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HUMANITARIAN ACTION ALERT: Concentration camp needs $17,000,000 for “Sports City”

Concentration camp survivor, Ismail Haniyeh

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Israeli websites attacked 1000 times a minute

Cyber jihad.

And now, Islamic science

“The words of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘aleihi was-sallam) have been tested scientifically, and found hilarious. In work carried out under the direction of Dr. Jamaal Haamid, students at Qassim University examined a saying by the prophet, and have published it in a freely available pdf, The Hadeeth on the Fly, which you can download if you desire. Or you could just read this post, which summarizes entirely the complete content of the short paper, which is pretty much unpublishable and unbelievable anyway.”

Guilty: Jury finds Shafia family members guilty of first-degree murder

“This is Canada. They won’t be “hoisted onto the gallows.” But they’re going to prison for life.”

David Duke and Zafar Bangash agree!

We must protect Iran! Visit Scaramouche for recent video of the cockroach Bangash spewing at McMaster University.

“With our brain power, and Jewish wealth, we can do wonders”

Saudi prince discusses kingdom’s Iran problem.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

The world’s weirdest restaurants

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant; Volterra, Italy

In Italy one of the toughest restaurants to get into is this oddly situated one, set inside a prison and staffed almost entirely by inmates (don’t worry, the cutlery is plastic). One reason for the waits of up to two months is that it’s hugely popular; the other is that every diner needs to be screened by Rome’s Ministry of Justice.

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