I agree with Hamas!

Hamas refuses settlement of Palestinian refugees in Canada

Hamas movement renewed its affirmation that the right of
return for Palestinian refugees to their homeland from where they were
forcibly evicted is a sacred right.

It said in a press release on Friday that no power on Earth could revoke
that right, adding that the Palestinians were forced to live in other
countries on temporary basis and would never relinquish the right of return.

Hamas was responding to statements attributed to Canada’s Foreign Minister
John Baird that his country was ready to absorb 120,000 Palestinian refugees
where they would be granted Canadian citizenship and live there forever.

Hamas said that it absolutely rejects all solutions tabled by Israel and
other international parties to dissolve the Palestinian refugees’ rights and
asks all international parties to stop such “suspicious attempts” that only
serve Israel and its schemes and deepen the Palestinian people’s suffering.


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