Peter Beinart pretends to think palestinians want a state of their own

“So why keep criticizing the settlements? Because there’s a difference between what people believe in their hearts and what they will accept onthe ground. That’s certainly true among Jews. Consider Tzipi Livni, who was raised to believe in Greater Israel, a Jewish state that controls theentire West Bank (and perhaps the Jordan Riv er’s East Bank as well). “You can tell from the passionate way Tzipi still sings the Betar songstoday,” a family friend noted a few years back, “just how much the love of Greater Israel is ingrained in her.” Yet Livni is willing to abandon thedream that still inspires her because she believes that, in reality, pursuing it will cause her people suffering and pain.

The same is true for many Palestinians. It’s one thing to believe, morally, that the state of Israel is illegitimate within any borders. It’s another to keep fighting to destroy it within any borders when that fight is likely to condemn your children to lives of stateless misery.”

The entire Arab world and palestinians themselves have condemned their children to lives of stateless misery for decades, on purpose. Everyone, including Beinart, knows very well they could have had a state long long ago.

The title of Beinart’s column is “What Liberal Zionists should say When We’re Called Naive”, but critics of Beinart and his ilk don’t think these people are naive; we think they play naive. What they are, are lying kapos, and this article proves it.

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