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HUMANITARIAN ACTION ALERT: Concentration camp needs $17,000,000 for “Sports City”

Concentration camp survivor, Ismail Haniyeh

Click the image.

Israeli websites attacked 1000 times a minute

Cyber jihad.

And now, Islamic science

“The words of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘aleihi was-sallam) have been tested scientifically, and found hilarious. In work carried out under the direction of Dr. Jamaal Haamid, students at Qassim University examined a saying by the prophet, and have published it in a freely available pdf, The Hadeeth on the Fly, which you can download if you desire. Or you could just read this post, which summarizes entirely the complete content of the short paper, which is pretty much unpublishable and unbelievable anyway.”

Guilty: Jury finds Shafia family members guilty of first-degree murder

“This is Canada. They won’t be “hoisted onto the gallows.” But they’re going to prison for life.”

David Duke and Zafar Bangash agree!

We must protect Iran! Visit Scaramouche for recent video of the cockroach Bangash spewing at McMaster University.

“With our brain power, and Jewish wealth, we can do wonders”

Saudi prince discusses kingdom’s Iran problem.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

The world’s weirdest restaurants

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant; Volterra, Italy

In Italy one of the toughest restaurants to get into is this oddly situated one, set inside a prison and staffed almost entirely by inmates (don’t worry, the cutlery is plastic). One reason for the waits of up to two months is that it’s hugely popular; the other is that every diner needs to be screened by Rome’s Ministry of Justice.

See the rest here.

The Jew haters at Carleton University

Canada’s illicit drug export boom

Canada has joined Colombia as a leading exporter of synthetic or designer drugs, flooding the global market on an almost unprecedented scale, police say.

The RCMP have seized tonnes of illicit synthetic drugs that include Ecstasy and methamphetamine being shipped abroad after being “cooked” in make-shift labs in apartments, homes and businesses in the GTA.

Palestinian TV airs show praising Fogel family murderer

Palestinian television aired an interview with the relatives of the Fogel family murderers earlier this month, praising the two cousins convicted with the brutal attack as “heroes.”

The Fur has video.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Crabby Old Man

“There is a poem floating –- more correctly –- flying around the internet these days. It was first shared between caregivers in nursing homes and geriatric wards.

But now its readership is growing among those of the “sandwich generation”, people in middle age caring for both their children and their aging parents.

It was found following the death of an elderly man in North Platte, Nebraska. He had died penniless and alone, a ward of the state with no relatives or close friends anyone could find.

He owned nothing of value, but in disposing of his few belongings, a nurse found a hand-written piece of paper. She was so overwhelmed by what she read, she copied it for everyone else on the ward. From there it spread.

And now it’s available to you to share…”

Iran to execute two bloggers for “spreading corruption”

Pure evil.


Soros/New Israel Fund-manufactured chaos in Israel

CIJA/B’nai Brith co panelists:

“In the warm summer of 2011, a twenty-something Israeli named Daphne Leef set up a Facebook protest page agitating against the high cost of housing in Tel Aviv. She pitched a tent and helped touch off a social protest movement that received national and international attention.

While the protests were billed as grassroots, there was nothing grassroots about them. The protests had been organized and funded by the New Israel Fund. Daphne Leef worked as a video editor for the New Israel Fund.

In the winter of that same year, as the protests had died down, a woman named Tanya Rosenblit boarded a bus which runs through religiously hyper-conservative neighborhoods and staged an incident with the passengers. Rosenblit was dubbed an Israeli Rosa Parks and her stunt helped generate waves of articles about major social problems in Israel.

Rosenblit was associated with One Voice, an organization funded by the New Israel Fund, whose board included Alon Liel, the husband of New Israel Fund director Rachel Liel. Hardly had the NIF gotten through manufacturing one phony social protest movement than it was hard at work on another.

The pattern in both social protests was traditional divide and conquer methodology that pitted the segments of society against each with the goal of creating maximum disruption and mobilizing warm bodies to call for political change.

The New Israel Fund is the local Israeli version of Soros’ Shadow Party and it receives money from Soros. The Liels are the ultimate insiders. Rachel Liel worked as the Deputy Director of Rehabilitation Services in the Ministry of Labor and Alon Liel was the Director General of two ministries and a foreign affairs advisor to former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Their real program is to bring the left to power.

As the mothership organization of the Israeli left, the New Israel Fund seeds funding to smaller NGOs, which go out and do their community organizing best to carry off the same sort of social conflicts on a communal level, mobilizing protests, manufacturing outrage and recruiting local activists to embed their agenda into a communal identity.”


New Israel Fund want East Jerusalem Judenrein

Those wonderful folks that CIJA and B’nai Brith are legitimizing by participating in a panel discussion with them.

Israel’s shameless Arabs

Hanin Zoabi

Arab parliamentarians endorse tyrants, terrorists while slamming ‘undemocratic’ Israel.

Shafia trial courthouse evacuated after bomb threat

The Shafia honour killing trial was delayed Thursday morning because of a bomb threat.

Shortly before the case was to resume, lawyers, jurors, court officials and a capacity crowd of spectators were asked to leave the Frontenac County courthouse by lead investigator Kingston Police Sergeant Chris Scott.

Iran steps up arrests of journalists and bloggers

The judicial authorities in Iran have arrested at least half a dozen journalists and bloggers over the past few weeks, according to their acquaintances, opposition Web sites and rights groups. The moves appear to be part of a pre-emptive campaign of intimidation to thwart protests surrounding the parliamentary elections that are scheduled to be held in early March.

The arrests of the journalists and bloggers, including two prominent women whose blog posts are widely read in Iran, have not been reported by the official news media. Rights groups and people who know the detained journalists said the government apparently wanted word of the arrests to spread informally, to heighten the atmosphere of fear and paranoia.

Canada Announces New Sanctions Against Syria

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, announced new sanctions on Wednesday against four banks, three oil companies and 22 people linked with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

In a statement quoted by AFP, Baird said, “We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to isolate this reprehensible regime.”

The Scourge of Jewish Self-Division

“This history of self-estrangement, political strife and cultural rupture has been played out from the biblical era through the centuries of religious factionalism and reciprocal excommunication culminating in our own epoch. The profound antipathy between assimilated Jews and their irredentist counterparts in Jerusalem, Tiberias, Safed and Hebron, as well as the caste-like contempt of Western Jewish intellectuals for the Ostjuden, that is, their assumed “plebeian” and “uneducated” East European brethren, are facts of modern Jewish history. The shame of many of the Jewish Councils in Nazi Europe that collaborated with their murderers (not all, as Gershom Scholem justifiably argues in On Jews and Judaism in Crisis) cannot be forgiven, despite attempts to explain it away as the least of worst alternatives. The legacy of the celebrated Jewish philosopher Martin Buber and the equally acclaimed Jewish political writer Hannah Arendt, who could never forget their German patrimony and were corrosively suspicious of the Zionist project, has been broadly and unambiguously noxious. In the present moment we observe their offspring, that is, left-wing “peace activists,” liberal rabbis and “post-Zionist” intellectuals, who strive to erode the Jewish character of the state of Israel and so deprive it of its legitimacy. The Jewish Left, as it dances around the golden calf of a fictitious peace, represents perhaps the gravest danger to the survival of the country.”

Dog: man’s best friend for over 33,000 years

An ancient dog skull found in Siberia and dating back 33,000 years presents some of the oldest known evidence of dog domestication.

Lock and Load – The Work of an IDF Weapons Instructor

Ottawa terrorist attacked in prison by other terrorist

Momin Khawaja

Terrorist Momin Khawaja was physically attacked by another inmate and burned with boiling water and chemicals, his father says.

Khawaja, the first person ever charged under Canada’s anti-terror laws, is serving a life sentence at a super-maximum security federal prison in Quebec.

On Tuesday, Khawaja’s father, Mahboob, said the alleged assault took place on Jan. 16 in the common room shared by about five inmates as Khawaja was heating up his dinner.

“As I understand, the common room is shared with four or five other inmates — there are three or four inmates from Toronto 18,” said Mahboob. “One of those guys, he had a pot full of boiling water mixed with some chemicals … He threw that at Momin from his back side.”

“And then he attacked Momin physically.”

Police arrest three women in Kuwait for being naked under their abayas

Shoppers in a shopping complex in Salmiya, Kuwait, were shocked when police arrived to arrest three young women who were found to be naked under their abayas.

Disgrace: CIJA & B’nai Brith to participate in panel discussion with NEW ISRAEL FUND

Here is the link announcing the event and here’s everything you need to know about the anti-zionist kapos of the NIF.

Just sickening.

Saudi women seeking sex change ops to receive bigger inheritance

Prof. Dr. Yassir Saleh Jamal, head of the sex correction surgical center at King Abdulaziz University Hospital here, said he had refused to perform operations on many persons seeking to change their gender since they did not have any sex problems.

He said his refusal was because such operations were against the Islamic code, adding that most of them were women seeking to be converted into men to receive a bigger share of their family inheritance.

Iran ‘definitely’ closing Strait of Hormuz over EU oil embargo

They really mean it. Definitely.

EU bans Iranian oil, Tehran responds with threats

European foreign ministers approve oil embargo set to take effect on July 1; Ashton says new sanctions are aimed to pressure Tehran into resuming nuclear negotiations; Iran threatens to close Strait of Hormuz.

The lost Jewish presence in Jericho

Jericho, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, has been devoid of any normal Jewish presence since 1994

Ask Israelis what first comes to mind when they think of Jericho, and nine times out of ten, you’ll hear “casino” (Yasser Arafat operated one there between 1998-2000) or perhaps “Area A-off-limits.” It’s the rare Israeli in 2012 who’ll mention the town half an hour north-east of Jerusalem as the first place Joshua led the Israelites into the land after crossing the Jordan.

In fact, Jericho, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, has been devoid of any normal Jewish presence since 1994, as the Gaza-Jericho Agreement phase of the Oslo Accords mandated that the lush oasis fall under Palestine Authority control.

Since then, Jericho has borne witness to various phases of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship. Like King David’s birthplace Bethlehem, now also under PA control, Jericho stands as one of several examples of important historic sites whose links with the Jewish people are in danger of fading due to a lack of Jewish presence and a strong economic incentive to emphasize Christian sites.

Today, one of Jericho’s main sources of income is Christian tourism. The small, sleepy town of 20,000, which is surrounded by acres of banana groves, welcomes busloads of pilgrims. A cable car takes them up the hill known as the Mount of Temptation, where stairs lead to a Greek Orthodox monastery and a restaurant offers spectacular views toward Jordan.

Less than a 10-minute drive away, through flat, sandy fields where wild camels graze, is Qasr al Yahud, the spot on the Jordan River where Christians believe John the Baptist baptized Jesus. Renovated by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism at a cost of $3 million, the site was reopened last July. It now hosts thousands of the faithful who come to be baptized under the gaze of Jordanian troops stationed a few yards away on the east bank of the muddy trickle of river. Very few Jewish groups venture through the deactivated minefields to visit the place named for the Jews crossing the Jordan after the exodus from Egypt—Qasr al Yahud in Arabic means the place where the Jews “broke” the water.

Entry into Jericho itself is forbidden to Israelis by Israeli law—apart from groups with an Israeli army escort, who are occasionally permitted to visit the remains of the Shalom al Yisrael synagogue. The synagogue is believed to date back to the 6th or 7th century CE and sits in the basement of a non-descript building at the western edge of town. An intricate mosaic still visible on the floor depicts a menorah and a shofar along with the inscription “Shalom al Yisrael”—Peace unto Israel. According to Annex II of the Gaza-Jericho Agreement of 1994, “Religious affairs in the ‘Shalom Al Israel’ synagogue in Jericho shall be under the auspices of the Israeli authorities.” In fact, Israeli authorities have taken little interest in the site, leaving it to tiny groups of yeshiva students who have intermittently tried to preserve a presence there. Before the second intifada, Palestinians even charged admission to Jewish tourists who ventured into the site.

Read the rest.

Report: Turkey intercepts material for chemical weapons on Iranian trucks

Four Syria-bound Iranian trucks that were intercepted by Turkish authorities two weeks ago were carrying material for manufacturing missiles and chemical weapons, Turkish media reported Saturday.

Taliban Singles Online

IsraAID’s latest project: Post-Trauma Treatment & Training in Japan

IsraAID website:

On March 11th 2011, Japan was hit by the most powerful earthquake (9.0 Richter scale) ever known to have shook the peninsula. Following the earthquake, a large Tsunami with waves over 40.5 meters high (133 ft) devastated Japan’s eastern coast, damaging more than 500,000 buildings, and leaving 30,000 dead and 250,000 homeless in its wake. The earthquake also caused serious damage to the nuclear plant in Fukushima, resulting in a dangerous nuclear radioactive leak.

Less than 72 hours later, IsraAID’s first response team was on the ground coordinating relief efforts, distributing life saving medicine, and rebuilding schools and kindergartens.

After a few weeks, with reconstruction efforts progressing rapidly, IsraAID turned its attention to the emotional trauma affecting the lives of over 9 million people, many of whom lost family and friends.

The concept was to use the considerable Israeli expertise in Post-Trauma treatment to help the Japanese population cope with the tragic events of the disaster. After successful pilot treatment sessions with children and adults, IsraAID decided to institute a long-term program that would provide the affected Japanese communities with a local and sustainable solution for trauma treatment.

The result was a two-year program plan that was started in July 2011. The aim is to train the different segments of the Japanese society to respond to the needs of its traumatized population of all ages, from toddlers growing up in broken homes to the elderly whose life-long reality was shattered by the Tsunami.

This program plan sees Israeli Post-Trauma therapists travel to Japan on a frequent basis to train groups of teachers, social workers, and community leaders in the identification and treatment of children and adults suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Course participants are provided with a ‘box of tools’ that involves the therapeutic use of art, music, theatre, mediation, etc… to treat those suffering from PTSD.

To date, IsraAID has held training sessions for over 500 teachers and social workers, and more than 1000 children have participated in therapeutic PTSD sessions.

In an effort to increase the holistic nature of the program, IsraAID will also be providing training sessions to academic institutions, medical facilities, community leaders, and relevant representatives of the private sector.

Final results: Muslim Brotherhood wins sweeping victory in Egyptian elections

Just like in Gaza: Give Arabs the opportunity to vote in democratic elections and they’ll choose radical, racist Islamists. It is NOT just the ruling regimes that are extremist hate-mongers, it’s the majority of the people themselves.

All hail the Arab Spring.

OISE professor of the day

Indigo Esmonde

“As a gatekeeper to higher education and also as a way of seeing the world and enabling action, learning mathematics has important social justice implications. If people are not fluent in the math used to justify policy decisions, they cannot be effective citizens. But some aspects of schooling – the packed curriculum, the demand for standardization, the compartmentalized school day – make it difficult to bring social justice issues into the mathematics classroom.

Indigo Esmonde, an Assistant Professor with the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and the Director of the Centre for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at OISE, is finding ways to bring the concepts together.

Her research highlights ways to enact equity in the math classroom, and shows that social justice issues can make very effective entry-ways into mathematical discussions. By studying mathematics learning in different contexts – in schools, family life, in stores, and at work – she discerns how mathematics learning is connected to identity formation, so that who you are and how you do math are one and the same. This provides insight into the way people’s identities – including race, gender, and other social categories – affect and are affected by mathematics learning.

Indigo has received several grants for education research, most recently from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) ‘Changing the equation: Mathematics and Social Justice’, a study that expands on traditional views about learning, equity and mathematics by considering how community-based organizations engaging in social justice and community activism rely on mathematics in their work. The research investigates how mathematics is used and how the organizations support staff in learning and using mathematics for social justice purposes.

For Indigo, mathematics is an important tool for understanding the world, especially in an age of accelerating innovations in technology, “Gaps between rich and poor and between various social groups are growing, and education is a key tool that can help to reverse this process. I study equity and math education because I believe mathematics can be a tool for broader social good if young people are taught how to use it effectively to solve important problems that affect their communities. It’s also important to learn mathematics to be able to decode the mystifying information disseminated by governments and large corporations. If we understand it better, we can act more effectively.”


China begins to turn against Iran

China adamantly opposes Iran developing and possessing nuclear weapons,' Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, said

Iran slipped further into global isolation on Thursday as China, its traditional ally, warned Tehran against its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The Importance of Correctly Labeling Honor Killings

Sahar Shafia

“Although honor violence shares certain traits with domestic violence, its unique features necessitate a distinct name and approach. In the West, domestic violence is viewed as a crime and the perpetrator’s behavior is typically condemned by his family and community. In contrast, honor killings are justified in the name of culture and/or religion, and support for honor violence may be found in Shariah law. Additionally, honor crimes are rarely planned and committed by the individual alone; rather, the perpetrator’s behavior is often condoned and facilitated by the family (including the females) and the community at large. Whereas a victim of domestic violence may have an extensive support network of family and friends, a victim of honor violence is likely to be shunned by family and community because she is perceived to have caused the violence through her own behavior.”

HIV created by West to enfeeble third world, claims blazer wearing monkey

“It is obvious that the African countries must be plundered of their wealth and resources. The major powers and despots are behind the development of these diseases so they could then sell their drugs and medical equipment to the poor countries”.

France: Jewish students pass themselves off as Muslims to avoid being physically attacked

“…..generations ago, some Jews sought to protect themselves by masquerading as Aryans. In an interview conducted in November, a Parisian mother related how the fear of being physically attacked by Muslim extremist thugs means that it is “not rare at all today” for French Jewish students to attempt to pass themselves off as Muslim – with some even going as far as to fast on Ramadan. One case in point was a Jewish girl of North African descent who for years was successful in this deception, until finally she was “exposed” when Muslim girls caught her eating matzah in the bathroom during Pesah. After her classmates beat her viciously, they invited their male Muslim friends to their school to participate in a gang rape.…”

Read it all.

Lebanese Army Warns Hizbullah: Disarm Before Assad Falls

Lebanese Army leader Samir Geagea warned the Hizbullah terrorist organization this week that it is better to make a “historic” deal to disarm before Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is toppled from power, than to wait till he falls.

Lawyers Smuggle al Qaeda Magazine Into Gitmo

“Victims and heroes, that’s what the detainees and their lawyers are. Victims and heroes.”

Globe & Mail: Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal, relatively moderate

G & M's Mideast bureau chief, Patrick Martin


“It’s not often that the leader of a notorious organization renowned for deadly terror attacks leaves his position alive. But Khaled Meshaal, leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, better known by its acronym Hamas, is set to do exactly that.

Hamas’s two previous leaders – Sheik Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz Rantisi – left office rather more abruptly. They were assassinated in quick succession by Israel in March and April of 2004.

Mr. Meshaal will leave office at a sensitive time, just when his relative moderation may most be needed.

You really need to read the rest to believe it.

Honest Reporting on the Jew hating lunatic, Patrick Martin.

Iran offered Syria’s Brotherhood power if it agreed to Assad staying on: official

Iran has offered the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood a deal that includes giving the Islamist opposition group all of the government, but under the condition that President Bashar al-Assad remains as the country’s premier, an official said in a newspaper interview published on Wednesday.

Islamists threaten atheists at London university

“Five minutes before the talk was due to start a man burst into the room holding a camera phone and for some seconds stood filming the faces of all those in the room. He shouted ‘listen up all of you, I am recording this, I have your faces on film now, and I know where some of you live’, at that moment he aggressively pushed the phone in someone’s face and then said ‘and if I hear that anything is said against the holy Prophet Muhammad, I will hunt you down.’ He then left the room and two members of the audience applauded.

Auschwitz Museum Publishes Prisoner Sketchbook

Click the image.

Israel Fears ‘Syria’s Chemical, Biological Weapons Could be Transferred to Hizbullah’

Israel has serious concerns about what will happen to “huge stockpiles” of chemical and biological weapons in Syria when the Assad regime collapses, a senior military official said on Tuesday.

Major-General Amir Eshel, head of the Israeli military’s planning division, said the working assumption was the regime of President Bashar Assad would eventually fall.

“The question is when, not if. And the big question is what’s going to come the day after,” he said.

“The immediate concern is the huge stockpiles of chemicals, biological (weapons), strategic capabilities that are still going into Syria, mainly from eastern Europe,” Eshel said.

“That’s a major concern because I don’t know who is going to own those the day after. Up till now, what has been transferred to Hizbullah? What will be transferred to Hizbullah? What will be divided between those factions inside Syria? What is that going to create?

“We are talking about huge stockpiles,” he said.

Why are rabid Jew-haters the only bigots elite schools will invite onto their campuses?

Gilad Atzmon

“If you want to understand why anti-Semitism seems to be increasing among young people—especially young people on the hard left—consider a recent invitation extended by a left leaning school in New York to a self-proclaimed Jew hater.

The Friends Schools around the country are legendary.  Presidents’ children attend them, my own daughter and nephew were students, and they are regarded as among the most elite schools in the world.  That is why it is so shocking that the Friends Seminary in New York has lent its imprimatur to a notorious anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.  Friends Seminary has a reputation for propagandizing its students against Israel, but it has now crossed a red line into legitimating anti-Semitism.

Gilad Atzmon, who was invited to be a featured performer in a celebration of Martin Luther King at the Friends Meeting House, has written an overtly anti-Semitic book entitled “The Wandering Who?”, which, he acknowledges, draws…much of his “insights from a man who…was an anti-Semite as well as a radical misogynist.”

Among the “insights”  Atzmon seeks to share with students are the following:

While the Holocaust “was not at all an historical narrative,” and Auschwitz was not a “death camp,” the “accusations of Jews making matzo out of young Goyim’s blood,” may be true.

“The Jews” caused the recent credit crunch, which the author calls “the Zio-punch.”

If Iran and Israel fight a nuclear war that kills millions of people, “some may be bold enough to argue that ‘Hitler might have been right after all.’”

The “new Jewish religion…could well be the most sinister religion known to man…”

Read the rest.

Good news: Jordan’s Islamists “preparing to govern”

The Islamist movement has launched preparations to take part in a future government, as the Islamic Action Front (IAF) considers sweeping internal reforms to strengthen the party ahead of potential elections.

In an ordinary IAF Shura Council session late Saturday, Islamist leaders discussed potential measures should the party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, come to power in a government based on a parliamentary majority.

Ending the Palestinian ‘Right of Return’

Between 1967 and 1993, just a few hundred Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza won the right to live in Israel by marrying Israeli Arabs (who constitute nearly one-fifth of Israel’s population) and acquiring Israeli citizenship. Then the Oslo Accords offered a little-noted family-reunification provision that turned this trickle into a river: 137,000 residents of the Palestinian Authority (PA) moved between 1994 and 2002, some of them engaged in either sham or polygamous marriages.

Israel has two major reasons to fear this uncontrolled immigration. First, it presents a security danger. Yuval Diskin, head of the Shin Bet security service, noted in 2005 that of 225 Israeli Arabs involved in terror against Israel, 25 of them, or 11 percent, had legally entered Israel through the family-unification provision. They went on to kill 19 Israelis and wound 83; most notoriously, Shadi Tubasi suicide-bombed Haifa’s Matza Restaurant in 2002 on behalf of Hamas, killing 15.

Second, it serves as a stealth form of Palestinian “right of return,” thereby undermining the Jewish nature of Israel. Those 137,000 new citizens constitute about 2 percent of Israel’s population, not a small number. Yuval Steinitz, now the finance minister, in 2003 discerned in the PA encouragement for family reunification “a deliberate strategy” to increase the number of Palestinians in Israel and undermine its Jewish character. Ahmed Qurei, a top Palestinian negotiator, later confirmed this fear: “If Israel continues to reject our propositions regarding the borders [of a Palestinian state], we might demand Israeli citizenship.”


The Society for the Protection of Iranian Nuclear Scientists

After having exhausted the indignant possibilities of protesting the extinction of whales, pelicans and polar bears, the left has found a new endangered species to be outraged about. Iranian nuclear scientists. It’s one thing to hug a polar bear or a tree, but it’s another to embrace an Iranian nuclear scientist, who may well be a jolly and colorful fellow with a family and a paint by numbers coloring kit of an atom, but also happens to be a participant in a plot to kill millions of people.

The left which has all the moral sense of a squashed peanut would like us to feel outraged because someone somewhere has been knocking off the engineers of death in a project whose goal is genocide. Yet if you point out to them that just last week a member of the Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorist group was arrested in Thailand for plotting a terrorist attack, you can wait a week until they shrug.

Hamas brutally assaults Shi’ite worshippers in Gaza

Cluster f**k in Gaza:

“The Hamas-run government is convinced that Iran is expanding its influence in Gaza by means of Islamic Jihad.

Gazan sources told Haaretz that Islamic Jihad now contains a group of converts to Shia Islam. The group is led by Iyad al-Hosni, also a convert, who was ousted from Islamic Jihad but recently reinstated, probably under Iranian pressure: Islamic Jihad’s leadership visited Iran two months ago, and afterward, al-Hosni was appointed a senior officer in its military wing.”