorists murder 4 innocent Israeli civilians


Video: Criminal baboons terrorise South Africa

Click on the baboon. (Link fixed)

‘Israel ready to destroy Lebanese Army in four hours’

The headline alone gives me a woody.

Hard working terrorist wanted to blow people up because he couldn’t “get ahead”

The Globe & Mail seems to think unemployment can contribute to the desire to incinerate innocent civilians.  Curiously, they make no mention of Islamic doctrine.  Dumbasses.

Haifa University students to boycott “pro-palestinian” profs

And students have the right to leave this university entirely, of course. Let the marketplace prevail. Let educational institutions that parrot pro-Palestinian propaganda rot on the vine, and others to flourish.

No Israelis allowed to enter Kuwait

Shucks, I was planning my next vacation in the moderate Muslim Gulf state.

Zionist Wikipedia Editing Course

The strategy and goal of the course is to educate and enable an ‘army’ of editors of Wikipedia, giving them the professional skills to write and edit the online encyclopedia’s content in a manner which defends and promotes Israel’s image.