Jewish 16-year-old branded in Norway attack

A 16-year-old Jewish student was branded with a red-hot coin at a school barbecue on Monday in Oslo, Norway, the Simon Wiesenthal Center reported on Wednesday.

According to Jewish-Danish website, the perpetrator of the attack, an ethnic Norwegian student, pressed the hot coin into the back of the victim’s neck, resulting in visible burning. School officials did not contact the family after the incident.

The student has reportedly been the target of repeated anti-Semitic bullying and violence because his father is Israeli. He said he planned to hide his Jewish identity when he transfers to a new school and would not associate with ethnic Norwegians or Muslims, the main sources of the bullying.

3 responses to “Jewish 16-year-old branded in Norway attack

  1. Good! There is going to come a time when all nations, and not just the European nations, realize that Jews collectively are a threat to our well-being. This is a fact: Most Jews are Zionist. Most Jews support Israel. Most Jews believe they are the chosen people (by some invisible monotheistic god who is also a psychopath demanding sacrifice name YHWH). Jews believe they are the ones to drive social justice, egalitarian policy, Tikkun Olam (globalization), etc. When normal people find out about this we will toss you all into the gas ovens for real this time. We are sick of your ilk and you lies and your deceptive tricks. Oh yeah, lets treat mental illness with brainwashing. You disgusting primitive unevolved apes. HOW DARE YOU spread you lies and not expect to be exterminated in retaliation. Because that is your fate. We, ‘the other’, are going to exterminate your ilk from all creation. You deserve it, you brought it upon yourself. The age and time of the Jew is at an end. Only 5 more months to go and then the holocaust begins and the Jew will perish. Never forget you say? To remind you of what? The holohoax? Or that ‘other’ event which humanity suffers collective amnesia and fails to remember. But not me. I remember what happened. We won. You lost. You have 5 months, Jew. And guess what? Your time is running out. We, the superior man, we won. You lost. Enjoy your death in tartarus

    • Why is this anti-Semitic shite being permitted here? I thought this blog was moderated?

      • Hi Me,

        This blog is moderated. I believe in exposing filthy, rabid anti-semitism — which is as rampant today as in any time in history. People should know…..

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