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Hezbollah: Hamas must leave Lebanon

As thousands of Hezbollah men aid Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces and fight alongside them in Qusair, they are faced with an organization that until recently was their close ally – Hamas. Arab media reported Thursday morning that according to Syrian opposition sources, in light of Hamas’ support of Syrian rebels, Hezbollah is demanding of Hamas men still in Lebanon to leave the country “immediately and within hours.”

Canada bans nearly all Iranian imports

Canada is banning nearly all exports to and imports from Iran.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Wednesday Canada has grave concerns over Iran’s nuclear program. Canada is also adding 30 individuals and 82 entities to an economic blacklist.

Baird says Iran has produced nothing but “false promises and empty gestures” about its nuclear program.

The U.S., Canada and their allies fear Iran is moving toward development of a nuclear weapon. Iran denies any interest in nuclear arms.

The latest round of sanctions comes after talks between Iran and the United Nations Security Council, as well as Germany, failed to reach an agreement.

Canada shut its embassy in Tehran last September and ordered Iranian diplomats to leave, accusing the Islamic Republic of being the most significant threat to world peace.


Argentine prosecutor: Iran infiltrating continent

The Argentine prosecutor who charged a handful of former Iranian officials with masterminding the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish center accused Iran on Wednesday of “infiltrating” South America and setting up intelligence networks to carry out more terrorist attacks in the region.

Alberto Nisman accused Mohsen Rabbani, Iran’s former cultural attache in Buenos Aires and a suspect in the attack that killed 85 people, of working continually over the last two decades to develop an intelligence network in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Guyana, Surinam and Trinidad and Tobago.

“These are sleeper cells. They have activities you wouldn’t imagine. Sometimes they die having never received the order to attack,” Nisman said as he presented a 500-page indictment.

He said Iran has sought “to infiltrate the countries of Latin America and install secret intelligence stations with the goal of committing, fomenting and fostering acts of international terrorism in concert with its goals of exporting the revolution.”

Video: “Use My Heart to Stone the Jews & ‘Never Forget’ That America’s ‘Filthy Hands’ Control the Apes & Pigs”

True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love honours the sacrifices of members of the Canadian Forces, Veterans and their families by:

  • Stepping in where government is unable to fund programs that support their physical, mental and social wellbeing no matter where they are posted in Canada or abroad
  • Promoting their special skills and capabilities resulting from their unique conditions of service
  • Being a conduit for everyday Canadians, corporations and philanthropists to express their appreciation and patriotism

True Patriot Love celebrates the selfless service of our soldiers and their families. Through generous donations, we have raised over $14 million in support of the Canadian military and their families. Last year, True Patriot Love has pledged $1 million to ensure the mental health and well-being of our military members, veterans and their families, and an additional $1 million for military family health and support, and for the physical health and rehabilitation of our injured military personnel and veterans.

Video: Raise Palestinian flags over Israeli cities “so it will be clear… that this is Palestine”

Hezbollah should change name to ‘Party of Satan’: Turkish official

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ said on Sunday that Hezbollah, or ‘the Party of God’ in Arabic, should change its name to ‘the Party of Satan,’ blaming the Lebanese-Shia movement for killing civilians in next-door Syria.

New United Church of Canada Jew hatin’ campaign

The campaign has been named Unsettling Goods: Choose Peace in Palestine and Israel, which focuses on the illegal Israeli settlements and the obstacles they pose for peace. The campaign will encourage economic action against several settlement products. The General Council Office staff has been researching companies that have production in one or more Israeli settlements. Three companies have been selected for engagement:

  • Keter Plastic, a company that manufactures a range of home and garden products such as storage containers, planters, toolboxes, toys, and patio furniture. Keter has a factory in the Barkan Industrial Zone near the Israeli settlement of Ariel, as does its wholly owned subsidiary, Lipski Plastic Ltd.
  • SodaStream, a company that manufactures home sodamaker devices and ingredients. SodaStream’s main production facility is in the Israeli settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, near Jerusalem in the West Bank.
  • Ahava, a cosmetics company that sells skin care, bath, and other personal cosmetic products. Ahava operates its factory in the Mitzpe Shalem settlement on the shore of the Dead Sea in the West Bank.

Over the next several months, the United Church will engage in dialogue with these companies regarding their involvement in the settlements and request that they cease all production in the settlements. They will be informed that failure to do so will result in economic action against their products.


Video: Dancing Jew haters in Toronto

Syria attempted to sabotage Haifa’s water supply

Senior Science Ministry official says hackers launched failed cyberattack on northern city’s water infrastructure.

Hezbollah’s Heavy Losses

For over a week now, the Syrian town of Qusayr in Homs Province has seen some of the heaviest fighting in the two-year conflict. The struggle for Qusayr, says besieged President Bashar al-Assad, “is the main battle” in all of Syria. Lying adjacent to a highway linking Homs to the north and Damascus to the south, Qusayr is only a few miles from the Lebanese border and is thus a strategically vital node for both the regime and the rebels.

For the rebels, it’s part of a western supply route linked to Tripoli in northern Lebanon, where the rebels have enjoyed support since the uprising began in March 2011. For the Assad regime, Qusayr links Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon to the Alawite homeland on the Mediterranean coast, where Assad and his supporters will likely seek safe haven should they lose Damascus. In order to retake Qusayr from the rebels who have held it almost a year, the regime has ordered air strikes and called in reinforcements from Hezbollah as well as Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps forces.

Earlier reports suggested that Assad and allies had pushed the rebels out, but opposition activists say this is regime propaganda. “It’s not true what the regime is claiming,” said one Qusayr-based activist. “They’re saying this to raise the morale of the fighters, because the rebels are giving them a beating.” Indeed, Hezbollah itself seems to be absorbing heavy casualties, with 46 reportedly killed in Qusayr over the last week. Other sources claim that given the number of funerals in southern Lebanon and other Hezbollah-controlled regions over the last few days, the death toll may be closer to 100.

As Tony Badran, a fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, writes in NOW Lebanon, “If the casualty rate stays this high even for another week, it could prove devastating.” Badran explains that many of those killed in the first day of fighting were ambushed during the initial assault and “cut down by landmines and IED’s prepared by the Syrian rebels.” The rebels, writes Badran, “received assistance from certain Palestinian factions in planning the defense of the town.” Unconfirmed reports suggest that those Palestinian factions may include Hamas. In other words, two militias trained and armed by Iran—one Sunni, one Shia—may now be shooting at each other, with the side that the Islamic Republic has invested in most heavily losing.


Genesis of an Anti-Semitic State

This week, a Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism will gather in Jerusalem.The time has come for the Global Forum to consider the fact that a new anti-semitic state is in formation.Imagine, if you would, if any nascent nation-state, anywhere in the world, was in formation, and that it had taken on the following features:

  • Selling land to a Jew would be defined as  a capital crime.
  • Its new constitution would not allow for juridical status for Judaism and  Jews would not even be allowed to live in the country.
  • The school system would inculcate children to make war on the Jews.
  • Those who murder Jews would become the heroes of the new country.
  • The designated head of state earned his Ph.D. on the basis of a published thesis that millions Jews who were murdered during World War II were actually executed by the Zionists, who were allies of the Nazis.

The reaction to such a “state in formation” would be an outcry from all of the Jewish groups that monitor anti-Semitism.

Yet there has been no outcry from most Jewish groups in the case of the proposed Palestinian Arab state, based on the ideology of the Palestine Liberation Organization, even though the proposed state possesses  these  six characteristics.

Report: US traces cyber attack wave to Iran

American officials and corporate security experts examining a new wave of potentially destructive computer attacks striking American corporations, especially energy firms, say they have tracked the attacks back to Iran, the New York Times reported on Friday.

Comment of the day

A not so cheery Muhammad Khurram – says:

“I must say to all Non-Muslims…..Hazrat Muhammad Sallaho aleh Wasalam the most honorable man in the surface of earth, If the mis-cunduct would not be condemned then world will face 3rd and last world war and to me, I will kill every bastard infact if he/ she would in laps of their mum’s or dad’s……………then I will show you, how to cut throats in the name of Muhammad Sallaho aleh Wasalam….because Islam is beside him, and He is lovely then our lives…Those who lactate their mothers, march your feet ahead …. I will cut you in flash”

Musical Interlude

Video: 15-year-old girl learns the truth about the holohoax

Lebanese Man Impregnates His Sister, Kills Her in ‘Honor Crime’

A man has killed his pregnant teenage sister in south Lebanon in what was seen as an honor crime – the murder of a woman accused of shaming her family.

Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) said Friday that the body of Baghdad Khaled al-Issa, 18, was found with stab wounds in her head and sides in the area of al-Wazzani.

Investigators discovered that her brother Jihad, 21, had killed her in what is described as an honor crime, VDL said.

It added that the victim was seven months pregnant.

Later on Friday, LBCI television reported that the investigation with Jihad revealed that he had raped his sister, which lead to her pregnancy.

“He confessed to raping his sister,” LBCI said, adding that Jihad claimed he was drunk when the incident happened.

The television channel added that he had only recently found out about the pregnancy and asked his sister to undergo an abortion, but she refused.

Every year thousands of women are killed for notions of family honor worldwide, mainly in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

In 2011, the Lebanese parliament approved a draft-law to cancel article 562 of the penal code that calls for limited punishments for honor killings.


Knesset to confirm November 30 as Refugee Day

Moroccan-born MK Shimon Ohayon this week tabled a bill stipulating the Memorial Day as part of “the Rights of Jewish Refugees who were uprooted, expelled or fled from Arab countries with the establishment of the state of Israel or in the wake of it.”

Palestinian Hezbollah, Hamas men busted in New York smuggling ring

An extraordinary multi-agency policing effort came to a climax on Thursday, as search warrants executed from New York to Virginia led to 16 arrests in connection with a cigarette smuggling ring that authorities believe is the work of Hamas and Hezbollah operatives.

The scheme, which took in at least $65 million, involved Palestinians smuggling up to 20,000 cartons of cigarettes per week from low-tax states, for illegal resale across state lines.

Saudi Arabia Religious Police Say Twitter Is the Path to Hell


Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh said anyone using social media sites – and especially Twitter – “has lost this world and his afterlife”.

Iranian cleric says women can’t be president


The semiofficial Mehr news agency quotes Yazdi as saying the “law does not approve” of a woman in the presidency and a woman on the ballot is “not allowed.”

Video: Syrian refugees selling their daughters

Um Majed’s cell phone rarely stops ringing these days. She calls herself a marriage broker; in reality, she sells Syrian girls to men looking for brides at bargain prices.

“Of course she’s thin,” she tells one client. “She’s been in a camp for a month.”

For many families living in Jordan’s refugee camps, selling their daughters into marriage is the only way to survive. Across the Middle East, it is the custom for the groom to pay the bride’s family, but their desperation is being exploited. Often the marriages are a sham, just a way to have sex. Some last only weeks.

Um Majed gets a cut for every match she makes. Young virgins fetch up to $5,000.

“You want me to get a younger one?” she asks one caller. “Thirteen, fourteen?”

CBC TV Audience is Down 40%, Lowest in History

The CBC’s latest report confirms that many programs on the main TV service, despite efforts to be more “popular,” have fallen to audience levels not much greater than many specialty channels.  Those who deny the crisis fail to realize that Canadians prefer Duck Dynasty to most CBC shows, including the national news.

Daniel Pipes in Toronto

Islam vs. Islamism
Is the problem religion or ideology?

Joining Daniel Pipes to discuss this important topic will be Professor Salim Mansur of the University of Western Ontariio and Father Raymond de Souza of Cardus.

May 22, 2013, 7 PM
Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue
100 Elder Street, North York

More info here.

Nigeria president declares emergency

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has declared a state of emergency in three states after a series of deadly attacks by Islamist militant groups.

Iran-based hackers attacking US: security expert

A previously unknown hacking group believed to be based in Iran has started cyber attacks inside the US, according to Mandiant, a security company that has linked China’s army to similar activity.

The Iranian group emerged within the last six months and has infiltrated the networks of at least one US corporation, said Richard Bejtlich, Mandiant’s chief security officer.

“You’re starting to see the Iranians get more active”.

Iranian Officials Threaten Two Candidates for the Presidency

Iranian officials on Monday issued blunt threats of violence against two last-minute registrants for the June 14 presidential election whose unwanted presence on the ballot has angered the country’s governing establishment.

The two latecomers, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former president, and Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, an aide to the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, shook up the landscape of the elections on Saturday. Until they appeared, the registration process had been almost exclusively dominated by candidates representing the country’s establishment of conservative Shiite Muslim clerics and Revolutionary Guards commanders.

On Monday, Iran’s national deputy police commander, Esmael Ahmadi Moghaddam, was quoted by the newspaper Shargh as issuing a warning to President Ahmadinejad and Mr. Mashaei that the “shedding of blood is allowed” if they do not stop claiming to take their orders from the Shiite messiah.

Islamophobia alert: Saudi dude arrested for no good reason…..other than the pressure cooker he brought on a plane

A Saudi man was arrested at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after federal agents said he lied about why he was travelling with a pressure cooker, according to a court documents filed Monday.

Two pressure cookers were used in last month’s Boston Marathon bombings.

Hussain Al Kwawahir was being held Monday in Detroit on allegations of using a passport with a missing page and lying to Customs and Border Protection agents.

A criminal complaint says Al Kwawahir arrived at the airport Saturday on a flight from Saudi Arabia via Amsterdam. The complaint says Al Kwawahir told agents he was visiting his nephew, who he said is a student at the University of Toledo in Ohio.

The complaint says Al Kwawahir originally said he brought the pressure cooker with him because pressure cookers aren’t sold in America, then later said his nephew had bought one but it “was cheap” and broke after one use.

Good news: It only took us 26 years to deport this Palestinian terrorist


“This convicted terrorist was able to use numerous and repetitive appeals and loopholes under Canada’s old, broken immigration system to remain Canada for 25 years,” Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said in a prepared statement Monday.


JDL Canada presents Pamela Geller


CIA tried (and failed) to turn cats into spies


Cats are good at lots of things, like sleeping on windowsills for multiple hours at a time, scratching upholstery and pretending not to know their own names. Cats, however, are not good at being spies.

Back in the 1960′s, the United States government had the bright idea to use cats as intelligence gatherers.

Needless to say, this did not turn out well.

A virtual president for a virtual people

The Palestinians haven’t elected a president since 2005, but now they are finally getting a chance to do so – virtually – thanks to a hit reality TV show.“The President” is broadcast weekly on Maan TV, a popular independent Palestinian TV station. It offers contestants a chance to address the Palestinian people on what they would do on a variety of subjects if elected president. They are grilled by a panel of politicians, professors and business people who, with input from the audience, vote them off – something they can’t do in the real world, where their president is still in office several years after his term was supposed to expire.Thousands of young Palestinians who applied to take part in the show have been whittled down to 15. A winner will be crowned in the finale scheduled for late June and get to travel the world as a mock Palestinian ambassador – and perhaps win a car as well.

Toronto Star reporters to get mandatory training on fairness and due diligence

Good idea……

The first American jailed for blasphemy

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula deserves a place in American history. He is the first person in this country jailed for violating Islamic anti-blasphemy laws.

You won’t find that anywhere in the charges against him, of course. As a practical matter, though, everyone knows that Nakoula wouldn’t be in jail if he hadn’t produced a video crudely lampooning the prophet Muhammad.

Palestinian-Syrian group says forming units to fight for the Golan

A militant Palestinian group in Damascus said it is forming combat units to try to recapture Israeli-occupied territory, in particular the Golan Heights, after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Hezbollah that they would support such operations.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) said it was preparing for new operations after nearly 40 years of quiet on the Israel-Syria border.

Canada’s pathetic Jewish “leaders”, part #94365785

Silence of the Kapos.


Iran’s multiplicity of messiahs

EARLIER this year Iran’s authorities arrested a score of men who, in separate incidents, claimed to be the Mahdi, a sacred figure of Shia Islam, who was “hidden” by God just over a millennium ago and will return some time to conquer evil on earth. A website based in Qom, Iran’s holiest city, deemed the men “deviants”, “fortune-tellers” and “petty criminals”, who were exploiting credulous Iranians for alms during the Persian new-year holiday, which fell in mid-March. Many of the fake messiahs were picked up by security men in the courtyard to the mosque in Jamkaran, a village near Qom, whose reputation as the place of the awaited Mahdi’s advent has been popularised nationwide by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. When he took office in 2005 he gave the mosque $10m.

Iran’s economic doldrums may have helped to cause this surge in people claiming to be mankind’s saviour—and in women saying they were the Mahdi’s wife. “In an open atmosphere where people could criticise the government they would not believe these people,” says an ex-seminarian in Tehran, the capital, noting that most Iranians still get all of their news from state television and state-owned or -sanctioned newspapers.

Last year a seminary expert, Mehdi Ghafari, said that more than 3,000 fake Mahdis were in prison. Mahdi-complexes are common, says a Tehran psychiatrist. “Every month we get someone coming in, convinced he is the Mahdi,” she says. “Once a man was saying such outrageous things and talking about himself in the third person that I couldn’t help laughing. He got angry and told me I had ‘bad hijab’ and was disrespecting the ‘Imam of Time’,” as the Mahdi is known.

The most famous case was that of Ayatollah Boroujerdi, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison in 2007 for—among other things—claiming he was the Mahdi. Like many influential “false” messiahs, he was forced to recant on state television, confessing that he had been against the Islamic Republic’s core tenets.

Mr Ahmadinejad has called his administration “the government of the hidden imam”. Last month he told a batch of new Iranian ambassadors to consider themselves “envoys of the Mahdi”. After his first speech at the UN in 2005, a video circulated showing Mr Ahmadinejad telling a leading Iranian cleric that world leaders had been enchanted, during his oration, by a halo around his head that had been put there by the Mahdi himself.


UNIFIL: Hizbullah Replacing Lebanese Troops Near Israel

The number of Lebanese troops in the southern border district, near Israel, has been decreasing and leading to an increase in standoffs between UNIFIL and suspected members of Hizbullah, the Lebanese Daily Star reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, UNIFIL patrols are finding paths blocked and former temporary observation points suddenly out of bounds in what is being interpreted as Hizbullah seeking to flex its muscles on the ground.

Poll: 40% of Palestinians support suicide bombing

The poll also examined Muslim view on the following topics: Homosexuality, women’s rights, Sharia Law, and honor killing.

The findings indicate that 89% of Palestinians think homosexuality is immoral, think women must always “obey” their husband and favor the imposition of Sharia Law into their society. A smaller amount (45%) believe honor killing is sometimes justifiable.

Man seized by police, beaten and shaved for using hair gel in Gaza

It is three weeks since his arrest, but Ismail Halou still has streaks of purple bruising on the soles of his feet. The 22-year-old was filling cars at his family’s petrol station in Gaza City at 5 p.m. on April 4 when a black jeep pulled into the forecourt and police stepped out to order him into the car. He was blindfolded and driven to the nearest police station.

“I could hear the screams of people being beaten in the rooms next to me,” he recalled. “Two men held my legs down and tied them together on a wooden board then they beat the soles of my feet with a plastic rod. They beat me for at least five minutes. I was crying and screaming with agony. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt.”

After the beating, officers set to work shaving off the one-inch fin of gelled hair that was the cause of his arrest.

“At no point did they tell me why they had arrested me,” Mr Halou said. “I found out from neighbours when I got home it was my haircut.” He could not walk for three days after his release.

Police in Gaza, the Palestinian coastal enclave run by the Islamist faction Hamas since 2007, have arrested at least 41 men on charges of immodesty this month, some because their haircuts were deemed culturally inappropriate, others because their trousers were either too low-slung or too fitted. Most were beaten, all of them had their heads forcibly shaven.