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Video: Syrian rebels have a nice chat with decapitated head, offer it some bread


A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues

‘What you’re seeing is how a civilization commits suicide,” says Camille Paglia. This self-described “notorious Amazon feminist” isn’t telling anyone to Lean In or asking Why Women Still Can’t Have It All. No, her indictment may be as surprising as it is wide-ranging: The military is out of fashion, Americans undervalue manual labor, schools neuter male students, opinion makers deny the biological differences between men and women, and sexiness is dead.

Rampant Canadian pharmacy fraud

One pharmacist cheated British Columbia taxpayers out of $471,000 in an elaborate methadone billing scheme.

An Ontario regulatory body proclaimed itself “almost speechless” at the extent to which it found another pharmacist had “milked” the provincial drug plan.

And more than a dozen pharmacists in Saskatchewan billed the province for one drug but dispensed an alternative in exchange for rebates and other discounts from the manufacturer.

Aside from their fraudulent billing schemes, these pharmacists have two other things in common: Each was disciplined by his or her respective regulatory body and each was given another chance to practice pharmacy.

At a time when pharmacists face heightened scrutiny of their billing practices and drug costs are growing, the cases illustrate how few pharmacists who commit fraud in Canada are permanently stripped of their licences.

Licence revocations are extremely rare in all matters of discipline involving pharmacists. Of the 334 publicly disclosed discipline cases adjudicated by provincial pharmacy boards across Canada in the past 10 years, just 22 of them resulted in a licence being permanently revoked, an investigation by The Globe and Mail reveals. (Disclosure is erratic, with Quebec putting only a small number of cases on the CanLII legal website and New Brunswick nothing at all.) Most of the revocations involved serial offenders, who had been punished multiple times before losing their licences for good.

The cases expose deep flaws in the way the health-care system deals with fraud – and the conflicting responses these cases are getting from premiers. Much of the fraud goes undetected because the pharmacy sector largely polices itself and private-sector managers of drug benefits plans are not doing enough to catch questionable billings. What’s at stake, say health-care experts, is not only the costly drain on the health-care system but the public’s trust in the pharmacy profession and the safety of patients who depend on receiving the proper medication.


And now, evil Zionist dried insects


Iranian news agency Fars reported Friday that Iran’s UN office received a threatening letter originated in Israel. According to the report, within the envelope carrying the threat letter, which was signed with an Israeli stamp, were also dried insects.

We Are the Radicals Now

FFF is right – this is a must-read:

Despite their grimly statist ways, the utopians continue to pass themselves off as well-meaning hipsters, anti-establishment rebels and earthy pro-underdog types, united by a devotion to freedom and tolerance. This has to be the most successful PR exercise in history – no less astonishing than if Hitler had convinced the world he was an avid Judeophile. The people responsible for hate crimes, speech codes, the smoking ban, debilitating taxes, and a soul-sucking state bureaucracy would have us believe that they are chilled-out hepcats, who totally dig your scene. If you think what they think, do what they say, and accept the terms of their ‘generosity’, it might be possible to enjoy their simulacrum of freedom as though it’s the real thing. But wander too far from the coop and soon you’ll soon collide with the chicken wire.


The purveyors of the utopian vision would have us believe they are doing us a favour by facing down the monocled toffs, mega-bonus bankers and goose-stepping genocide enthusiasts who are out to get us. But while we are free to snub these right-wing bogeymen, they give us no such choice. They are tolerant of everything, save dissent. And anyway, they’re the puppet masters now. Their anti-establishment poses are meaningless, because they are the establishment. They are not sticking it to the man, because they are the man. It’s cognitive dissonance gone ape.


Why Saudi women languish in jail

Perfectly reasonable explanation:

“Having a guardian’s consent is a prerequisite for the release of female prisoners who have completed their jail terms. Current prison and detention regulations forbid keeping anyone in jail after they have served their sentences but nearly 35 percent of female prisoners remain incarcerated after finishing their jail terms because they are rejected by their families, Al-Sharq newspaper reported Friday.

Many families sever ties with their daughters because the crimes they committed had brought shame on them, especially in cases involving honor. Statistics indicate that 104 out of 196, or 53 percent, of inmates in women’s care institutions were involved in honor crimes while 10 percent involved in murder cases.

Calls for allocating homes for released female prisoners have lately become more and more vocal. These homes, which are to fall under state supervision, will offer both shelter and social protection to released prisoners. The calls were made because current regulations do not compel guardians to receive female relatives released from prison if the guardians renounce the relationship and sever all ties with them.

In other cases, female prisoners fear returning home and facing their families. They are afraid that they might fall victim to violence. In both cases, the female inmate is in a state of loss and prefers to remain away from society.”


Video: THIS is CNN

Anderson Cooper Discusses His Mother and ‘Cunnilingus’.