Feminism Or Islamism: Which Side Are You On?

No group is better than liberal academics at illustrating how racist anti-racism has become. As liberals, they ought to respect individual rights and oppose reactionary attempts to corral and control. As academics, they ought to look for evidence that shakes comfortable opinions. As it is, they do neither.

In human rights organisations, leftish political parties, liberal newspapers and, above all, in the universities, committed and morally earnest people would rather die than admit that radical Islam is a murderous and oppressive movement. The effect of their evasion is to promote the racism they say they oppose, while denying their supposed allies in “Muslim lands” and immigrant communities the same rights as they enjoy. Hypocrisy is too meagre a word to cover their behaviour.

One response to “Feminism Or Islamism: Which Side Are You On?

  1. I would pay money to assist in the cost of relocating Judy Rebick, Linda McQuack, Naomi Klein, ( under the aspics of being married to Gerald Caplan ) to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or any other armpit of the world. These seditious assholes along with their god abNOAMal Chomsky may well be the root cause of terror as suggested by pea brain Trudeau and manifest in Boston.

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