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“Allah is Mohammed’s Imaginary Friend”

We aim for protesters to get arrested for having a picture that shows Mohammed talking to a giant bunny.

Video: Dennis Miller – The Big Speech

A segment from his latest HBO special.

And now, Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

Click the image.

Toronto 18 terrorist “raps” before sentencing

And why not?  He’s getting out in 7 months.

Blasphemy Resolution Passes U.N. Committee

A resolution combating the “vilification of religions” was adopted Tuesday by a United Nations committee.

Website of the day: Bureau of Communication

Every day there are millions of thoughts that go unspoken.  To promote better understanding between peoples of the world, the Bureau of Communication is pleased to present a selection of fill-in-the-blank stationary for everyday correspondence.  Whether you need to communicate a problem, send an invitation to an event, or simply apologize for a transgression, our easy-to-use forms will ensure your message is clearly conveyed.

Video: European MP lets it rip

Must watch.

In Protest

Taking their desires to be heard to the streets, thousands of protesters and demonstrators around the world have recently been marching, shouting, praying, and engaging in both theater and violence to make their points. From quiet, prayerful requests for peace in Mexico to the violent takeover of an office building in London to student demonstrators in Chile and gay rights activists making a statement to the Pope in Spain, the past two weeks has been full of protest. Their reasons are many – anger with austerity measures, frustration with incumbent governments and globalization, frustration with policies in other countries – even protests against other protesters. Collected here is a view of protests and demonstrations around the world over the past two weeks. (50 photos total)  Click the Image.

Israel Preparing for Hizbullah Coup in Lebanon

An increasing number of foreign officials and analysts have stated the past several months that it is only a question of time as to when, rather than if Hizbullah will take over the Lebanese government.

Pride, QuAIA and Toronto council

Hatin’ queers gearing up for a fight.

UN had evidence linking Hezbollah to murder of Lebanese PM: CBC

A United Nations inquiry has sat for years on damning cell phone records linking Hezbollah assassins to the most notorious murder in modern Mideast history, a CBC investigation has revealed.

The evidence, published Sunday night in a trove of classified UN documents obtained by the CBC, is expected to ratchet already high tensions in volatile Lebanon, where the murky 2005 slaying of former prime minister Rafik Hariri looms ominously to this day.

Hate crime unit probes fugitive’s new website

Police are looking into a newly launched Internet site, run by a wanted “jihadist” from Ontario, that urges terrorists to kill Canadians using dirty bombs.

The website is registered to Salman Hossain, a 25-year-old Canadian extremist who is already sought by Ontario Provincial Police for advocating the genocide of Jews.

Effective weapon in the war on terror?

Hot chicks.

Muslims Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Israel and the Jews

“Projection allows the killer to project his (unacceptable to him) desire to kill (torture, rape, steal, dominate, etc.) onto some target group or person. This demonizes his target, making it even more acceptable to kill.” Little wonder, then, that Israel and the Jews — the number one targets of all Islamists — are daily being portrayed by their antagonists as no better than Islamists themselves.

Man dresses depressed Holocaust-survivor grandma as superhero, cheers her up

James sez, “Sacha Goldberger found his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika, a WWII survivor, feeling lonely and depressed. To cheer her up, he photographed her dressed up as a fictional superhero.

50 Pictures of Chipmunks Stuffing Food Into Their Mouths

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York University threatens to sue rabbi over anti-Galloway email

York University this week threatened a Toronto rabbi with legal action if he continued to spread “defamatory” remarks about the school’s president and did not stop encouraging non-students to protest George Galloway’s speech on campus on Tuesday night.


A political tendency is born.

What the Palestinians buy with American money

Terror, corruption and hatred are very expensive.

Islamist groups seek ‘parallel society’ in Canada: report

A newly released intelligence report says hardline Islamist groups want to build a “parallel society” in Canada, which could undermine the country’s social cohesion and foster violence.

Jewish Surgeon Walks Out on Nazi Patient

A Jewish doctor walked out of an operating room in Germany last week after seeing a Nazi tattoo on his patient’s arm.

“I will not operate on your husband,” he told the patient’s wife. “I am Jewish.” The patient, a 36-year-old man, bore a tattoo of the Reichsadler, the Imperial Eagle, perched on a swastika.

Video: Interview with the most renowned executioner in Saudi Arabia

Absolutely horrific. (not graphic)

Musical Interlude

Leonard Cohen, The Future.

The 50 Best Inventions of 2010

Flying cars! Jet packs! Lasers that zap malaria-carrying mosquitoes! Here are the year’s biggest (and coolest) breakthroughs in science, technology and the arts.

And now, the Penis Cemetery

On one recent afternoon, a debate broke out about why some of the penis tombstones are shorter than others. While some believe it could reflect the age of the deceased, one insists that it’s due to “shrinkage.”

Lest We Forget

Keep it moving.

“Palestinian” poll: 64.8% consider Palestinian state replacing Israel essential

Peace is just around the corner.

Iran Rejected, Saudi Arabia Picked for U.N. Women’s Rights Panel


The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem

A comprehensive report on 14 centuries of bullshit.

‘Jewish assets seized by Nazis funded 30 percent of WWII expenses’

Historians have uncovered evidence leading to the estimation that the Nazis’ wartime confiscation of wealth from Europe’s Jews financed about 30 percent of the expenditure of the German armed forces during WWII.

New app lets you take STD test by PEEING into your cell phone

£4 million have been invested in the UK Clinical Research Collaboration, which is creating a smartphone app that will allow users, “to put urine or saliva on to a computer chip about the size of a USB chip, plug it into their phone or computer and receive a diagnosis within minutes.”

Video: Obama’s India Trip Terrorized By Monkeys

High “primate alert”.  Go monkeys!

Philippe Karsenty in Canada

French media analyst who exposed the Mohammed Al-Dura fraud.  London, Toronto & Ottawa dates.  Click here for details.

Harper pledges ‘relentless’ stand against anti-Semitism

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told an international group of parliamentarians in Ottawa to discuss anti-Semitism that he will continue to be a vocal supporter of Israel even if it costs Canada international honours like a seat on the UN Security Council.  Blazing Cat Fur has video.

Arabs Stone Israel Ambulances Trying to Save Arab Boy

Savage morons.


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Book review: A Short History of the Jews

A chronicle of the Jewish saga without religion.

Canada suspends health aid to Zambia

Several other donors, including Sweden and the Netherlands, have also suspended aid to Zambia as a result of the corruption scandal, which began last year when a whistle-blower revealed that Zambian officials were stealing aid money. Auditors confirmed that about $7-million was stolen, mostly from foreign donors.

New 44 acre mall planned for concentration camp

Plus, 120,000 new housing units required due to Jooooish incompetence at this genocide thing.

UN Gaza leaders given submachine guns for protection ‘against Hamas’

UNRWA director of activities in Gaza said his life is in constant danger and he needs better protection than his bodyguards’ handguns.

Saudi King named most powerful person in energy by Forbes

Saudi Arabia’s king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has been named ahead of US President Barack Obama as the world’s most powerful person in terms of influence on the world’s energy supply chain in a list compiled by business magazine Forbes.

The Expulsion of the Jews from Muslim Countries, 1920-1970

A History of Ongoing Cruelty and Discrimination.

Canadian Politician Fights Anti-Semitism with Philanthropy

Canadian ex-Senator Jerry Grafstein and his wife Carole have launched two projects that bring together researchers and academics from Israel and Canada.

The Grafsteins are hoping the projects will strengthen ties and the transfer of knowledge between the two countries. The underlying goal of the support is to fight anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment by publicizing Israel’s medical and scholarly contributions to society.

Ottawa plans tough laws for crimes against children

The Harper Conservatives, building on a steady drip of bills to impose mandatory prison terms, announced Thursday that they intend to automatically jail offenders who commit crimes against children.

Incarceration will be the only option for seven crimes, including luring a child, sexual assault and aggravated assault. As a result, judges would be stripped of their discretion to hand out conditional sentences — in which offenders serve their time at home.


What Is Friend-a-Soldier?

Our goal here at Friend-a-Soldier is to create an opportunity for people of any and every background to forge a real connection with Israeli soldiers and discover our true thoughts and feelings about the complex reality that we serve in. We feel that Israel’s soldiers are amongst the most miss-represented in the world, and we want to help you understand our experiences.

Senator warns of terror risk at Pearson

It’s not a question of whether a terrorist could get a bomb in the cargo hold of a plane at Pearson — but when, says the senator who chaired a national security and defence committee.

Liberal Senator Colin Kenny says the handling of outgoing cargo at Pearson is a “huge” problem, despite a $26 million training program paid for by Transport Canada.

Couriers at major Canadian airports were trained to inspect their own companies’ packages, which Kenny likens to “passengers screening their own luggage.

“The assumption is that they will do it right, that they are honest, and that they aren’t working for terrorists or are terrorists themselves,” he said. “I would feel a lot more comfortable if someone who didn’t have a direct interest with moving the cargo through swiftly was doing the inspecting.”

And now, the Barack Obama sex doll

Click the image.

YouTube begins removing al-Qaeda videos

A number of clips by Anwar al-Awlaki, believed to have been the mastermind of the cargo bomb plot, were deleted from the video sharing site last night. However scores more, including incendiary calls to wage war on non-Muslims, remain.

Lebanon sources: Hezbollah planning coup if charged in Hariri murder

Hezbollah is planning to seize control of the Lebanese government if charged by International Court of Justice over the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, security sources in Lebanon said on Tuesday.

Why Israel is a rogue state

Must read.