Fraud suspects linked to Palestine House Mississauga address to lose citizenship

Issam Al-Yamani, executive director of Palestine House, said a tenant who worked as an immigration consultant elsewhere in the building was the focus of the RCMP investigation.
Al-Yamani denied any wrongdoing on the part of Palestine House.
“We have some tenants in the building, but we are not involved in any of the business of these people,” he told The News. “People are trying to accuse us of dealing with fraudulent immigration issues. It’s simply not true. We never violated any law and I’m adamant that we had nothing to do with any of this.”
Palestine House staff helped police with the investigation, Al-Yamani said.
The organization offers language and settlement services to immigrants and also lobbies municipal, provincial and federal governments on behalf of Palestinian causes.
Al-Yamani went on to say that Kenney “doesn’t like Palestine House. I challenge him to bring even a shred of evidence that we were involved.”
Kenney’s office has yet to respond to the allegations.


2 responses to “Fraud suspects linked to Palestine House Mississauga address to lose citizenship

  1. palestine House exists to perpetuate the fraud of a palestinian people, history and culture. A little extra-curricular fraud shouldn’t bother them

    • What, you don’t believe they had any idea what was going on in their own building? Ever wonder where these people got the money to buy an entire building?

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