Breaking: Jooos plot shark attacks!

“Egyptian claims that a series of shark attacks in the Red Sea could have been the result of a plot carried out by its foreign intelligence agency, Mossad.”

Incredible!  Especially since Israel has its own holiday resorts on the Red Sea coast, and Sharm el-Sheikh is popular with its citizens.  This means the Jews have somehow trained the sharks to identify and attack Arabs only!

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur for Shabbat Schmul, evil Zionist shark!

6 responses to “Breaking: Jooos plot shark attacks!

  1. Voltaire's Ghost

    The sharks know what every airline traveller knows. Kosher meals don’t taste as good.

  2. He doesn’t look too evil, kinda cuddly actually.

  3. The saddest part is that Mossad doesn’t have that power.

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