Comment of the day

A not so cheery Muhammad Khurram – says:

“I must say to all Non-Muslims…..Hazrat Muhammad Sallaho aleh Wasalam the most honorable man in the surface of earth, If the mis-cunduct would not be condemned then world will face 3rd and last world war and to me, I will kill every bastard infact if he/ she would in laps of their mum’s or dad’s……………then I will show you, how to cut throats in the name of Muhammad Sallaho aleh Wasalam….because Islam is beside him, and He is lovely then our lives…Those who lactate their mothers, march your feet ahead …. I will cut you in flash”

2 responses to “Comment of the day

  1. Oy a broch! They lactate their mothers? Allow them to inbreed some more until they are total morons-the whole lot of them.

  2. Muhammad Khurram

    Please delete me comment, I am sorry for that.

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