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Celebrating Passover, ‘Palestinian’ style

Passover is coming up in a few weeks, and the ‘Palestinians’ are trying in their own unique way to get into the Holiday spirit: They are honoring the family of the imprisoned terrorist who planned the Seder night massacre nine years ago.

Israeli map shows 950 alleged Hezbollah sites

Brave Muslim terrorists who embed themselves within the civilian population.

Video: Turmoil in the Arab World

Interview with Victor Hanson and Peter Berkowitz.

In Tunisia on December 17, a street vendor named Mohamed Bouazizi protested the harassment he had suffered at the hands of police by committing suicide by setting himself ablaze. Since then, the governments of Tunisia and Egypt have been overthrown. A civil war has broken out in Libya. The king of Jordan has dismissed his cabinet and protests have taken place in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, and Iran. What has happened? Hanson and Berkowitz analyze the causes of these events (including the role of social networking) and discuss possible outcomes for the Middle East states enmeshed in popular unrest. They evaluate the implications for Israel and conclude with an assessment of President Obama’s handling of these events and how the United States should respond to the ongoing unrest.

6 Socially Conscious Actions That Only Look Like They Help

"These people need my liberal arts degree and ability to swing a hammer haphazardly."

There are those who want to improve the world around us and who do so in intelligent, well-thought-out ways. Then there are those of us whose desire to help the environment is mostly based on being bored or shallow or wanting to fit in after we get lost in Whole Foods. Unfortunately, most of humanity is made up of the latter type. Also unfortunately, a lot of the half-assed stuff we do not only doesn’t help but actually ends up making things worse for everyone.

Video: The Palestinian Wall of Lies

A short film by the David Horowitz Freedom Center that uncovers the lies of “Israel Apartheid Week”.

Shih tzu saves owner from tsunami

Us Shih tzu parents know they rock!

RCMP arrest terror suspect about to board plane in Toronto

“The suspect was allegedly planning to travel to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab and participate in their terrorist activities,” the Mounties said in a news release.