Al Jazeera Audience Declines in Egypt and Tunisia

Although Al Jazeera has prominently covered the past and ongoing uprisings in the Arab world, it has recently lost its grip over viewers in two “Arab Spring” countries: Egypt and Tunisia.

A report by market research company Sigma Conseil shows that the percentage of Al Jazeera viewers out of the total television audience in Tunisia decreased from 10.7% in 2011 to 4.8% in 2012. The same report also points out that Al Jazeera is not among the 10 most watched channels in Egypt.

Another similar report published by Tunisian 3C showed that only Al Jazeera Sports placed (fourth) among the five most watched channels by Tunisians in the month of January, while the others were Tunisian channels – Attounissia, Hannibal, and Al Wataniya 1 placing first, second, and third respectively.

The decrease in the number of viewers has been accompanied by growing criticism directed toward the channel, as many Tunisians believe that Al Jazeera promotes a Qatari agenda in the region.

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