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In ravaged Libya, ghosts of Jewish past

Jews first arrived in what is now Libya some 2,300 years ago. They settled mostly in coastal towns like Tripoli and Benghazi and lived under a shifting string of rulers, including Romans, Ottoman Turks, Italians and ultimately the independent Arab state that has now descended into civil war.

Some prospered as merchants, physicians and jewelers. Under Muslim rule, they saw periods of relative tolerance and bursts of hostility. Italy took over in 1911, and eventually the fascist government of Benito Mussolini issued discriminatory laws against Jews, dismissing some from government jobs and ordering them to work on Saturdays, the Jewish day of rest.

In the 1940s, thousands were sent to concentration camps in North Africa where hundreds died. Some were deported to concentration camps in Germany and Austria.

Their troubles didn’t end with the war. Across the Arab world, anger about the Zionist project in Palestine turned Jewish neighbors into perceived enemies. In November 1945, mobs throughout Libya went on a three-day rampage, burning down Jewish shops and homes and killing at least 130 Jews, among them three dozen children.

After Israel was founded in 1948, it became a refuge for Jews of ancient Middle Eastern communities, including those of Libya. Barel’s father fled in 1949, and her mother soon after. Most were gone by the time Gaddafi seized power in 1969. The new dictator expelled the rest, who were ordered to leave with one suitcase and a small amount of cash.

Jewish properties were confiscated. There was no way to determine how many. Debts to Jews were officially erased. Jewish cemeteries were turned into dumping grounds or built over, and most of the dozens of synagogues around the country were either demolished or put to different use. Some became mosques. A community that numbered about 37,000 at its peak vanished.

Ethical Oil ad campaign

Good stuff. Click the image.

Breakthrough: Chief “palestinian” negotiator Saeb Erekat talking sense

“But if the United States vetoes accepting Palestine to the United Nations in the Security Council, uses its financial aid to the PA as political blackmail and leaves Israel as the source of authority, then in my opinion, the PA must cease to exist.”

I’m good with that.

Iran revolutionary guards’ commander set to become president of Opec

A senior commander of Iran’s revolutionary guards, who is subject to comprehensive international sanctions, has been nominated as the country’s oil minister, a position that currently includes the presidency of Opec.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, sent a list of four ministers, including Rostam Ghasemi, commander of the revolutionary guards’ Khatam al-Anbia military and industrial base, to the parliament for approval, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

Should the parliament confirm Ghasemi’s nomination next week, the commander, who is targeted by US, EU and Australian sanctions, will be automatically appointed as head of Opec, giving the revolutionary guards access to an influential international platform.

Family of war crimes suspect threatens to sue Ottawa

The family of one of 30 alleged war criminals on Ottawa’s wanted list is threatening a defamation suit against the Canada Border Services Agency, following what his lawyer calls false allegations that “won’t stand up in court.”

Khalil Abdul Khalil – a 76-year-old Afghan national last known to be living in Toronto – was named by Ottawa last week as an alleged war criminal subject to a warrant for removal. His was just one of almost three dozen suspects’ names and photographs posted on the CBSA website in the hopes that the public would help track them down.

According to the CBSA, Khalil has “violated human or international rights under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.”  The agency also says these suspects are believed to be living in Canada illegally.

But the lawyer retained by the man’s family says the depiction of Khalil as a dangerous, violent criminal is “false,” and diminishes the reputation of the man in the community.

Unless the CBSA retracts the information on its website and issues an apology, the family will take legal action.

“We don’t believe any of the allegations that have been labeled against him can be held up in a court of law,” said Anser Farooq, the family’s lawyer. “Unless they remove his name from that list … we’re going to be moving forward.”

Farooq would not comment on the whereabouts of his client.

Jesus sighting of the day

Click the image.

Guy puts drone up for sale on eBay

In May 2010, the Pentagon alerted federal investigators that one of its birds — an RQ-11A/B “Raven” — had popped up on eBay for the relatively affordable sum of $13,000. Nine photos of the craft were posted, and they included markings that allowed the Defense Department to identify the Raven as the property of U.S. Southern Command.

Saudis Assume Role as Banker of Counter-Revolution

Rulers hope to buy stability and prevent Arab Spring from reaching their borders.

Saudi Arabia and the other oil-rich kingdoms of the Gulf are emerging as bankers of counter-revolution, dispensing aid to governments, investing in business, making charitable donations and selling subsidized oil to countries under pressure from Arab Spring street protests and sagging economies.

British clothing label names coat after Nazi death camp

Belsen was a gas military parka on sale now.


Buddhists in Arms

Dawn smolders above this seaside city in Thailand’s southern borderlands. Troops already occupy the streets in force. Skinny conscripts with assault rifles patrol through the fog. German Shepherds sniff for bombs in the brush.

This is the hour of paranoia. Come mornings, gunmen slip through curtains of jungle foliage lining the roadside. They kill cops. Army officers. Teachers traveling to class. Kids sometimes. To stoke maximum horror, they decapitate Buddhist monks with machetes.

As oblivious backpackers party up the coast, an Islamic rebellion roars on with no end in sight. The attackers’ prey? In local jihadi parlance, “Siamese infidels” and their “Muslim running dogs.” In lieu of familiar screeds against Jews, Christians and the “Great Satan” America, these mujahideen call for the heads of Thai Buddhists.

Islamic guerillas here vow to wrench free a Connecticut-sized chunk of Thailand and create the world’s newest Islamic state. With Muslim separatist movements in the Philippines and Indonesia largely tamed through peace agreements, this Islamic insurgency is now Asia’s bloodiest.

Shaidle on Shaidle

…..And books, writing, reading and a whole lot more.

The Fur speaks

Must listen podcast.

Palestinian sewage polluting Israel’s environment

The headline is literal and metaphoric.

Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. The scientists, who are members of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion. The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals.

Musical Interlude


Hanan Ashrawi spins on CBC’s Power & Politics

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s office is disputing a statement by a Palestinian legislator that she and the minister talked about dates for Baird to visit the Palestinian territories.

Hanan Ashrawi, a top negotiator for the Palestinians and special envoy for President Mahmoud Abbas, told host Evan Solomon on CBC’s Power & Politics that she invited Baird to travel to the Palestinian territories.

“He gladly accepted, so he will be visiting relatively soon,” she said.

“Hopefully even before September, so he will see first-hand what it means to build institutions under occupation and what it means to live under occupation.”

But Baird’s office says “timing was not discussed.”

“Minister Baird had a cordial meeting with President Abbas’ envoy, Ms. Ashrawi,” Baird’s spokesman Chris Day wrote in an email.

“She passed on President Abbas’ personal invitation to visit the West Bank, which the minister acknowledged.”

Baird’s office refused to say whether the minister had accepted or declined the invitation, or whether he was considering visiting the West Bank.

President of Canadian Arab Federation spreads conspiracy theory that Norway attack was Israel’s handiwork

Khaled Mouammar

Rabid Jew hater Khaled Mouammar is distributing an article with the subject line “Possible Israeli Connection to Oslo Attacks.”

Bernie Farber campaign trail update

Bernie will be attending the following event:

Sunday, August 21 2011
MPP Michael Chan and MP John McCallum Markham-Unionville Annual Community BBQ
Start time: 12:30 PM
Armadale Park
2401 Denison St., Markham

Perhaps the CASMO ayatollahs will come out for some Liberal Halal kebobs.

“Organizations like the CBC and the Star spend far more with their ombuds/public editors, understanding this is an essential element in the accountability process”

The headline is an actual quote from an editorial published in the Toronto Star today. Really.

10 Unknown West Bank Facts

Shit: Jack Layton stepping aside as he battles new cancer

Here’s video of his press conference. He looks and sounds terrible.

Forget politics. Get well Jack.

Fucking cancer.

Oy Va Voy: A bunch of rabbis are not happy with Bernie Farber

Fine artwork by BCF

Holocaust exploitation doesn’t sit well with these guys.

A little rough patch for Zilla

Help out if you can and we’ll get her through this.

Iran Bails Out Syria

The Iranian regime is running to the rescue of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who is struggling to contain a growing revolution against his rule. The protests continually reach new heights despite the killing of over 1,700 and imprisonment of 12,000. Now, Iran is offering Assad a massive $5.8 financial aid package in a desperate attempt to stabilize its ally.

Obama, CANADA and NATO Turn Libya, and a $30B Check, Over to Jihadists

Senior militants in online chat rooms monitored by the West seem to know the score, and are urging a patient, long-term approach rather than a quick revolution, The Australian reports:  “One forum leader warns that declaring an Islamic emirate in Libya would prompt a Western invasion, and stresses instead that they should build up their military forces, ‘educate the people’ on the need for an Islamic state, ‘and then declare the emirate, with weapons, economy and a people ready to fight for Allah.’”

That should be no problem with the billions provided by Obama and NATO to fund it all.

Toews vows to loosen laws to ID foreign criminals

Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews addresses the media at the International Centre in Mississauga about new methods to enforcing immigration laws July 21st, 2011.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews promised Saturday to pressure the federal justice department to remove legal handcuffs from border officials who want to publicly identify suspected foreign criminals sought for deportation.

“We have to review the legislation,” he told QMI Agency on Saturday, promising to lobby colleagues. “We have to look at our legal reluctance to release this information.”

The arrests of a man in Mississauga, Ont., and another in Edmonton — one day after he authorized the release Thursday of their photos and those of 28 other failed refugee claimants wanted for crimes against humanity — shows “there is merit” to requesting public help, Toews said.

19th century coke heads

Interesting report on the evolution of cocaine, once known as the “wonder” drug.

Who endorses Bernie Farber?

There’s these two:

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working closely with Bernie Farber in the cause of community safety for more years than I can remember. In addition to being recognized as one of this province and this country’s foremost experts on hate crime, Bernie is a tireless worker on behalf of diversity and inclusiveness. I am proud to lend my voice of support to his campaign to become Thornhill’s next representative at Queen’s Park”
— Armand P. La Barge(Former Chief of Police, York Regional Police)

“Bernie Farber knows how to get the job done. When there’s important work that needs to be accomplished, Bernie reaches out and builds bridges across the whole community. I’ve always admired Bernie’s ability to both listen to people’s concerns and speak out as a leader whether it’s one-on-one or on the international stage. Bernie’s passion and drive will serve the people of Thornhill well as their MPP.”
— Richard Warman(Human Rights Advocate)

North Korea’s elite has McDonald’s burgers flown in daily, South charges

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Iland his cronies have McDonald’s hamburgers flown in daily even as the country’s people endure repeated food shortages, news reports say.

The totalitarian country’s appetite for luxury clothing, cigarettes, watches and cognac from China has doubled in a year, a sign of a non-stop shopping spree by the country’s elites, the Korea Herald reports.

Terror attack in Oslo, Norway

BCF is on top of this one.


Libyan rebels smuggling arms to Hamas through Egypt

All hail the Arab Spring.

Growing-Up Neo-Nazi: Family Life Among Germany’s Far-Right Extremists

Summer vacation has arrived in Germany. For many children being raised in neo-Nazi families, this means their parents have arranged for them to spend their free time doing what they think will serve the Volk and Vaterland. Their aim? A nationalist upbringing outside the mainstream.

Super important scientific study of the day

Scientists today revealed the mathematical formula for a perfect slice of toast, showing that it is best cooked for exactly 216 seconds.

A team of researchers carried out a study which found the optimum thickness is 14mm and the ideal amount of butter is 0.44 grams per square inch.

The recommended cooking time gives the slice a ‘golden-brown’ colour and the ‘ultimate balance of external crunch and internal softness’.

Pure evil: Somalia militias recruiting famine’s children

THE Islamist militias that control most of southern and central Somalia are stepping up their recruitment of child soldiers in the famine-ravaged country.

Since early 2010, al-Shabab has also prevented aid agencies from delivering aid to large areas of Somalia.

Video: One step closer to the Jetsons lifestyle

Flying car cleared by U.S highway safety administration.

War criminals in Canada named

Mohamed Hassan Farah and Atean Al Meliky Kesir Firs are sought for removal from Canada

Where is suspected Somalian war criminal Mohamed Hassan Farah?

The federal government – and Toronto-area police – want to know.

On Wednesday, a federal source provided photos and backgrounds on Farah, who officials believe is hiding here, plus Atean Al Meliky Kesir Firs, who is said to be in Montreal.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) documents say they are wanted for violating unspecified “human or international rights” under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, or international law.

A Canada-wide warrant naming Farah, 56, says he is being sought “for removal because he … is inadmissible to Canada.”

A similar warrant names Kesir Firs, 37, claiming he committed war crimes in his native Iraq. The CBSA document includes aliases Bashir Haider, Haider Bashir, Kesir Al Meliky and H. Abed Rashid Bashir.

Visit Blazing Catfur for a link to more mug shots.

Misunderstanding What a “Jewish State” Actually Means

Judaism has never seen itself exclusively or even primarily as a religion; indeed, you won’t find the modern Hebrew word for “religion” anywhere in the first five books of the Bible. The Biblical terms for what we today call Jews are Am Yisrael – “the nation of Israel” – and Bnei Yisrael,“the children of Israel.” And that’s precisely the point: From a Jewish perspective, the Jews are first and foremost a nation.

Thus, the term “Jewish state” is in no way analogous to “Christian state.” Rather, it’s analogous to “French” or “Danish” or “German” state. Just as these are the respective homelands of the French, Danish and German peoples, a Jewish state is the homeland of the Jewish people.

Palestinian Arabs get FAR more aid per capita than anyone else

Click the image.

The Hate That Dares Not Speak Its Name

The truth is that anti-Semitism is alive and well and not even particularly rare; it’s just that many of today’s anti-Semites like to think of themselves as enlightened, modern people and get all huffy and hissy if anyone accuses them of prejudice in any form.  Many who in past times would have been open and honest about their anti-Semitism, now try to hide the truth even from themselves.

But anti-Semitism involves belief in any or all of the following ideas:

Jews are more clannish than other people and act in concert to support a specifically Jewish agenda.

Jews deploy extraordinary wealth with almost superhuman cunning in support of the Jewish agenda.

As a religious and national minority, Jews cannot flourish without attacking the traditional values of their host society.  In every country Jews seek to weaken national culture, religion, values and cohesion.

Jews are not a national group or a people in the way that others are; they do not have the same right to establish a nation state that other peoples do.

Where Jewish interests are concerned, the appearance of open debate in our society and many others is a carefully constructed illusion.  In reality, Jews work together to block open debate on issues they care about and those who resist the Jewish agenda are marginalized in public discussion.

These ideas are the five pillars of anti-Semitism; you don’t have to believe them all — any one will do.

H/T Israel Matzav

Egypt refuses international election monitors

Egypt's Major General Mamdouh Shahin, a member of the ruling military council

Egypt’s council of military rulers will not allow international monitors to observe upcoming parliamentary elections.

Many suspect that the generals now ruling Egypt are trying to enshrine a future role for themselves, possibly with the authority to intervene in politics. Their push appears to be driven by the military’s fear of losing the near-autonomous power it has enjoyed for almost 60 years.

Computers Are Weapons of War

Though terrorism and conventional war will always be with us, the concept of a weapon, and how newly conceived weapons can be used anywhere and anytime, is so fluid we need to be continuously thinking about it and adjusting to it—our adversaries and potential adversaries are. Because our economic, military, and intelligence communities depend on computer systems to function, within those systems is another battlefield that encompasses almost everything our civilization relies on to work.

Video: Spellbinding Humpback Whale Rescue

Watch as the whale named Valentina by her rescuers goes from near death to freedom, then rewards her saviors with dozens of full-body breeches and tail flips.

H/T Yossi

Syrian Death Squads Massacre Mourners at Funerals

The death toll the past four days has climbed to 50, and even pro-government media are beginning to encourage diplomatic means to end what one newspaper called a “nightmare.” Human rights groups estimate that more than 1,600 people have been mowed down since the beginning of the four-month uprising, but the numbers probably are far higher. In addition, more than 20,000 have been arrested, half of them still in custody and hundreds of them tortured.

Good news: Penile Length Leads to Little Economic Growth

The opening question to most undergraduate macroeconomics courses usually is, “Why are some countries rich and others poor?” The lecturer will then probably dive into all of the usual suspects behind economic growth–natural resources, technological innovation, savings rate–without mention of perhaps the most primal of measurements: penis size.

That’s right, penis size. In a study published today, the University of Helsinki’s Tatu Westling points out a surprising strong correlation between a country’s GDP growth rate and average penile length. As the chart above shows, countries that averaged smaller penis sizes grew at a faster rate than their larger counterparts between 1960 and 1985. Every centimeter increase in penis size accounted for a 5 to 7 percent reduction in economic growth. The study also showed that overall GDP was at its highest in countries with average-sized penises with GDP falling at the extremes of penis length.

The truth about Judea and Samaria

Occupation schmocupation. So simple even Dr Dawg can understand it.

Good news: Twin pop singing Nazi skanks have changed their ways

“Remember Lamb and Lynx Gaede? The now 19-year-old twins were part of an infamous, Nazi-themed band called Prussian Blue a few years back. Now, the young girls who sparked international outrage with their White Nationalist tunes have had a change of heart. Rather than subscribing to Naziism, they now claim that they are liberals.

Bernie Farber reaches new low in douchiness

Ontario Liberal candidate, Bernie Farber, has written an op-ed piece in Shalom life discussing health care in Ontario. In it, he uses the example of his sister-in-law’s fight against breast cancer – a battle she succumbed to in 2003 – to argue that health care in Ontario would be at risk under a conservative leadership:

“I personally experienced these risks when in 2001, my sister-in-law, suffering from breast cancer, found herself caught in the mire of Conservative hospital closures, nursing lay-offs and other cuts specifically to the cancer care sector. Joanne passed away in 2003. Had she been diagnosed today, with all the newly-funded resources in Ontario cancer care, with hospitals back up and running, with over 11,500 full time nurses now hired or re-hired, her chances of survival would have increased dramatically.”

Wow, quite a statement. What Bernie didn’t count on was, Michael Robitaille, his sister-in-law’s widower, commenting on the article. Get a load of this:

“The sister-in-law Bernie Farber wrote about in this article was my wife. Contrary to what Bernie states, my wife Joanne received excellent health care at every level during her over 3 year struggle with cancer. From the staff at Credit Valley Hospital to Princess Margaret Hospital to Toronto Western Hospital, she received speedy, professional and excellent care. I honestly can’t say anything negative in the overall treatment Joanne received. Sadly, Joanne succumbed to cancer but I want to state categorically, her death from cancer had nothing to do with any lack of health care or any deficiencies in her care. I find it callous, cold-hearted and opportunistic for Bernie Faber to use Joanne’s death for political gain. Joanne is missed by me and my son Jack everyday and it is a shame to have her struggle with cancer thrown around like a political football by a candidate who knows better.”

And you thought Bernie couldn’t get any douchier.

Scaramouche, far more eloquent than I, has written a poem in her post “Douche on the Loose”.

Monzter Monzer Zimmo

This image characterizing the Jew a-la-Blood libel vampire is from the featuring a post by Monzer Zimmo who is the Financial/Business Development Advisor, Deputy Director General of Canadian Heritage.

Kaffir Kanuck has a new fan:

“I find your stupid blog offensive. I am a Palestinian canadian working for the Canadian government in Ottawa and was in the flotilla. I also raised money ($5 000*) for it. You have no damn business telling me– a free Canadian ciotizen– what I can or not do. I too am a taxpayer and I have the freedom of speech. If you dont like Hamas, tough noogies.”

Visit Kaffir Kanuck for info on Monzer Zimmo and just how busy this terror supporting, Jew hating little beaver has been.

You and I pay this douchebag’s salary. Contact James Moore  at Canadian Heritage to let him know who is in his employ.

*BONUS: Monzter Zimmo knows who carried out the 9/11 attacks and it wasn’t no Osama Bin Laden. Guess who?

**DOUBLE BONUS: Here’s some video of this Monzter.

Video: The blooming Arab spring in Palestine

It begins.

Good news: There are 50 war criminals hiding in Toronto

Here's one: Leon Mugesara, professor at Laval University

But the good news doesn’t end there:

“The war criminals are among 20,000 people sought in the Greater Toronto Area by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Of those, about 1,400 warrants are for hardened criminals.”