Video: Googling the future of art

The Google Art Project, a partnership between Google and 17 of the world’s leading arts organisations, is pioneering. Launched yesterday, it offers a new form of collaboration that allows us to take extraordinary art works beyond their individual homes to create the first global art collection. It moves us from being “keepers” to “sharers” of art online and gives us a taste of the digital future for museums.

Whether you’re in an internet café in São Paolo looking at the brushwork in Vincent van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night, which is normally found on display at MoMA in New York, or at home in Hull, exploring the surface of the National Gallery’s Holbein painting The Ambassadors, you’ll find a different level of detail in viewing art online with this project, and new, virtual ways of exploring gallery spaces that dramatically change the experience of learning about great works of art.

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