Muslim Group Threatens to Disrupt William’s Wedding

A group of extremist Muslims has allegedly threatened to disrupt the wedding of Prince William, saying “the day the nation has been dreaming of will become a nightmare”.

A Muslim group – named Muslims Against Crusades – vowed to disrupt the royal wedding and even threatened to start a riot during the celebrations, The Sun reported citing Scotland Yard officials.

5 responses to “Muslim Group Threatens to Disrupt William’s Wedding

  1. Great news. Obviously, things must get much worse to make those sleepy Brits wake up to the danger among them.

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  3. If these Islamists are so unhappy in Britain that they would disrupt a national celebration,they are very unhappy indeed. why did they go to Britain? If they were trying to escape their own terrible situation at home , they should embrace the traditional British culture for all it’s worth because they are free from the oppression they suffered in the old country. If instead they are truly very unhappy in Britain,there is no compulsion to stay unlike in their religion,which says to kill one who leaves their religion. Earlier verses which are often quoted to imply that they want a peaceful co-existence with the the West have been abrogated(look it up). so if they hate Britain so much they are free to get on a plane and never return-no one is keeping them there. Unlike You- We don’t have any desire to torture you,go home to an Sharia compliant land where you will be free to be subjugated by the Sharia and never return to an Infidel land again. We don’t need unhappy Islamists in the West. Bye have a good flight. If you desire to blow up a plane, please make sure that everyone on board wabts to be a martyr with you. If one person on board your flight does not wish to martyr themselves you will have to wait until you are surrounded by people who think like you do. We will be happy to let you leave. Just get your papers in order and go back. Let nothing stop you. I’m sure your Sharia law will provide all the benefits of the west as long as you show them how beneficial it is.

  4. They don’t want to leave Britain they want to take it.

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