Terrorist deck of cards

Al Qaeda has evolved into a highly decentralized organization with multiple franchises and affiliates.

In the terrorist deck of cards, the ‘Clubs’ are the highest ranking members of Al Qaeda affiliates, such as Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda in the Arabina Peninsula.

These men oversee general theatres of war, suply the groups with weapons and, in many cases, act as spiritual leaders for these islamic groups.


Ace: Ibrahim al-Asiri

Personally groomed by Bin laden, al-Asiri is considered the lead bomb maker for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. He has been tied to the bombs used by the 2009 Christmas Day Bomber, the 2010 Cargo plane Bomb Plot and the May 8th terror bomb plot that would have incorporated the use of Surgically Implanted Improvised Explosive devices.

These devices are the cutting edge of his technology and would be able to pass almost undetected through x-ray machines. He also created the explosives used by his brother in a suicide attack aiming to kill the Saudi minister of the interior. Reports say he may have been seriously wounded in a drone strike in August 2013 but nothing has been confirmed.

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