Disgrace: CIJA & B’nai Brith to participate in panel discussion with NEW ISRAEL FUND

Here is the link announcing the event and here’s everything you need to know about the anti-zionist kapos of the NIF.

Just sickening.

10 responses to “Disgrace: CIJA & B’nai Brith to participate in panel discussion with NEW ISRAEL FUND

  1. Kapos? The Israeli govt you like has passed a law forbidding the use of nazi imagery and language to defame each other, but that baseline of decency is still too much for you. The link is specious. Are the funders of all Orthodox charities illegitimate because some of the recipients are spitting on little girls? Or because some of their leaders insist democracy is an aberration, and Israel should be a Jewish theocracy? Do you think that if you can catch someone in a gotcha moment, you have done something significant, or that there are more gotcha moments on one side than the other?

    And then, you find it disgraceful that DIJA and B’nai B’rith are TALKING with them. Not contributing or partnering, but just talking! How sad.

  2. Using hate language to denounce a group of Jews whose tactics you disagree with is not only disrespectful, it’s also not helpful to your cause as you come out looking like a bigot and a redneck.
    If you have a beef with the NIF the give us facts and rational arguments. Better still, come to the session and ask a question.

    • NGO Monitor provides all the ugly facts you wish to deny. Can you read? I’m not surprised by your comment Meir, what with you loonies at Darchei Noam having invited Naomi Chazan to speak at your shul in 2010. Shame on you people.

  3. Kapos?


    You (and NGO Monitor) are bunch of paranoid nutbars. Anyone who disagrees with your narrow view of what is good for Israel or Judaism must be the devil – just like Yitzhak Rabin was. Soon CIJA and BB will also be declared beyond the pale. You guys are just spinning off into lulu land!

  4. NIF are kapos

    • Ok. WTF is going on. Meir, Is NIF the bad guy? Are the NGO monitors wrong on this? Is Sassy’s assessment wrong, and if so why? And Meir, what’s with the “hate language” accusation?

      Common cause and supporters of free speech folks should strive to avoid the language of the Left, esp when it will only enable anti-Semites when they read such divisive commentary.

      Conflict resolution anyone?

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