Canada’s reputation is tops for third year in a row


‘Canada’s reputation is tanking’ has been a narrative pushed by anti-Conservatives for some time now.

Fortunately, it’s not true.

According to a new poll released Thursday, Canada actually has the best reputation in the world for the third year in a row.

As explained by Forbes magazine, the Reputation Institute’s annual 2013 Country RepTrak Study, asked 27,000 people in all the G8 countries to give their opinions about 50 countries. Respondents were asked four questions on a country’s overall reputation, about whether respondents had a good feeling about said country, about how much they admired the country and about how much they trusted the country.

They were then asked 16 questions under three comprehensive categories: effective government, appealing environment and advanced economy.

Canada finished with a score of 76.6 out of 100 and was followed by Sweden (76.5), Switzerland (76.3), Australia (76.1), and Norway (74.1).

At the other end of the spectrum was are Russia (36.7), Nigeria (34.0), Pakistan (28.8), Iran (22.6), and Iraq (21.2). The United States finished 22nd.


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