CIA tried (and failed) to turn cats into spies


Cats are good at lots of things, like sleeping on windowsills for multiple hours at a time, scratching upholstery and pretending not to know their own names. Cats, however, are not good at being spies.

Back in the 1960′s, the United States government had the bright idea to use cats as intelligence gatherers.

Needless to say, this did not turn out well.

3 responses to “CIA tried (and failed) to turn cats into spies

  1. The article leaves the impression that cats are not smart. My impression (based on years of communication) is that they are very clever and inventive, but only when they want to get something that benefits them directly. My in-laws had a cranky cat that constantly looked at me with contempt and even hissed. However, at dinner time she had no problem begging me for extra food.

    Maybe the cats would’ve been more cooperative, if CIA had shown what’s for them in that spying business.

  2. Hey fruit flies were mentioned in the article… Calling Dr. Suzuki the fruit fly specialist. Keep him busy so he can finally shut his mouth and stop giving out disputed info on environmental issues.

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