Idle No More is a righteous struggle against ‘land-hungry colons’: Iranian state TV


Cheering the “warrior path” taken by Canada’s First Nations, Iran’s state broadcaster published a bizarre endorsement of the Idle No More protests on Monday, putting the movement in league with the Iranian revolution.

“Not only do Canada’s natives empower all Canadians against the one percent, they also help us understand Canada’s actions in Palestine and Iran, countries whose people love Canada and rout for our natives, whose struggle against the imperial order is their struggle too,” reads an editorial by Eric Walberg, a Canadian correspondent for Press TV, Iran’s English-language broadcaster.


2 responses to “Idle No More is a righteous struggle against ‘land-hungry colons’: Iranian state TV

  1. Daniel Moshe Johnson

    Well, we should inform the reporter that the 1%, as he deems the issue, is not an issue. The issue within Canada is the record of it’s immigration analogy, one that is based in the now.

    What Canada has in her midst, is a group of immigrant traitors, who are in this country for one purpose, to push an agenda, based in an ideology that Israel fights everyday, a bully whose is an animal within, Global Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt, radical Islam and Al Qaeda.

    The First Nations don’t strap bombs and do sneaky degrading attacks on innocent people, however, First Nations in their resistance, must be held accountable to the law, and their protest should never infringe upon the rights and freedom of non-Native.

  2. Press TV’s broadcast sattellite orbits Uranus.

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