Canadian Arab Federation (of Jew haters) endorses Brian Topp for the leadership of the NDP

“We applaud Brian’s dedication to social democracy and fighting for Canadians across the country. Canada has unfortunately regressed in the areas of social and economic equality and we believe in Brian’s plan to bring the country back to the international forefront in these areas. These issues along with his stance on foreign policy, more directly to the Middle East, have given us the confidence to stand directly behind him on his path to the leadership position of Canada’s official opposition.”

Everything you need to know about CAF.

4 responses to “Canadian Arab Federation (of Jew haters) endorses Brian Topp for the leadership of the NDP

  1. Its the NDP! What else is new?
    Their political motto out to be “Jew haters Unite”

  2. I’m looking forward to your condemnation of Michael Coren’s anti-Semitic performance tonight where he accuses the Joooz of running Hollywood. Or do you excuse anti-Semitism when it happens on the right?

  3. Hey, Antoine, haven’t the Left been telling us that the Jews already run Washington? Why worry about Hollywood?

    P.S. Sassy, if you want to see a truly nasty bit of left, um… anti-“Zionism”, try Dr. Dawg’s full-bore attack on Mulcair. The post is packaged as being about how Mulcair is too “Liberal”, but its real message is that Mulcair is “too soft” on Israel and that — horrors! — he is supported by Joooz! Every once in a while, the canine mask slips…

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