The National Post is stealing material from Sassy and Blazing Cat Fur

Which would be fine, if they had the integrity to give credit where it’s due. Then again, that would mean admitting us poor shlub bloggers are doing better and more important work than they are, so……

And another thing, why did the National Post leave out the most pertinent information in the story — namely that Armand Labarge – York Regional police, NDP & Liberal politicians are canoodling on an official basis with these Islamists?

61 responses to “The National Post is stealing material from Sassy and Blazing Cat Fur

  1. Right on Sass! They don’t call them the Lames Stream Media fer nuthin’.

  2. There’s only one difference between Blazing Cat Farts and Sassy — and the National Post. The NP is written above a fifth-grade level.

    • Have you read the NP lately?

      It is filled with grammatical errors – well below the 5th grade level….

      BTW – both Sassy and Blazing use grammar correctly.

      Perhaps you aren’t so well versed in 5th grade grammar, if you didn’t pick up on this – and decided to tout the NP’s skills in English. Perhaps you are unwilling to comment on the substance of the post because you know Sassy and Blazing performed a great service to the community by breaking this story and you are (for whatever petty reasons) unwilling to face it.

  3. Yes Jerome, the issue here is quality of prose. Idiot.

  4. No sassy, the issue here is credibility. The NP has it, and basement-dwelling troglodytes, no matter what they “break” (besides wind, I s’pose), are irrelevant.

  5. Hey, think of us what you will, but we did the leg work the MSM, politicians and our police chief can’t or won’t do. But, by all means, shoot the messenger. By the way Jerome, do you have any comment on the meat of the story or are you just another lefty whore willing to get in bed with racists and haters as long as it serves your war against Israel, the Jews and the West?

  6. Whatevs. Amazing knee-jerk (stressing the latter) reaction to anyone who dares voice a contrary view (“just another lefty,” “getting into bed with racists,” “war against Israel,” blah de blah)… Staying right on script, I see.

    Meantime, Sassy — you may want to actually visit (and thus support) Israel one day — the way I have seven times now (and counting) and cough up some real coin to various causes.

    Great. You got a scoop. I would either invoice the NP or send a lawyer’s letter demanding they cease and desist scalping your stories. Will you?

  7. Ah, Jerome.
    Ad hominems…the refuge of angry, illiterate contrarians. It’s too bad you don’t comprehend above a grade 5 level.

  8. Ah Robert — hope you cough up that thesaurus soon. It’s making you all ooogy…

  9. What contrary view? You mean you have a contrary view that these Islamist freaks are anything but that?

    How do you know whether or how many times I’ve visited Israel or my charitable contributions?

    What are you going on about Jerome? You sound like someone who has a historical bee in your bonnet about me and Fur.

  10. Don’t know you or Fur…don’t want to. What I want to know is, why is anyone who doesn’t sidle right up to you nice’n’cozy an Israel-hater? Why does that continue to be a trope of the right?

  11. Perhaps when you reach a fifth grade level yourself, you’ll lose your infatuation with flatulence.

  12. Let’s see: NP steals material without the decency of crediting their source, and Jerome thinks they have credibility. Either he’s on their payroll or he’s a total idiot.

  13. Guess I’m too old-school for this gang. The only reason I credit NP is they exercise balance and fairness (Journalism 101, kiddies) and are absent the shrillness and hysteria of the blogos. As I say, if they stole, do something about it. Seriously.

  14. Jerome, do you have any comment about the actual story? Can you please give us your thoughts on CASMO, Chief Blair, the Liberal party and Jack Layton attending their events and presenting them with plaques?

    Also, you should know that we are actually very happy NP covered this – it’s important information for the public to have. All we want is acknowledgment.

  15. Maybe later. I have some _paying_ work to do now.

  16. Ah, suddenly you’re too busy to respond to my simple questions that would take you all of 3 minutes to address.

  17. I agree. NP should acknowledge its source (if indeed Bell reads you or Fur or Kathy). But what makes you think he didn’t discover this independently of you? What makes your style of blogger believe they are the only ones manning the barricades of Truth and Justice?

    Duke’s video (and others) at CASMO site are perverse, and the org. is clearly anti-Semitic. Yes, politicians should vet who they gladhand. Should a human rights complaint be launched?

  18. Stewart Bell became a dhimmini after he wrote Cold Terror. At a speech to open a Fraser Insitute conference on immigration and terrorism in June 2007 he had the audience with him until he said that we must accommodate “these people”. Now he is a thief for stealing your stuff and a coward for not allowing comments.

  19. Bonus tidbit: One of CASMO’s main supporters is H.I. Sayyed Muhammad Rizvi, who served for many years as imam of a mosque literally next door to a Toronto-area synagogue. Always did get bad vibes from him…

  20. We KNOW Bell didn’t discover this information on his own. On that you’ll just have to trust me.

    A human rights complaint? Hah! Good luck with all that! This is by no means the first time a Muslim or “pro-palestinian” group in Canada has openly spewed hatred or supported terrorists and their aspirations, but there is one standard for them and another for the rest of us. Not to mention the involvement of the likes of Layton, Barbara Hall, Blair and the Libs – I’m sure the human rights commission folks will get right on it……

    No, we don’t need the human rights commission. We need to know who funds these people, we need ALL politicians and Blair to publicly explain why they have anything to do with these people and we need them to very publicly and explicitly denounce them as the savages they are.

    Jerome, I’d also like your theory as to why Bell left out the most important aspect of the story – the involvement of various politicians with CASMO.

  21. Sassy I hope you and Fur and take a good chunk of flesh out his heels – first for lifting this story and second for not doing ANY digging on the politics in the big multicult kiss kiss with CASMO.

    Q: Where is Fantino on on CASMO – there’s gotta be a pic of that hug some where.

  22. Maybe, Sassy, but my (limited) journalistic skills prevent me from fully trusting you on whether Bell ripped you off. That is the pivot of this discussion. Bell is a fine reporter who has done real groundbreaking work on terrorism in this country, and the hard-right bloggos should at least credit him and NP for bringing this to light, which is broader and brighter than your small echo-chamber.

    On the other stuff: Agreed, and — have the Tories given this bunch money?

  23. Maybe he couldn’t reach them in time for comment. — more fairness!

  24. Rasp: Bell’s source KNOWS about the politicians involved. Either that source left out that info when they contacted Bell — Bell didn’t look into things on his own and just regurgitated the info that was fed to him, or Bell made the decision on his own to protect the politicians. No matter which of these scenarios is correct, it’s disgraceful and dishonest, and at the very least, incompetent. I believe it’s called lying by omission.

  25. Jerome I personally informed Bernie Farber of the CASMO Story on April 5th, the date Sass and I posted this story. Now you know where Bell got his information from.

  26. Really Jerome? He couldn’t reach them in time for comment? Was there some kind of rush to publish this story today? It couldn’t wait until tomorrow or the next day? You’re reaching here.

    You must have missed my comment that we are in fact grateful that this story got out there. Yes, we were hoping for acknowledgment, but the greater good has been served – aside from the unbelievably important info that was omitted.

  27. Oh by the way Jerome I also informed Mr. Farber of my follow up posts which illustrate the lofty circles the CASMO Imam Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab travels in, i.e. Meetings with Police Chief Bill Blair, Jack Layton and assorted Liberal Party Vote Whores. Same goes for my post on the video of CASMO Imam Hasan Mujtaba Rizvi who teaches children to hate.

    So tell me Jerome have you ever done anything productive in your life?

  28. I have to agree with Jerome Martin re. Stewart Bell being a fine reporter. If you track back to even 12-14 years you will see that Bell has been one of the few voices bringing up the subject of islamic lunacy in our dhimmified Canada.
    Maybe someone who read your post or BCF’s sent him a link to the actual website with the pics and he went on from there. Just saying….. because I have met Bell some years back and he came across as a nice, honest individual.
    BTW Sassy …. your glasses seem to work wonders for you in ferreting out the stuff we need to know. Keep up the good work.

  29. Arnie: You “personally” informed Bernie Farber?! You HATE Bernie Farber! The stuff you and Kathy have written about him (and provided links to Steyn’s bile) has been astonishingly malicious. But, I guess he’s OK when he can act as a conduit to the (loathed) MSM. Why not bypass Bernie completely and send the stuff directly to Bell, who can do his own fair, level-headed and accurate story (minus reax from pols, whom he probably could not reach for comment by deadline)? If Bell does a follow-up, will you cry foul all over again?

  30. Stay classy, Arnie. You’re starting to reach into your ad hominem bucket again…

  31. Just spoke to Bernie. He knew about the site long before April 5, and has been talking to police about laying charges under s. 319 of CC.

  32. Sure Jerome sure, I have the e-mails;)

  33. Oh Jerome in the e-mails we have exchanged BMF clearly states he never heard of Casmo before, you lie poorly, Liar.

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  35. Punctuation, Arnie. Punctuation. But why oh why run to BMF when you despise him so? Why not kindred spirit Frank Dimant at B’nai Brith?

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  37. Jerome I suggest you try to move on and do something productive with your life. I have no time to waste on craven liars such as yourself.

  38. Ducking and weaving, eh Arnie? Cheers to Kathy.

  39. You were caught in an obvious lie Jerome. It is you doing the ducking and weaving. So long Liar.

  40. Jerome, it is silly to assume that BCF hates Bernie. Like me, he thinks Bernie has wasted a lot of time unproductively chasing powerless basement nazi scum. Bernie appears to think so too as he is now looking to take the Muslim organization identified by Arnie and Sassy to the cops.

    This is smart because, let’s face it, this organization has rather more credibility and clout that the tattooed scalped nouveau Aryans.

    It is great to see Bernie following up on the leads Sassy and Arnie generate but don’t for a second think Bernie had a clue about this before BCF and Sassy ran the story.

  41. Isn’t it ironic that the mainstream media types view bloggers, their views and their uncanny ability to identify problems and find sources, with nothing less than contempt?

  42. “The only reason I credit NP is they exercise balance and fairness (Journalism 101, kiddies)”

    This Jerome quote confirms his stupidity…

    You must credit the FACTS… facts are by definition balanced.. facts are by definition fair…
    JournOlism 101 is factually ‘bias couching 101’

    That’s fair and balanced


    Rita Rosenfeld | April 11, 2011 at 8:15 pm | Reply
    Isn’t it ironic that the mainstream media types view bloggers, their views and their uncanny ability to identify problems and find sources, with nothing less than contempt?

    You know when City workers bitch about community volunteer gardeners?
    That’s what Jerome is..

  43. Wow Sass, great numerical comment stream, and well deserved, except for the Jerome guy, whose name links to nowhere. Why highlight your comment name if you don’t even have the balls to give some kind of worth to what you stand for.

    Jerome al-Provocateur, your play is done.

  44. Always happy to stir the pot.

  45. Well done BCF! That’s the best ‘virtual beat-down’ I’ve read in a long time. Congrats to Jerome for having a cement head and taking so many punches without going down (or coming to senses and apologizing), and for not resorting to swearing like some lame-stream media hacks.

  46. Ms Sassy, you’re right to be mad! Not only did they fail to credit you, they lacked the courage to draw the obvious conclusions – that our leftist psuedo-leaders are in bed with raging islamists. Thieves and Cowards is what they are.

  47. Hi Don! I’m willing to wager the National Post or any other media won’t do a follow-up article on the politicians involved here. It’s sickening, really. I’d love it if I lost that bet.

    Jerome, you’re back! Did you get any information from Bernie during your phone call yesterday that you’d like to share with us?

  48. Sassy, great job on finding the facts. Congratulations!

    I would like to comment on Jerome Martin’s position. His contempt for bloggers is more than obvious. Yet he fails to notice that the “basement-dwelling troglodites” are winning the Inrenet information battle. Unlike the mainstream media, most bloggers are less likely to play games with facts. The MSM may hide anything that doesn’t fit their advertisers’ or political affiliates’ agenda.

    In this particular case, Sassy uncovers a racist and anti-Semitic bias in a Muslim organization, which is supported by Jack Layton, Barbara Hall and Chief Blair. National Post picks the story omitting the politicians’ part. This deeply changes the perspective – the NP readers would see CASMO as a bunch of loons with no importance, instead of realizing the potential harm they may do with the help of prominent politicians. It’s not hard to figure out they don’t want to stir the pot.

    How is that for “credibility” and “balance and fairness”? In fact, the “basement-dwelling troglodite” (sorry Sassy, that’s not how I picture you) provided a much more objective perspective than the sophisticated Mr. Bell. So who has better journalistic standards? Playing little games with the truth may look like a smart strategy in the editorial room, but it is getting more and more difficult to suppress it.

  49. Who is this asshat Jerome and why is he hanging around here anyway ?

    The term USEFUL IDIOT was invented specifically for people like him.

  50. I think the York Police Chief Armand LeBarge is also prominent in the pictures, although I might be wrong.

  51. Congratulations on breaking the story Sassy, and to Blazing Cat Fur too. I just wanted to post to say that the Chihuahua is adorable. Is he/she yours?

  52. Sanwin | April 12, 2011 at 3:23 pm | Reply

    Who is this asshat Jerome and why is he hanging around here anyway ?

    They call him a plant. Islamists have fake bloggers or commenter’s sprinkled in every corner of the Web. I visit a lot of Blogs. A lot of the same koo koo eggs go under different names. Their style of writing betrays them.
    If not the vanilla names they use.

  53. Something tells me Jerome is not an Islamist – just your run of the mill lefty I suspect.

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  55. BTW Sassy, why would anyone be surprised that a Muslim organization would be antisemitic? Wouldn’t it be more surprising if it wasn’t?

  56. Not everyone is surprised…..

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