How Muslims use PAID Orthodox Jews in clown suits to deconstruct Jewish support for Israel

They can be seen at almost any large anti-Israel demonstration in the United States or the UK. Dressed up as Orthodox Hassidic Jews, they march with the pro-Hamas crowds calling for the demise of Israel. Just like dated communist sympathizers in the Jewish Voice for Peace, in reality, they serve as a convenient front group to fool “useful idiots” that the “real Jewish people” do not support Israel, but prefer the goals of the Arabs and Muslim fundamentalists in the Middle East. Worse, seeming to validate one of the worst slurs on Jews, they take money do so. Although their name is Neturei Karta, “Guardians of the City,” these are not “Watchers over Jerusalem” as the Bible mentions, but a Jewish fifth column. The NKs, as they are sometimes called, try to insinuate themselves at Jewish functions, where they call for the end of Israel, and refer to the Jewish homeland as an “abomination against God.”

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