Palestine House defunded!!

The Fur has all the sweet sweet details. Note: this was made possible because of the JDL and us bloggers who, for years have been exposing Palestine House for the Jew-hating, terror sympathizing filthy organization they are.

Scaramouche has video up of Palestine House pigs stating “You need another Holocaust”.

Shout-out to all of Canada’s “official” Jewish orgs: Thanks for nothing.

Ah well, I guess we can be grateful that CIJA & B’nai Brith didn’t sit down for a panel discussion with Palestine House, who provide support for enemies of the state of Israel and the Jewish people….much like the NIF……


4 responses to “Palestine House defunded!!

  1. one for our side

  2. Woot!:):) and really thanks to all those who took part in making this possible!!!

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  4. great day for Canada and Jews

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