Palestinian terrorists: Salutes to Indigenous strugglers in Canada confronting state violence and land theft

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine saluted the Indigenous strugglers in New Brunswick, Canada on October 18, 2013, expressing its solidarity with the struggle of Native people in North America against colonialism, exploitation and genocide.

“The United States and Canada were built as settler colonial states on land stolen from Indigenous peoples and have enacted viciously racist policies of apartheid, racism and genocide against Indigenous peoples,” said Comrade Khalil al-Maqdisi of the PFLP. “We stand alongside the Native peoples of their land in resisting colonialism and land theft.”

Indigenous protesters led by the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society, who have blockaded a highway to prevent the use of Indigenous land for resource extraction and environmental destruction, were attacked on October 17 by Canadian state polie agencies who used tear gas, rubber bullets and mass arrests against the protesters.

“We are very familiar with these weapons of oppression used by settler colonial regimes in order to colonize our land and dispossess our people,” said Maqdisi. “The policies and practices of the occupation state in Palestine: the dispossession of our people, the theft and colonization of our land, the construction of settlement colonies, the mass imprisonment of our people, apartheid, segregation and the creation of subservient ‘self-rule’ systems in isolated cantons – these were practiced first by Canada, and by the United States, against the Indigenous people of their land.”

Maqdisi noted that the Canadian state is one of the most prominent supporters of the occupation state and a constant supporter of the occupation’s assaults on the Palestinian people and violations of Palestinian rights, saying this is no surprise considering its own settler colonial nature.

Maqdisi said that indigenous people on their land have resisted for hundreds of years and have been met time and again by state violence and brutal repression yet have continued their struggle and their resistance. “We salute the Mi’kmaq Warriors and all Indigenous people who are struggling, fighting and resisting settler colonialism and who have been doing so for centuries, facing the armed force of the Canadian state. Our struggle to liberate Palestine and ensure the right of return of our people confronts the same enemies and powers. We are united in struggle.”


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