Montreal conference: “Combatting the delegitimation of Israel”

The delegitimation of Israel is a key weapon in the ongoing pro-Palestinian struggle against the democratic Jewish state. It is occurring in Europe, at the UN, on and off campuses in North America, and in Israel itself.

Bankrolled by Saudi Arabian and other Arab sources, West European governments, and various church and NGO groups and foundations, the campaign is effected by anti-Israel NGOs, “post”- and “anti-Zionist” academics and left-wing student groups (including self-professedly “Jewish” students).

It employs BDS (“Boycott, Divest, Sanction”) activities, pro-Palestinian agitation at the UN (Human Rights Council, General Assembly), “Israeli Apartheid Week” and anti-Israel speakers and conferences on campuses, the “free Gaza ” flotilla campaigns, anti-semitic websites, and so on.

The hallmark of this propaganda campaign is its inverted use of traditional human rights, free speech, and democratic-liberal language and values, as well as the misrepresentation of Holocaust memory and historical truth generally. Its overarching goal is political: to achieve, or to aid in, the destruction of Israel–by first isolating the Jewish state and weakening world support for it (not least within Diaspora Jewish communities), and then by representing it as illegitimate, oppressive, morally indefensible, and unworthy of the “international community”’s support.

 The Canadian Institute for Jewish Research’s November 6, 2011 International Conference on “Combatting the Delegitimation of Israel” will bring together an outstanding group of international scholars and specialists to carefully discuss this key front in the ongoing war against Israel . A series of morning panels will analyze the basic aspects of the international campaign, while the afternoon sessions will examine and develop strategies, and relevant tactics, for combatting and ultimately defeating it.

4 responses to “Montreal conference: “Combatting the delegitimation of Israel”

  1. I can’t make it to Montreal. Will it be streamed online?

  2. If you’re going can you film it?

  3. I don’t know any videographers in Montreal, but I assume the organizers will be shooting it. It’ll probably end up online somewhere.

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