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Saudi Arabia: Pregnant Gang-Rape Victim to Be Lashed after Delivery

Via ROP:

“A 23-year-old unmarried woman was awarded one-year prison term and 100 lashes for committing adultery and trying to abort the resultant fetus.
The District Court in Jeddah pronounced the verdict on Saturday after the girl confessed that she had a forced sexual intercourse with a man who had offered her a ride. The man, the girl confessed, took her to a rest house, east of Jeddah, where he and four of friends assaulted her all night long.
The girl claimed that she became pregnant soon after and went to King Fahd Hospital for Armed Forces in an attempt to carry out an abortion. She was eight weeks’ pregnant then, the hospital confirmed.
According to the ruling, the woman will be sent to a jail outside Jeddah to spend her time and will be lashed after delivery of her baby who will take the mother’s last name.


And now, Bin Laden Buns

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Christian massacre of the day

Ho hum, Muslims slaughter 45 in Nigeria.

Associated Poop

Iranian Mob’s Storming, Sacking of British Embassy Not In AP World News Top 10 Stories.

If you don’t hear much about the Iranian mob which stormed the British embassy earlier today in future news reports, you can probably at least partially blame the Associated Press, which considers the event so unimportant that it’s not even part of its main U.S. site’s top ten world stories.

For those who are curious as to the identification of the ten stories considered more important, here they are:


Syria’s Christians Side with Assad Out of Fear

The rebellion against him was just a few days old when Syrian dictator Bashar Assad summoned his country’s Christian leaders to the presidential palace in northwestern Damascus. Syrian Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius came. He is 78 years old and critically ill, but still a powerful figure. Bishops and archbishops representing Catholics, Armenians, Aramaeans and Assyrians were also present. In total, there were a dozen religious leaders, representing around 2.5 million Syrian Christians.

The message they received from their head of state was short and simple: Either support me, or your churches will burn.

Iranians attack British embassy in Tehran

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Breaking: WAR CRIMINAL hiding in plain sight

Quick, somebody call the UN!