Another disgusting film ready to hurt Muslims’ sentiments!

Film review, Muslim style:

“The hatred for Islam and its followers seems boundless in some mentally-ill people and they find new ways to hurt the sentiments of Muslims every now and then as a new group of conspirators is all set to release another blasphemous movie against peaceful religion Islam and its Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

This time these mentally-ill people are using the land of Spain, once center of Islam, and have produced another disgusting anti-Islam film just after few months the first anti-Islam film was released on youtube and sparked violent protests in the Muslim countries across the globe.

The filmmaker of the new pathetic anti-Islam movie belongs to Pakistan but is living in Spain as a refugee and carrying out his evil activities against Islam. The filmmaker, Imran Firasat, informed media that Spanish authorities have delayed the release of the new anti-Islam film which was due to be released on December 14. However, the conspirator did not tell when it would be released.

The new pathetic anti-Islam film is of 70 minutes and is said to be similar in spirit to the first 14-minute anti-Islam film that sparked protest throughout the Islamic world in September.

The new disgusting film is expected to enflame Muslim sensitivities once again, which may explain why Spanish authorities are supposedly thinking to revoke Firasat’s refugee status if he releases the film.

The filmmaker “rightfully” fears for his life if he returns to his Muslim homeland, Pakistan, so he said that he is giving the Spanish authorities a special preview to prove his work’s allegedly broadminded take on Islam.

“Who says that my movie is provocative?” the filmmaker said, who runs the Mundo sin Islam (World without Islam) organization.

“My purpose behind making this movie is to express my view on Islam as an ex-Muslim. I never had and will not have [the] intention to hurt someone’s feelings. Instead of stopping me, the world should give suggestions to Muslims that you guys stop creating the violent game over small excuses,” he added.

But the world and the conspirator himself know that his shameful blasphemy will add fuel to the flame that’s why Belgium preemptively issued a terror warning in advance of its planned release on December 14. Similarly, Australian troops were also put on the alert for fresh film-related protest activity.

The new anti-Islam film’s trailer has been released on youtube in several languages.

Firasat’s project is a collaborative effort with Quran-burning by US Christian pastor Terry Jones as it seems that mentally-ill people are joining hands together in Islam enmity and working against the Muslims to provoke them.

Jones in his disgusting moves wore an “Islam Is A Bully” T-shirt and advertised the film.”



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