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Planet of the Islamic Apes

Egyptian president now rambling about “Planet of the Apes” in foreign-policy interviews.

Canadian sentenced to death in Egypt over anti-Islam film

A Canadian who was sentenced to death in absentia Wednesday in Cairo over an anti-Islam movie that caused deadly riots in parts of the Muslim world says he’s terrified of being kidnapped and spirited to Egypt.

In an interview, Nader Fawzy denied any involvement in the Innocence of Muslims, saying the Egyptian government has long been out to get him because of his Coptic Christian activism.

“Of course, I’m worried about this death penalty,” Fawzy said.

“Who will give me guarantees that the Egyptian government will not try to kidnap me, to take me to Egypt?”

Fawzy, 53, of Toronto, was one of seven Egyptian Coptic Christians convicted and sentenced to death Wednesday along with a Florida pastor for the low-budget movie.

“Damn Jew whores, wish Hitler could come back and shower you some more”

Aspiring Norwegian politician Khalid Haji Ahmed said he was only joking when he wished “best of luck eight times over” to activists who wrote on Facebook that they wished Adolf Hitler could kill more Jews.

Screen shots made by Hamar Arbeiderblad, a local newspaper, show Ahmed responding on Facebook to a post that read “Damn Jew whores, wish Hitler could come back and shower you some more.”

The Facebook conversation took place last week between members of the Workers’ Youth League, Norway’s largest youth movement, which is affiliated with the country’s ruling Labor Party.

Ahmed, the youth movement’s regional secretary in southeast Norway, is quoted as telling the news site Nettavisen that his comment was “ironic.”

Ahmed, whose family came to Norway from Yemen, is quoted as telling the New York Times last year that he decided to join the youth movement and become politically active to “fight racism” after his brother, also a member of the youth movement, was killed in 2011 by Anders Behring Breivik on the island of Utoya.

Breivik, an ultranationalist who is believed to have acted alone, arrived by boat to the campsite of members of the Workers’ Youth League and gunned down 69 people. Another eight people died of gunshot wounds he caused.


Cyber Corps program trains spies for the digital age

Jim Thavisay is secretly stalking one of his classmates. And one of them is spying on him.

“I have an idea who it is, but I’m not 100% sure yet,” said Thavisay, a 25-year-old former casino blackjack dealer.

Stalking is part of the curriculum in the Cyber Corps, an unusual two-year program at the University of Tulsa that teaches students how to spy in cyberspace, the latest frontier in espionage.

Students learn not only how to rifle through trash, sneak a tracking device on cars and plant false information on Facebook. They also are taught to write computer viruses, hack digital networks, crack passwords, plant listening devices and mine data from broken cellphones and flash drives.

Ethiopia’s Last Jews Prepare for the ‘Promised Land’

It was one of the most daring operations in Ethiopian history: Israel’s 1991 airlift of Ethiopian Jews, when nearly 15,000 people were crammed into a series of non-stop flights lasting 36 hours.

Clutching only a few belongings, in planes with seats removed to make more space, they left a nation their ancestors had called home for two millennia for a land they knew only from scripture.

More than two decades later, some 2,000 descendants and relatives of those Israel had identified as original Jews are set to join them in the Holy Land.

Iranian Blogger Who Told Supreme Leader Khamenei ‘Your Judicial System… Is Nothing But A Slaughterhouse’ Tortured To Death In Prison

After posting on his blog an open letter to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei accusing him of operating a murder industry against the Iranian people in the name of Islam, Iranian blogger Sattar Beheshti, 35, was told by Iranian authorities that he had crossed the line. He was arrested, and 10 days later, on November 6, 2012, it was reported that he had died in prison under torture.

Peace in the Middle East

Islamic Terrorists Bomb Egyptian-Gaza Border Base

Islamic terrorists destroyed part of an Egyptian security building at Rafiah Saturday night, challenging Cairo’s control over the Sinai after the ceasefire with Israel.

High Tech Sharia

Denied the right to travel without consent from their male guardians and banned from driving, women in Saudi Arabia are now monitored by an electronic system that tracks any cross-border movements.
Since last week, Saudi women’s male guardians began receiving text messages on their phones informing them when women under their custody leave the country, even if they are travelling together.

Arrests in Tel Aviv bus bombing

Israeli authorities arrested an Israeli Arab on suspicion of planting a bomb in a Tel Aviv bus that wounded 15 people hours before Israel agreed a ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza, police and security officials said on Thursday.

The Arab citizen of Israel was detained on Wednesday night, they said. Also arrested, police said, were a number of Palestinians affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on suspicion of having recruited the Israeli Arab to carry out the bombing.





The Canadian government has failed to condemn Israel’s latest attack on Gaza. Instead, it provides Israel with the military, economic and diplomatic support necessary to carry out its acts of aggression. We call on all people of conscience to join the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel until it complies with international law.

And on Saturday, please join us for a city-wide rally and march in solidarity with Gaza. Tell Stephen Harper and the Canadian government: end your support for Israel’s war. Show the people of Gaza and all of Palestine that we stand in solidarity with them.

Organized by:

Canadian Arab Federation
Canadian Peace Alliance
Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
Independent Jewish Voices – Canada
Muslim Unity
Palestine House
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

Terrorist Attack on Bus in Tel Aviv

A terrorist blew up a bus in central Tel Aviv.

“Loving my beautiful new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!”

Some say the Holy City might not be the most fitting locale for hotel heiress, socialite and home-pornography star Paris Hilton’s newest storefront.

When Hilton announced that her new store in Saudi Arabia’s Holy City of Mecca opened its doors, she sparked outrage through social media channels, according to the New York Daily News.

Most were more offended than excited.

“Wahhabis at work! Historic religious sites in Medina are being destroyed, while Paris Hilton opens a new store in Mecca mall,” tweeted one respondent. “So Paris Hilton opened a handbag store in MECCA? The world is a corrupt place at the moment. Someone please send me to Mars,” tweeted another.

Saddam Hussein underpants photos defended by News Corp

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has aggressively defended the publication of pictures of Saddam Hussein in his underpants by the Sun and the New York Post in 2005, following suggestions that the publisher of the tabloids could face investigation in the US over payments made to obtain them.

The picture was run on the front pages of both newspapers in May 2005, prompting a complaint from President Bush’s spokesperson. The Sun’s managing editor, Graham Dudman, admitted paying for pictures of the late Iraqi dictator in captivity that were alleged to have come from the US military.

“The Tyrant’s In His Pants,” said the Sun’s headline, while the Post opted for “Butcher of Sagdad” against an image of Hussein wearing nothing more than a pair of white Y-fronts.

Meanwhile, in Syria…….

According to activists, nearly 40,000 people have been killed in Syria since the revolt began 20 months ago (AP)

Syria’s increasingly powerful Islamist rebel factions have rejected the country’s new Western-backed opposition coalition and unilaterally declared an Islamic state in the key battleground of Aleppo.

Photo of the day

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Higher Ed: Campus bans Ann Coulter, invites professor who calls sex with animals potentially ‘satisfying’

After effectively barring conservative columnist Ann Coulter from speaking on campus last week, the Jesuit college Fordham University welcomed infanticide and bestiality advocate Peter Singer for a panel discussion on Friday.

According to Fordham’s media relations website, Singer, a tenured Princeton bioethics professor, spoke from 4 to 6 p.m. in a panel the university promised “will provoke Christians to think about other animals in new ways.”

Singer has long lamented the societal stigma against having sex with animals.

“Not so long ago,” Singer wrote in one essay, “any form of sexuality not leading to the conception of children was seen as, at best, wanton lust, or worse, a perversion. One by one, the taboos have fallen. But … not every taboo has crumbled.”

In the essay, titled “Heavy Petting,” Singer concluded that “sex across the species barrier,” while not normal, “ceases to be an offence [sic] to our status and dignity as human beings.”

“Occasionally mutually satisfying activities may develop” when humans have sex with their pets, he claimed.

In addition to supporting bestiality and immediately granting equal legal rights to animals, Singer has also advocated euthanize the mentally ill and aborting disabled infants on utilitarian grounds.

In his 1993 essay “Taking Life,” Singer, in a section called “Justifying Infanticide and Non-Voluntary Euthanasia,” wrote that “killing a disabled infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person.”

“Very often it is not wrong at all,” he added, noting that newborns should not be considered people until approximately a month after their birth.


Explained: Why music is prohibited in Islam

“Music has become so common that most people are not ready to think about music in its proper perspective (about the bad evil effect of the music) and follow ferociously this wrong way of thinking according to which whatever is in common practice is seen to be without blemish.

They are not ready to study the evil and pernicious effects of music. To the extent that the people who are realistic are not content to this condition also, and in spite of those things being common they always endeavor to understand the reality and are engaged in research.

Music from many viewpoints is worth investigation.

(1) It causes harm to the physics of human body and leaves a bad effect on the nervous system. Keeping these factors in mind a Professor of Columbia University, Dr. Wolf Adler says: The best and most fascinating tunes of music leaves the worst kind of effects on the nervous system of humans and especially when the climate is hot; then the unpleasant effects are too much.

The famous French expert Dr. Lycus Carl says: “It is possible that the fulfillment of beastly lust might be having some importance, but there is nothing unfair than this that the life passes in fun.

The general deficiency of intelligence and understanding is the effect of alcohol and in the end it is the result of indiscipline in the habit. There is no doubt in it that films, radio, television are partner to the worrisome moment.

Generally music should be counted as something which has narcotic effect (which causes benumbing of sense), because, it’s benumbing cannot be denied by any means. There are many types of benumbing and a person can numb his nerves in different ways.

Sometimes numbness comes by food. For example alcoholic drinks create great numbness in the nerves and render ineffective the power of thinking and senses. Sometimes something is inhaled through the nose that creates numbness; for example heroine, which is absorbed in the body through the nostrils, which for a certain period of time makes one intoxicated and many such patients who require anesthesia by such matter, is injected into their veins.

Sometimes this numbness comes through the ears by listening to music and concert. This effect sometimes is so strong that it takes out the person out of reality like a dazed one. And his attention is withdrawn from everything.

Keeping this point in mind, you will agree that music is nothing but numbness and it is the bearer of all or most of the vices and damages of intoxication.

Mainly people get so much pleasure and entertainment from music because of this numbing effect. Sometimes this effect is so powerful that, a person loses his senses and brain to the extent that he starts behaving in a strange manner.

For example when the benumbing effect of music becomes severe a person’s power of making right decisions is curtailed. Then he cannot perceive correctly between good and bad, right and wrong, because most of the time he is under the effect of music and his mind, thoughts and strength of his senses, manners becomes prisoner of intoxication of the fierce tunes of the music. Hence he commits such uncultured actions, that in normal conditions doing such things he will think that it is against his status and contrary to human behavior.

We think that, this part of our conversations is not in need of any example or model, because every sensible person knows that, in those dinner parties where stranger males engaged in dances with unrelated stranger females, always they are consistent with loud keynotes of music, and the vibration of tunes of music puts curtain on the mind and understanding of the people in such a way that, for them doing every despicable act and all such acts which are below the dignity of humans, to perform them becomes so easy and simple for them.

What greater intoxication can be there other than this when the voice of music affects the mind of a person, a kind of indolence takes over his nerves? And that foolish person cannot think of anything from human imagination, except sex.

On his intelligence and on his power of comprehension a curtain is drawn in such a way that he forgets the sacred concepts of life like mercy, benevolence, kindness, chastity, modesty, trust, integrity, equality, brotherhood, greatness, eminence and magnificence, making efforts and hard work to fight for the attainment of the purpose and to be steadfast.

There is no second opinion that, right from day one, alcohol and music had been the greatest factors of encouraging sexual promiscuity for the lustful males and females and they on special occasions for intoxicating their nerves take help of these (i.e. alcohol and music).

It is correct that Islam never restrains man from his natural pleasures, but it prohibits those temporary and artificial entertainment created by intoxicating the nerves and arousing lustful desires and it takes away man from his natural condition.

Is there is any doubt that among the factors of moral deterioration are these writings and the heart-rending tunes of music do not spread its wings for propagating of arguments contrary to chastity?

Do not the fascinating voice of women and girls along with musical tunes arouse lust; create fervor for lovemaking in the youths? And the heart, which is packed with lustful songs and amorous writings, does it have any for remembrance of Allah? Does that heart, which is drowned in the whirlpool of loving voices and vibrations of music, can think regarding the needy and the poor?

As a principle it should be seen that what are the ingredients and occasions of musical parties. And what are the demands of and different kinds of stimulations? In those gay dance and music parties is there anything else except sexual promiscuity, wine and tasty foods? And the thing, which causes these evil consequences, can be allowed by a heavenly law?

The conclusion is that musical tunes have pernicious effects with regard to numbing of the nerves. And from the ethical point of view also it arouses lustful desires in the human beings.

By way of protecting health also it is proved that, in our time, there are different factors and causes of increase in the number of unexpected and sudden deaths, one of which is the craze of music, because music creates excitement and excitement damages the balance of nervous system.

People who are day and night bombarded by songs and music are prone to heart failure and brain hemorrhage.

However much is not necessary to show that nerves very soon become unserviceable because of continuous excitement.

This was one side of the harms of music.”


How Does Hamas Acquire Its Weapons?

Most of the weapons, including the C-704 missiles, were manufactured in Iran and came with Farsi-language instruction manuals printed with symbols of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Turkey ready to stop Hamas if US makes guarantees, PM says

Turkey would be willing to lean on Hamas to halt rocket attacks on Israel if the United States “provides guarantees,” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said today in Istanbul ahead of his departure to Cairo for talks on Hamas-Israel violence.

Following pressure from Washington for Turkey to put an end to Hamas’ attacks, Erdoğan said Ankara would be willing to do so on condition that the U.S. provide guarantees but did not elaborate what kind of guarantee Turkey would like to see.

Saudi prince buys Four Seasons hotel in Toronto

Billionaire Saudi Prince Walid bin Talal’s Kingdom Holding investment group said Saturday it has purchased the luxury hotel Four Seasons Toronto, Canada for $200 million.

Video: Rockets over Tel Aviv

Israeli master spy says time to flatten Gaza

Rafi Eitan, 86, is one of the last of a generation of “old guard” of Israeli warriors who have seen it all. As a top Mossad agent, Eitan became famous for leading the capture of Nazi official Adolf Eichmann, and then infamous for his role in the incarceration of Jewish-American spy Jonathan Pollard.

But no matter what different people may think of him, Eitan is one of the few Israelis remaining who can speak to the current threats surrounding the nation from a depth of experience going back to before Israel’s modern rebirth.

We asked Eitan about the current situation in Gaza and southern Israel, and he suggested that the current Israeli military response is not going far enough to truly eliminate the threat.

Iran steps up pace and capacity of uranium enrichment, says IAEA report

Israel’s ‘red line’ could be hit in June, the point when Iranians have enough 20%-enriched uranium to produce a warhead.

Feels like a disproportionate response kind of day

The Muqata is live blogging the war with the savages.

It’s a shame we can’t drop a load on the intersection of Bloor St. and Avenue Rd…….


Attempted Jew massacre of the day

IDF, south’s residents brace for new round of escalation as Strip’s terror groups fire dozens of rockets at the area.

Video: How to spot a liar


UN Watch, the Geneva-based non-governmental human rights group, urged UN chief Ban Ki-moon, rights commissioner Navi Pillay, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice and the EU’s Catherine Ashton to condemn today’s U.N. election of “genocidal, misogynistic and tyrannical” Sudan to its 54-member Economic and Social Council, a top U.N. body that regulates human rights groups, oversees U.N. committees on women’s rights, and crafts resolutions from Internet freedom to female genital mutilation.

Cyber-attackers finding a home in Canada, government fears

The Public Safety Department worries Canada is becoming a digital launching pad for – not just a target of – malicious cyber-activities, confidential briefing notes reveal.

Traditionally, most cybercriminals are known for plotting their online schemes in places like Eastern Europe, East Asia and Africa, say departmental notes prepared for a closed-door meeting of the Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security.

“This may be shifting to more developed countries such as Canada, the U.S. and France – countries with good reputations,” say the notes, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.

“Plainly said, we may be moving from being mostly ‘targets’ of organized cybercrime hosted in outside jurisdictions, to ‘hosts’ of online cybercrime operations and activities.”

The notes were drafted for an introductory discussion by Brett Kubicek, Public Safety’s manager of research and academic relations, at the roundtable’s June meeting.

The roundtable, which com-rises members of various ethnic backgrounds, tries to foster dialogue on security issues between government officials and minority communities.

“When it comes to cyberspace, it’s likely that the flow of questions facing policy-makers will continue to outpace readily available and clear solutions for the foreseeable future,” say Kubicek’s notes.

His comments followed an explicit warning from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service about homegrown websites that support and incite terrorist violence.

They also echoed findings of digital security company Web-sense, which singled out Canada as a breeding ground for Internet nastiness in its two latest annual surveys.

Last spring, Websense said Canada ranked No. 2 in the world – ahead of prime offenders Egypt and Russia – for hosted phishing sites that lure unsuspecting people into providing personal information like credit card numbers.

It also noted a 39-per cent increase in Canadian-hosted “bot networks,” the command-and-control centres for cyber-criminals, as well as a 239-per-cent jump in potentially infectious and otherwise dangerous Canadian websites.

“Across the board, we’re seeing all types of malicious content coming out of the Great White North,” the company said in May.

“Even after last year’s discovery, we still have not seen any big takedowns of malicious sites in Canada.

“In fact, malicious sites seem to stay up longer than in other countries.”

In July it was reported that Farsi-speaking hackers used four cyber-bases in Canada to steal confidential materials from hundreds of government officials and business people in Afghanistan, Iran and Israel.

The roundtable proceedings clearly indicate Canadian officials are just beginning to grapple with a problem that will only grow.


Good news: Church of Scientology opens headquarters in Israel

The Church of Scientology has apparently found one place where its presence doesn’t set off alarms, protests and demonstrations, and that place is one of the world’s most religiously fraught countries — Israel.

Spy complex touted as country’s ‘Camelot’

Canada’s electronic spy organization believes the state-of-the-art headquarters being built in Ottawa will make it a leader among its allies and attract the best and brightest spies, according to newly released government documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.

When finished in 2015-16, Communications Security Establishment Canada’s $880-million spy campus is expected to be home to more than 1,800 employees.

CSEC management objected last year when officials with the Union of National Defence Employees dubbed the 72,000-square-metre complex the “Taj Mahal” because of its numerous amenities. But the documents show the government has its own moniker for the new facility: Camelot, named for the mythical castle and court of King Arthur.

The documents released by the Defence Department note that Project Camelot will deliver a world-class facility while at the same time solving CSEC’s need for modern accommodation and increased electrical power.

“It will also distinguish Canada as a leader among its intelligence allies for this type of showcase facility,” the documents say.

Breaking: Senior Iranian Rabbi Asks for Stoning Israeli Rabbi Ari Shvat to Death

“In an interview given 14 years ago but published in full for the first time last Friday in a pro-Livni newspaper and then cited by the British Sunday Times weekly, she described working undercover for Bayonet, Mossad’s elite hit squad, where she answered the question if she had ever had sex to get information.

“If I’d been asked to do it, I don’t know what I’d have said. In the office (Mossad’s term for itself) there is a job tailored for everyone.”

After the release of Livni’s remarks, Rabbi Ari Shvat, one of the most famous rabbis of Israel, allowed Israeli women to have sex with the enemy in exchange for important information, claiming that Jewish law permits this type of action.

His remarks created chaos in the Jewish world and the Rabbis from different parts of the world reacted to Shvat’s comments.

“The sources of Judaism have not allowed such a deed at all and it (adultery) is forbidden in our religion and based on the explicit instruction of the Ten Commandments, no one can embark on adultery at all,” Iranian Grand Rabbi Mashallah Golestaninejad said.

In an interview with the Persian Daily, Javan, Rabbi Golestaninejad condemned Rabbi Shvat for his remarks, and said, “He is nothing more than a donkey and doesn’t understand as much as a donkey… . Such a person with such comments is a renegade, belligerent and a corruptor on earth and based on the Torah instructions he should be stoned to death.”

He further referred to Livni and said, “Ms. Livni is not a follower of any faith at all. The thoughts and goals of Zionism run counter to the faith of Judaism, and Zionists do not attach the least importance to the instructions of the Torah. Hence, it would be normal for them to embark on prostitution to attain their goals and objectives.”

Noting that the Zionists using their own special Rabbis have created a fake regime for themselves, he said that they commit their crimes and wrong deeds under the name of Judaism but “they are the enemies of religion”.

“A rabbi never approves of adultery and calls prostitution as a banned activity; therefore, anyone doing or saying anything to the opposite is an enemy of religion because a friend of religion is the one who considers God and not material interests whenever he wants to do something,” Rabbi Golestaninejad reiterated.”

Lunatic source

Obama’s Foreign Policy Delusion

Foreign policy suddenly took center stage in the presidential campaign when the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks was marked in the Middle East with violent protests against U.S. embassies in 20 countries, including an attack on our consulate in Benghazi that resulted in the death of diplomat Christopher Stevens. This violence was allegedly sparked by a crude Internet video insulting Mohammed and Islam. A few weeks later, President Obama addressed the United Nations in an attempt to placate enraged Muslims, defend the First Amendment, and confirm his commitment to the regional revolutions against autocrats dubbed the “Arab Spring.”

Yet the President’s speech repeated a mistake that our foreign policy establishment under both political parties has been making for nearly a 100 years: the failure of imagination that historian Robert Conquest identified as diplomacy’s besetting sin. “We are still faced with the absolutely crucial problem of making the intellectual and imaginative effort not to project our ideas of common sense or natural motivation onto the products of totally different cultures,” Conquest wrote in 2000:

The central point is less that people misunderstand other people, or that cultures misunderstand other cultures, than that they have no notion that this may be the case. They assume that the light of their own parochial common sense is enough. And they frame policies based on illusions. Yet how profound is this difference between political psychologies and between the motivations of different political traditions, and how deep-set and how persistent these attitudes are!

The “illusion” that has resulted from our own failure to imagine what motivates hundreds of millions of Muslims is the notion that political freedom and democracy are the highest goods desired by all humans everywhere. Thus we must help the people who lack these boons acquire them in order to eliminate the political oppression and economic stagnation that feed terrorism and violence.

Yet this belief ignores the specific historical and cultural contexts of democracy’s creation and expansion. As diplomat George Kennan wrote in 1975, “Democracy has . . . a relatively narrow base in time and space; and the evidence has yet to be produced that it is the natural form of rule for people outside those narrow perimeters.”


Video: Future palestinian terrorist skanks


A video that has been uploaded to Youtube shows how Arabs in Judea and Samaria abuse their own children and manipulate unwitting Israeli soldiers in order to manufacture photographs that can be used for propaganda purposes.

The case in point is a situation that appears to have been masterfully directed by an unknown propagandist, starring a girl who was successfully used for the same purpose three months earlier.

In August, Arab propagandists produced photos of a soldier manhandling a crying Arab girl – an excellent illustration of the theme propagated by Israel’s enemies, regarding Israel’s allegedly evil military occupation of Judea and Samaria.

The girl was blond and light-skinned to boot – making the photos more touching for many westerners, as she appeared to be “one of their own.”

The new video shows the girl in a similar situation, but this time it is plain to see what really goes on in these “photo ops.”

The girl was obviously instructed to “get in the faces” of the soldiers, and spent a considerable amount of time cursing them, shouting herself hoarse and hitting them on occasion as well. At the same time, adults all around her were taping the occurrences, waiting for a soldier to lose his nerve.

The staging of scenes for Israel-baiting is such a common Arab tactic in the Palestinian Authority that the industry has come to be known as “Pallywood.”

The most famous and successful Pallywood film ever made was that in which an Arab boy, Muhammad a-Durah, was placed in proximity to a Gaza firefight in 2000, and made to look as if he had been shot dead by IDF soldiers. Belated investigations showed that shots fired at a-Durah came from Arabs.

Golf in 562 A.D.

Did you know golf is actually Islamic in origin, played by the Prophet with his two grandsons?

Burying Rachel’s Tomb

Over the past several years, the Palestinians have been trying very hard to make Rachel’s Tomb disappear. Using deceit, they have succeeded in convincing UNESCO that Rachel’s Tomb is actually a mosque built to commemorate the Prophet Mohammed’s first muezzin.

Ex Neo-Nazi: On second thought, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to join the Taliban

German man who joined Afghan jihad says he regrets decision due to lack of comforts on battlefield; ‘my wife missed her cell phone’.

Pakistan Discovers Cure for “Islamic Extremism”

It seems only fitting that the country that created it has finally found a cure for it. The Pakistanis deserve a few Nobel Prizes all around and a tribute to the brilliant Islamic science that made it all possible.

Happy ‘Day of Fighting the Global Arrogance’!

Thousands of Iranians protested outside of the former US embassy in Tehran on Friday, marking the country’s annual “Day of Fighting the Global Arrogance,” The New York Times reported.

The yearly celebration coincides with the anniversary of the November 4, 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, in which 52 American diplomats were held captive in the US embassy for 444 days, causing the breakdown in diplomatic relations between Washington and Tehran that continues 33 years later.

The Times reported that youth gathered outside the former US mission held up models of missiles, labelled “Made in Iran,” while a senior Iranian security official warned against compromising with the “great Satan.”

Iran’s Canadian assets frozen over $13M U.S. terrorism payout

An Ontario judge has issued a restraining order against Iran’s property in Canada — including its embassy in Ottawa and a former cultural centre in Toronto — as the family of an American woman killed in a terrorist attack tries to collect a $13-million judgment by a U.S. court from a wrongful death claim against Iran’s security agency.

Three properties were frozen, ensuring they are not sold or transferred, until court can decide whether they should be forfeited to the victim’s family to help satisfy the U.S. court award. The property is owned by the government of Iran or by an “alter ego” used “as a front” for Iran, court heard.