Awwww, Finkelstein hits hard times

But there’s hope! He may get gig teaching in, wait for it, Iran!

“This year, I’m down to two countries. One is Turkey where I may be teaching, there’s a good chance. The other is Iran and I’ve been working on Iran but so far it hasn’t been successful. So right now, we’re down to Turkey and Iran because I am finding it intolerable at the present moment, this pointless life.”

3 responses to “Awwww, Finkelstein hits hard times

  1. He should go teach how to be a suicide bomber and actually show how! It would be a one time teaching experience and he would make the world a better place with his example. Hopefully he will take his students with him.

  2. If he takes his students with him, doesn’t that make him a homicide bomber rather than suicide bomber?

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