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Good news: Over 400 al-Qaida terrorists now in Sinai

Over 400 al-Qaida members have made their way into the Sinai Peninsula, a senior Egyptian security official told the Al-Hayyat satellite television station on Monday.

Egyptian security officials were pursuing the terrorists, who are composed of Palestinians, Beduins and foreign Arab citizens, according to the report. The group was reportedly planning to carry out terror attacks in Egypt, the official said.

Video: “We don’t want the West to go and find alternatives…”

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Canada Advises Citizens Against Taking Part in Gaza Flotillas

Canada advised its citizens on Sunday against participating in flotillas to Gaza.

In a statement released in advance of the one-year anniversary of the May 31, 2010 flotilla to Gaza, and in advance of the planned ‘Freedom Flotilla 2,’ Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said: “I strongly urge those wishing to deliver humanitarian goods to the Gaza Strip to do so through established channels. Unauthorized efforts to deliver aid are provocative and, ultimately, unhelpful to the people of Gaza.”

1 UNIFIL soldier killed, 4 injured in Lebanon attack

Diplomats tell Lebanese media blast comes after Syrian FM threatened EU it would regret decision to impose sanctions on Assad regime.

Video: Palestinian hag weasel squirms and lies

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Safari park visitors warned to beware… after meerkats develop a fetish for human feet

Warning signs have been put up at a new attraction where meerkats mingle with visitors after the quirky creatures developed a fetish for human feet.

The small mammals have taken a liking to painted toenails and colourful sandals and jump all over them given the chance.

Video: And now, the town of custom golf carts

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