Monthly Archives: November 2010

“Allah is Mohammed’s Imaginary Friend”

We aim for protesters to get arrested for having a picture that shows Mohammed talking to a giant bunny.

Video: Dennis Miller – The Big Speech

A segment from his latest HBO special.

And now, Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

Click the image.

Toronto 18 terrorist “raps” before sentencing

And why not?  He’s getting out in 7 months.

Blasphemy Resolution Passes U.N. Committee

A resolution combating the “vilification of religions” was adopted Tuesday by a United Nations committee.

Website of the day: Bureau of Communication

Every day there are millions of thoughts that go unspoken.  To promote better understanding between peoples of the world, the Bureau of Communication is pleased to present a selection of fill-in-the-blank stationary for everyday correspondence.  Whether you need to communicate a problem, send an invitation to an event, or simply apologize for a transgression, our easy-to-use forms will ensure your message is clearly conveyed.

Video: European MP lets it rip

Must watch.