Who endorses Bernie Farber?

There’s these two:

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working closely with Bernie Farber in the cause of community safety for more years than I can remember. In addition to being recognized as one of this province and this country’s foremost experts on hate crime, Bernie is a tireless worker on behalf of diversity and inclusiveness. I am proud to lend my voice of support to his campaign to become Thornhill’s next representative at Queen’s Park”
— Armand P. La Barge(Former Chief of Police, York Regional Police)

“Bernie Farber knows how to get the job done. When there’s important work that needs to be accomplished, Bernie reaches out and builds bridges across the whole community. I’ve always admired Bernie’s ability to both listen to people’s concerns and speak out as a leader whether it’s one-on-one or on the international stage. Bernie’s passion and drive will serve the people of Thornhill well as their MPP.”
— Richard Warman(Human Rights Advocate)

4 responses to “Who endorses Bernie Farber?

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  2. any info as to how bernie is doing in thornhill?
    i gather the liberals aren’t doing well in the polls. is this translating down to his riding?

  3. Well, because this is in Ontario and the Conservatives there elected Julian Fantino I do not think the Liberal will want to be outdone and will handily elect “Burny” as their representative. That will even the count with 1 no good dip stick for each party. Luckily Burny is in provincial politics and that will mean neither Ottawa or Toronto will be overburdened by having both of them there at the same time. With the endorsement of “Wonderful Richard” he will be a shoe in.

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