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Attempted Jew massacre of the day

Rockets fired at greater Beersheba area.

Egyptian Shiite party prompts concerns about sectarian strife, Hezbollah ties

Ahmed Rassem al-Nafees

While the debate about the religious designation of political parties in Egypt has since the ouster of the former focused on Islamist groups, another dimension has been added to the issue with the imminent establishment of a Shiite party.

Prominent Shiite doctor and university professor Ahmed Rassem al-Nafees, who became known after converting from the Sunni faith, submitted a request to the Political Parties Committee, which is in charge of authorizing the formation of political parties, to establish al-Tahrir Party. The signatures Nafees collected included those from Copts, liberals, communists, and Sufis.

Several observers viewed the initiative with suspicion and questions were raised about to whom the party pledges allegiance and whether it has ties with Iran.

‘Tunisia issues arrest warrant for Arafat’s widow, Suha’

It’ll be sweet if they actually get their hands on her.

Where do Iranian TV execs go to buy some good programming? The CBC of course!

Click the image.

Second man linked to Iranian bank scandal has moved to Montreal

The home owned by the family of Mehregan Amirkhosravi in Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

A second figure linked to the major banking scandal that has rattled Iran’s financial and political circles is now confirmed to be in Canada, in addition to the top Iranian banker who moved to Toronto last month.

The latter, Mahmoud Reza Khavari, a dual Iranian-Canadian citizen and former chairman of Iran’s largest bank, is wanted for questioning in Tehran. There is no extradition treaty between the two countries.

A relative has now confirmed that Mehregan Amirkhosravi, one of several brothers whose family business empire is at the heart of the scandal, moved to Montreal this summer, a month or two before the allegations became public.

Do NOT donate to UNICEF this Halloween

Here’s why.

Israel at war

Is this Iran using it’s proxies to divert attention away from themselves and Syria, or is it just palestinians be palestinians? Probably both.

Gilad is out Gaza — time turn the hell-hole into a parking lot.