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Jordanian TV Critic Slams Gulf Channel for Showing Holocaust Movies, ‘Sympathizing’ with Jews

In an article on the Jordanian news agency Ammon News, Jordanian television director and critic ‘Amer Gharaibeh criticizes the Saudi TV channel MBC2, which airs from the UAE, for showing films that are  sympathetic to Jews and recognize the Holocaust. He states that one of the movies recently shown on this channel (apparently Roman Polasnki’s The Pianist) included Holocaust scenes that are “illogical” and “go against human nature,” and therefore raise doubts regarding the film’s realism. He also argued that Hollywood is controlled by Jewish capital and acts to promote a Jewish agenda and evoke sympathy for Jews throughout the world.

The article prompted many reader comments, the vast majority of them sympathetic to the writer’s point of view.

Jerusalem hospital at risk of closure blames PA for crisis

The hospital administration and employees union accuse the Palestinian Authority of failing to pay for patients receiving medical treatment, leading to a large financial deficit in the hospital budget.

Israel provides convicted terrorists with insurance benefits for some f*&#ing reason

But don’t worry, the killers are about to lose 50% of those benefits. It’s all fine 😐

Video: The History Of The Mossad

Video: Hamas Interior Minister helpfully tells us who the “Palestinians” really are

H/T Israel Matzav

OMG! 9/11 mastermind was forced to drink “Ensure”

Cruel torture tool

Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes is shocked, shocked at this “Orwellian stuff”.

Iran’s Meth Empire

From Asia to America to Africa, the scope of Iran’s meth empire is astounding. It has allowed Shiite Muslims, who are a minority even within Islam, to build a worldwide network and recruit allies from nearly every continent. And its Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah terrorists have become missionaries of meth spreading a faith in greed and death wherever they go.