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First time since Egypt riots began, rockets fired from Gaza

Tensions in Egypt appear to be spreading to Gaza: Grad rockets fired from the Hamas-ruled territory Monday night landed near the southern Israeli cities of Ofakim and Netivot. Also Monday, a Qassam rocket exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council.

Good news: Pakistan Doubles Nuclear Arsenal

Pakistan has doubled its nuclear weapons stockpile over the past several years, increasing its arsenal to more than 100 deployed weapons, according to a published report.

For Palestinians, Egyptian unrest is bittersweet

Ordinary people cheer on protesters, but Hamas and Fatah are both hesitant to take sides.

Execution-happy Iran adds to its rapidly growing butcher’s bill

While the eyes of the world are understandably turned toward North Africa, Iranian executions have escalated dramatically. Human rights organizations report that in January 2011 alone, Iran has executed at least 65 people, while another 43 executions took place in the 10 days before the new year. This is a rate of about one person every eight hours, an unprecedented “execution binge” even by wanton Iranian standards. It has gone largely unnoticed.

The Egypt disaster

It would be enough to give some thought to the implications of the Shah’s fall in Iran in 1979 on current-day Israel in order to understand the disaster that may befall us as result of what is happening in Egypt right before our eyes.

Back then, just like today, the New York Times and many liberals took pleasure in the revolution of freedom undertaken by the young people. Back then, the freedom-hungry youngsters became a victim of the ayatollahs. We can assume that ElBaradei and his comrades will be eaten up by the Muslim Brothers even more easily.

By Thy Own Hands

The growing menace of endogenic Judeo-phobia – or how Jews fan the flames of hatred against their own.

The Debate over Defensible Borders in the Era of Missiles

Yossi Beilin commented last week that Israel was returning to the idea of “defensible borders,” which in his words was “anachronistic” and had been “disproven” since it was first introduced through UN Security Council Resolution 242 in 1967. Today, he argued it was a completely “ridiculous” concept in light of the technological changes that have been introduced by the IDF–and among our enemies.  Beilin asks how this idea could be relevant when we are  in “a world of missiles.”

Video: Ahmed, the Palestinian burning flag salesman

Click the image.

Our health care delusion

One study ranked Canada dead last in timeliness and quality care.

The Palestine Papers: Al-Jazeera Has an Agenda

Al-Jazeera is now under the management of Wadah Khanfar, a radical Palestinian from Nablus. For years the Arab satellite channel has sought to advance the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood against the Arab regimes.

Somali militant group recruiting Canadian youth

Quote of the day from one Canadian “ex-terrorist”: 

“Help us before they use us. Employ us before they employ us. The ball is in your court federal government. Wake up before the blood is soaked in the streets of Toronto, like it was in London, Stockholm and New York.”

Translation:  Give us what we want, or else…..

The Arab/Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust

A video interview with bestselling author and investigative journalist Edwin Black to discuss his new book, The Farhud.

The book outlines the history of Islamic anti-Semitism in the Middle East, including the 1941 organized massacre of Iraqi Jews in Baghdad known as The Farhud, or “violent dispossession.”

Black also breaks down the larger Arab Muslim role in the Nazi Holocaust–which included an active alliance between the leader of the Palestinians and Adolf Hitler–and how this history still affects the Middle East today.

Lady Gaga reportedly wants new fragrance to smell like ‘blood and semen’

I’m reminded of a Jerry Seinfeld radio interview last year: “you take one ‘A’ off of that and you’ve got gag.”

Palestinian papers: Leaks threaten my life, Erekat says

Your feel-good story of the day.

Columbus of hidden Jews

He wanders Amazon jungles, travels to Chinese villages, searches Spain for Marranos, and sees India’s Bnei Menashe as his life’s mission. Michael Freund has an obsession: Discovering remote Jews.

Palestinian DNA Won’t Accept Equality with Jews?

“Can you imagine that I have changed my DNA and accepted a situation in which Jews become citizens having the rights that I and my wife have,” asked Erekat. “Can you imagine that this will happen one day?”

Palestinian protesters vandalize Al-Jazeera offices in Ramallah

Hundreds of demonstrators loyal to Abbas shatter security cameras and glass door panels, after Palestine papers leaked; Abbas supporters accuse media agency of of launching campaign against West Bank leadership.

H/T Bob Levin

Hezbollah Chooses Lebanon’s Next Prime Minister

A prime minister chosen by Hezbollah and its allies was poised Monday to form Lebanon’s next government, unleashing angry protests, realigning politics here and in parts of the Mideast and culminating the generation-long ascent of the Shiite Muslim movement from shadowy militant group to the country’s pre-eminent political and military force.

‘Erdogan and Turkish government supported IHH’

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan actively supported the flotilla to the Gaza Strip and agreed to its departure while knowing that Israel would prevent it from reaching the Hamas-controlled territory, according to new information obtained by Israel.

Tunisian dictator’s family in Montreal

At least five relatives of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, including a brother-in-law, are believed to have landed in Montreal on Thursday, although their whereabouts in the city are unclear.

What Defines Our Differences?

What is the encompassing issue that divides liberals and conservatives?

Consider, for example, the following debates: socialism vs. a free-market economy, higher taxes vs. lower taxes, more regulations vs. deregulation, bigger government vs. smaller government, federal control vs. state and local control, government ownership vs. private property, government-run health insurance vs. private health insurance, or coercion vs. voluntary exchange. All of these debates are different applications of the same principle. What’s at the bottom of the difference between each of the two positions?

The common element in all these debates is this — do we want power and control to be centralized or decentralized? Should control be in the hands of politicians and bureaucracies or individuals and private entities?

The Muslim Brotherhood Path to Victory

And the award for turning Islam into one of the fastest growing, most influential, and most intimidating religious movements in the world goes to… the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

Are People Inherently Good?

Perhaps the most powerful instinctual drive we have is to take care of ourselves. In other words, we are all born with an overwhelming urge to pursue our own self-interest. You can call this selfishness, egocentrism, narcissism, self-indulgence — all these words fit — which is a dismaying thought, isn’t it? As a society, we consider all of these to be negative words, yet, it’s at the basis of all of our behavior? Sort of…

‘Communist Monopoly’ Teaches Downside of Socialist Life

A Polish research institute has developed a board game to teach young people about life under Communism. In the game, which is inspired by Monopoly, players must wait in endless lines at stores for scarce goods. For added realism, they have to put up with people cutting in line and products running out — unless they have a “colleague in the government” card.

Israeli animal spy conspiracy theories

Damn those Zionist squirrels.

H/T Samson

Lebanese Christian leader: Hezbollah will turn Lebanon into the new Gaza

Lebanese Christian leader Samir Geagea said during a press conference on Saturday that if Hezbollah took power, “the situation in Lebanon will soon be like the one in Gaza.”

One-hit-wonder-douche takes a poll

“I’m booked for 2 shows in TelAviv. I’m getting alot of letters from activists urging/begging me to boycott by NOT performing in protest of Apartheid against the Palestinians. What the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians is disgusting, but I wana go. I gotta lotta fans there I dont want to cancel on and I dont know how my NOT going changes anything. What do you think? Stay or go?”

Arab World Won’t Donate to Palestinian Authority

Arab leaders have decided not to transfer any funds to the PA at the moment, and have deferred the decision on this issue to the next economic conference which will take place in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in 2013.

Free Free Palestine! Palestinian Authority Blocks Tunisia Rally

The Palestinian Authority refused to grant permission for a rally to celebrate the overthrow of Tunisia’s authoritarian president on Wednesday in Ramallah, the administrative capital of the West Bank.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported that a few dozen Palestinians who defied the ban arrived in the square in Ramallah where the rally was to take place only to find that they were outnumbered by members of the ruling Fatah party, who chose the same time and place to stage a demonstration in support of Palestinians held in Israeli jails.

Portraits of the Peace Process in Its 92nd Year

We are now in the 92nd year of a peace process in which the Palestinians are the first people in history to be offered a state seven times, reject it seven times, and set preconditions for discussing an eighth offer.

Sunni vs. Shiite in Saudi Arabia

The Shiites are not numerous enough to constitute a threat to the regime, but they do constitute an actual and potential arm of Iranian influence. The sense is that if King Abdullah had his way, he would end discrimination and fully integrate the Saudi Shiites. But the king faces an ongoing dilemma that presents no immediate solution: if he appeases the Shiites, he risks the wrath of Wahhabi extremists and the religious establishment; if he doesn’t, the Shiites will remain a thorn in his side.

The exponential growth in Iranian influence in the region makes Abdullah’s task that much harder. Beyond the struggle for regional hegemony between Tehran and Riyadh, Abdullah’s Shiite problem has grown because Iran is contesting the leadership of world Islam. And within the kingdom, Iran pushes Saudi Shiites toward confrontation. No wonder Abdullah urged the U.S. to “cut off the head of the snake.”

Women’s Rights in Islamic Republic of Iran

  1. The value of a woman’s life is one half of the life of a man.
  2. The testimony of two women is equal to the testimony of one man.
  3. Daughters get half the inheritance that the sons get.
  4. A woman does not have the right to divorce her husband.
  5. A man can divorce his wife any time he wishes and without her knowledge.
  6. Men are allowed to Mary 4 wives and as many temporary wives as they want.
  7. Women can not travel, work, go to school, or even leave the house without the husband’s permission.
  8. A woman must live where her husband decides.
  9. Mothers do not get the custody of their children when the husbands divorce them.
  10. Husbands can take the baby away from the mother and have another woman feed and raise the infant.
  11. A widow does not get the custody of her children after the death of her husband. The children will be given to the paternal grand parents or relatives and the mother has no right of visitation.
  12. If the husband has no family the Mullah of the community takes the custody of the woman’s children and all the family money and belonging.
  13. In the case of a man’s death the wife will be left without her children, home and belongings.
  14. The age of criminal responsibility, under article 1210(1) of Iran’s Civil code is set at 15 for boys and 9 for girls.
  15. The law sanctions marriage of girls before 13 years of age and boys at 15.
  16. In his book Ayatollah Khomeini requires that young girls should be at the husband’s home before they reach puberty.
  17. In the case of inheritance for the old wife, mother of the grown children, she gets 1/8th of the value of the building of the house. Not the land that the house is sitting on.

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Dependence Day

Mark Steyn on the erosion of personal liberty.

Report: Hezbollah simulated Beirut takeover

Arab media outlets report Shiite group held drill simulating takeover of Lebanese capital, surroundings after Hariri indictments are filed. Among the targets – United Nations headquarters in Lebanon

Freedom House ranks Israel as only free country in Middle East

Watchdog ranks Israel as ‘Free’; majority of other states in the region categorised as ‘Not Free’.

PA gives new names to historical Jewish sites

A new report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE) stated on Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority gave new names to historical Jewish sites, among them Rachel’s tomb, in schoolbooks.

The report was recently prepared by IMPACT-SE following a UNESCO decision recognising Rachel’s Tomb as a mosque only.   According to the report, in school books from 1995 Rachel’s Tomb was mentioned by its historical name.  Since 2001 the civil studies books’ editors reported to their students that they have decided “with the help of Arab and Islamic centers” to change its name to Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque.

Will Freedom Come for Sudan’s Slaves?

Armed by the government in Khartoum, Arab militias would storm African villages, shoot the men, and capture the women and children. The captives were beaten and raped immediately. Some who resisted had their throats slit.

Taken North—roped by their hands into lines or carried individually on horseback—they were distributed to masters. Boys were used as goat and cow herders, little girls as domestics. As they grew, they became concubines and sex slaves. Slaves slept with the animals and were given rotten scraps from the masters’ table. Boys were killed for losing a goat.

Ottawa seeks ways to stop ‘honour killings’

They are disturbing stories of fathers trying to kill their daughters, of brothers murdering their sisters.

Long prevalent in certain Muslim, Hindu and Sikh cultures in South Asia and the Middle East, “honour killings” have increasingly been making headlines in Canada in recent years.

Now, the federal government is urging more community groups to come forward to help fight the rise of such crimes.

Hasbara @ York University presents: Mordechai Kedar on Islamic Radicalism

This guy is great.  Click the image for details.

Here’s amazing video of his appearance on Al Jazeera.

Video: Zionist “AIDS girls”

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Musical Interlude

Kid Rock.  Cowboy.

Jews getting out of Belgium

According to figures released by the Jewish Agency and published this past week on the website, in 2010 there was an increase of 63 percent in the number of Belgian Jews who made aliyah to Israel. Two hundred and fifty Belgian Jews chose to make Israel their home in 2010, compared to 152 in 2009.


Meir Dagan, recently retired as chief of the Mossad, wanted to reestablish the agency as a powerful deterrent to Israel’s enemies. With a string of daring operations, he succeeded.

Breaking Up Is Good to Do

Southern Sudan is just the beginning. The world may soon have 300 independent, sovereign nations.

Canada, the world’s most easily offended country

We are lost.

Palis lovin’ the apartheid

The future of Jerusalem is considered one of the core issues in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and one of the most significant obstacles to a permanent agreement between the two sides. However, it appears that on the Palestinian side, those who live in Jerusalem have already made their decision on the matter – and the Palestinian Authority leadership in Ramallah may not like it.

The Difficult Struggle of Christians in the Orient

At the beginning of the first decade after the 9/11 terror attacks, the “clash of civilizations” — used by Western political scientists as a theoretical paradigm — has become a bloody reality for Christians in the Orient. Islam is the majority religion in eight of the top 10 countries where Christians are persecuted, according to the “World Watch List” compiled annually be the Christian organization Open Doors. In seven of those countries, the situation deteriorated for Christians in 2010.

Iran bans tight jeans and eyebrow plucking

Hardliners have pressed for tighter controls on “immoral behaviour”.

How Arab money is transferred to Israeli Left

After Knesset approves establishment of inquiry commission into activity of leftist groups in Israel, Im Tirtzu report reveals money trail, which it says begins in Arab countries and ends with pro-Palestinian activity in the Jewish state.

Cyberspace When You’re Dead

Evan Carroll and John Romano, interaction-design experts in Raleigh, N.C., who run a site called, have just published a tips-and-planning book, “Your Digital Afterlife,” with advice about such matters as appointing a “digital executor.”