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In Ottawa, a taxpayer-funded tribute to a Palestinian terrorist

The art exhibit includes a video in which the names and faces of “assassinated Palestinian figures” are flashed on screen, while an accompanying booklet explains that the images consist of “lost artists, activists, writers and leaders.” Among those memorialized are a number of notorious terrorists responsible for the murder of dozens of civilians. One of the terrorists is Abu Iyad (also known as Salah Mesbah Khalaf) — a founder of Black September, which masterminded the Munich massacre. In fact, Iyad’s face and name appear on the cover of the exhibit’s booklet just inches away from the City of Ottawa’s logo.

Mohamed Hersi found guilty of trying to join Somali terrorist group Al-Shabab

Jurors have found a Toronto man guilty of attempting to join Al-Shabab, the Somali terrorist group responsible for last year’s massacre at a Nairobi shopping mall.

Canada’s “Official Jews” meet with Jew hatin’ little douche goblin

Press Conference: Church Unity  Most Reverend Desmond Tutu

These people are more disgraceful than the goblin himself. Click the image.

Palestinians: BDS Activists Are Troublemakers, Criminals

At university campuses in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, they are hailed as heroes campaigning for Palestinian rights. But in Ramallah, ironically, activists belonging to the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions [BDS] movement are seen by the Palestinian Authority [PA] as trouble-makers and law-breakers.

Attempted Jew massacre of the day

The IDF on Friday afternoon began a manhunt in Samaria. Their target: the terror cell that is believed to have been behind the foiled suicide bombing at Tapuach Junction near Ariel which took place Friday morning.

The assumption at this stage is that the suicide terrorist who was captured wearing a bomb belt was brought to Tapuach Junction by three other Arab terrorists, reports Walla!.

Israel warns it will hold Abbas accountable for Hamas

As Fatah-Hamas unity deal comes closer to completion, official in Jerusalem says PA president will be held responsible for any violence by the Islamist group against Israel.

You know who kidnapped those Nigerian girls, don’t you?


It took unusually long for this to come out.

Video: ‘Palestinian’ high tech develops new kind of ‘protester’

The ‘Palestinians’ have finally gone high tech. They have developed a new kind of ‘protester’ who doesn’t bleed when shot.

So, Just What is a “Palestinian,” Anyways?

The Philistines, of course, were a seafaring people of the Aegean islands.

They were one of the rivals for regional dominance competing with the ancient Israelites along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea over one thousand years before Jesus of Nazareth walked the land.

They were, needless to say, not a people from the Arabian peninsula and were in no way the forebears of those who conquered the Land of Israel in the seventh century.

This is to say that the ancient enemy of the Jews, the Philistines, are in no way related to the contemporary Arabs who have, for some reason, taken a Latin name that refers to a Greek people.

Furthermore, Palestinian-Arab authorities sometimes claim to be either descendants of the Philistines or descendants of the ancient Canaanites or descendants of the little known ancient Jebusites.

The areas of Judea and Samaria, and all the Land of Israel, was renamed Syria-Palestina by the Roman Emperor Hadrian around the year 135 CE for the explicit purpose of erasing Jewish history on the land of the defeated indigenous Jewish population upon the failure of the Bar Kochba Rebellion.

From that day to this the traditional homeland of the Jewish people was generally referred to as either “Palestine” or the “Holy Land” or “Eretz Israel,” depending upon among who, when, and where the conversation was taking place.

By the time that the Zionist project was well under way in the early part of the twentieth-century the terms “Palestine,” to refer to the region, and “Palestinian,” to refer to the Jews of the region, were commonplace in the west.

Throughout the first half of the twentieth-century a “Palestinian” was generally considered a Jew or, in official British terms during of the period of the mandate, anyone, without regard to race or religion, who resided within the mandate, itself. This definition, in my opinion, is probably the only one that actually makes sense from a liberal perspective.

As is often remarked, the Jerusalem Post was originally dubbed the “Palestine Post.” It was not until after the Jews relinquished the designation of “Palestinian” that the local Arabs picked it up.

Guatemalan town creates “Jew registry”, expels two families

“They uploaded photos of [Adolf] Hitler to a website about the Jews in town, saying they will put us in cremation ovens,” he said. “Fifteen days ago, a group of teenagers who has read the website came up to us and began throwing stones at us.”

A policeman later joined the attack, he said, along with several adults. Santos and others eventually managed to call the National Civil Police on the attackers – but he said it only made things worse.

“The next day, the website was filled with anti-Semitic slurs and horrible pictures,” he said. “Several of us wanted to flee that night, because we heard that there was talk of preparing a lynching.”

Less than 24 hours later, several children began stoning a group of women in the Jewish community, shouting “You killed Jesus!” Then one of them through an amateur explosive device.

Community representatives immediately demanded an urgent meeting with the mayor after the incidents – but the situation only worsened.

“They asked us to get out of town because they said that we kidnap children, and then added to the fire by saying the town would be invaded by Jews,” he said. “At the meeting, a lady presented 300 alleged signatures, asking us to leave the village,” he added.

Antisemitism Is Systemic At MSNBC

The past two weeks have seen a series of tweets by MSNBC hosts displaying a lack of sensitivity about the Holocaust which some would call anti-Semitic. Combining those tweets with the network’s history of hiring anti-Semites such as Al Sharpton, who led two anti-Semitic pogroms in New York City, and former political reporter Pat Buchanan, who was fired from MSNBC because of racism, while the network ignored his anti-Semitism, there seems to be systemic problem at the progressive network.

Canada Kicks Off Second Round of Negotiations to Expand Free Trade with Israel

May 26, 2014 – Ottawa, Ontario – Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

The Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, today announced the start of the second round of negotiations to expand and modernize the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA). The negotiations are taking place in Ottawa from May 26 to 29 and will cover a range of key issues.

An expanded and modernized CIFTA will enhance bilateral commercial flows by reducing technical barriers, enhancing cooperation, increasing transparency in regulatory matters and reducing transaction costs for businesses. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the launch of negotiations during his official visit to Israel last January.

Israel is identified as a priority market under Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan.

Quick Facts

CIFTA is a cornerstone of Canada’s commercial relationship with Israel.
Since CIFTA came into force in 1997, Canada’s two-way merchandise trade with Israel has more than doubled to over $1.43 billion in 2013.
Key opportunities for Canadian companies exist in sectors such as defence, information and communications technology, life sciences and sustainable technologies.


Amputations Skyrocket in Venezuela Due to Lack of Medical Equipment

Venezuela’s hospitals are amputating limbs at an alarming pace, as economic shortages under Nicolás Maduro’s socialist government have triggered a scarcity of medical equipment necessary for a number of procedures. Hospitals, a new report shows, are lacking everything from latex gloves and gowns to coronary stents.

Palestinians ‘to unveil unity government’

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is to unveil a unity government by Thursday, ending seven years of rival administrations in the West Bank and Gaza, an official has said.

“We have finished consultations on the national consensus government,” Azzam al-Ahmed, an envoy from Abbas’s Fatah movement, told the AFP news agency on Tuesday after talks in Gaza with its Hamas rulers.

“The announcement will come from the president in the next two days.”

The Palestine Liberation Organisation, which is dominated by Fatah, signed a surprise reconciliation deal with Hamas on April 23, giving the two sides five weeks to draw up an “independent government” of technocrats headed by Abbas.

Agreement on a unity government would pave the way for long-delayed presidential and parliamentary elections.

Hamas won a landslide victory in the last parliamentary elections in 2006.

But the European Union and the United States have refused to have any dealings with the movement until it renounces violence and recognises Israel and past peace deals.

Representatives of the rival factions have held several rounds of talks to heal the bad blood since Hamas expelled Fatah from Gaza in deadly clashes in 2007.

The April reconciliation deal incensed Israel, which reacted by leaving US-brokered peace talks with Abbas’s West Bank-based leadership.


TSEC’s report on the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada

The report was written by Tom Quiggin, a member of the Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada Network (TSEC). Concurrent research at the TSEC network includes a methodology project for intelligence analysts involved in the analysis of extremism. A Horizon Scanning project on the convergence of extremist ideologies is being readied for distribution in late 2014.

Video: “Linda, honey, listen…..”

Palestinians choose mass murderer serving 5 life terms as their top presidential candidate

“It is time that Mr. el-Barghouti should be released from prison to give him the opportunity to candidate for the next presidential elections,” Dr. Nabil Kukali, president and founder of the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, said in a statement.

Toronto film screening: The J Street Challenge

Canada-Israel Friendship Association is pleased to co-sponsor a screening of J Street Challenge, a documentary examining the so-called “pro-Israel, pro-peace” organization which promotes a misleading, seemingly idealistic message of peace that appeals to the uninformed public, with particular target on university students.

The film presents comments and analyses from noted academics and writers who have challenged J Street’s mission and tactics. These critics assert that J Street disproportionally blames Israel for the lack of peace and ignores the vicious hatred and incitement promoted by the Palestinian leadership. In pursuing its political agenda, J Street has divided the Jewish community and weakened communal support for Israel.


Secret Video Shows Hamas Targeting Commuter Train Line

A new train line in Israel may be vulnerable to terrorist rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, Israel Hayom reports. Israeli forces seized a video showing extensive Palestinian surveillance of an Israeli passenger train from the home of a senior Hamas operative in Gaza, suggesting that an attack is being planned.

Video: David Duke promotes his new book, The Illustrated Protocols of Zion

Video: James O’Keefe Dupes Hollywood with Fake Anti-Fracking Film

The video features an undercover journalist from Project Veritas posing as “Muhammad,” a member of a Middle Eastern oil family, offering $9 million in funding to American filmmakers to fund an anti-fracking movie. He was joined by a second undercover activist posing as an ad executive.

O’Keefe entraps actor Ed Begley Jr., actress Mariel Hemingway, and director Josh Tickell, who agree to the film while promising to hide the source of the funds.

The undercover activist tells the group that “if Washington, D.C., continues fracking, America will be energy-efficient, and then they won’t need my oil anymore.”

In a phone call to Tickell, the “ad executive” states, “My client’s interest is to end American energy independence; your interest is to end fracking. And you guys understand that?”

Tickell’s response: “Correct. Yes, super clear.”

Not so Happy in Tehran

Six young Iranians have been arrested after they uploaded a video of themselves dancing throughout Tehran to Pharrell’s “Happy.”



Video of the day: Anarchists protest anarchist conference

Anarcho-Syndicalists protest/get protested at their own conference. A panelist by the name of Kristian Williams was scheduled to speak at the annual Law & Disorder conference, but was thwarted by a protest. No one could actually articulate what their issue is with Mr. Williams. Campus police were eventually called in as the panelists fled.

Coming to Saskatchewan: “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate”

Radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj

This piece of shit  will be lecturing in Regina, Saskatchewan on May 29, 2014.

Event info here.

Why do these people keep being denied entry into the U.S.?

Wouldn’t you love to know? Click the image.


Reform Jews Accuse Movement’s Head of ‘Divisive’ Leadership Over J Street Issue

Click the image.


J Street Bans Jewish Critic, Welcomes Fatah Member to National Conference

Attendees at the J Street National Summit will give PLO member Fayyad a warm welcome, a robust round of applause and probably a standing ovation. J Streeters will undoubtedly be patting themselves on the back for their tolerance of diverse perspectives and their embrace of Israel’s enemies.

Jewish student Daniel Mael will not be allowed into the building.

Hard Work U

Looking for the biggest bargain in higher education? I think I found it in this rural Missouri town, 40 miles south of Springfield, nestled in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. The school is College of the Ozarks, and it operates on an education model that could overturn the perverse method of financing college education that is turning this generation of young adults into a permanent debtor class.

At this college the tuition is nowhere near the $150,000 to $200,000 for a four-year degree that the elite top-tier universities are charging. At College of the Ozarks, tuition is free. That’s right. The school’s nearly 1,400 students don’t pay a dime in tuition during their time there.

So what’s the catch? All the college’s students—without exception—pay for their education by working 15 hours a week on campus. The jobs are plentiful because this school—just a few miles from Branson, a popular tourist destination—operates its own mill, a power plant, fire station, four-star restaurant and lodge, museum and dairy farm.

Some students from low-income homes also spend 12 weeks of summer on campus working to cover their room and board. Part of the students’ grade point average is determined by how they do on the job and those who shirk their work duties are tossed out.

Musical Interlude

Iran Pays Afghans to Fight for Assad

Iran has been recruiting thousands of Afghan refugees to fight in Syria, offering $500 a month and Iranian residency to help the Assad regime beat back rebel forces.

Kathleen Wynne’s travel tax

Consider an Ontario family flying to visit their snowbird grandparents in Orlando, Florida. A typical ticket price from Pearson would be $208 per person, or about $830 for a family of four. If that family was to cross the border and fly from Buffalo, ticket prices drop to $144 per person, totaling $576. That is 44% less. You may think that the price is cheaper because U.S. airlines are more competitive and drive down the price for consumers. But that is not the case from a small airport like Buffalo. The base ticket price from Buffalo is $124, compared to $118 from Toronto. The Toronto traveller pays nearly 450% more taxes.

Video: Israeli sperm!

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made media headlines Thursday, after he screamed an anti-israel slur before sending his security forces to beat a protester.

A Turkish citizen approached Erdogan and his security team as they visited Soma Thursday, in the wake of a catastrophic mining accident that killed nearly 300 people. Erdogan responded with anti-Semitic violence.

“Why are you running away from me – Israeli sperm!” he shrieked, slapping the protester, in video footage uploaded to Sozcu TV. The word “sperm” is seen as a particularly offensive insult in Turkish. The footage later shows security forces beating the man.

Good week! Canada to be rid of another Muslim terrorist

The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld a judge’s decision that an Ottawa sociology professor should be sent to France as a suspect in a decades-old terror bombing.

In its ruling, the appeal court said both the lower-court judge, and subsequently the federal justice minister, made no legal errors in coming to the conclusion Hassan Diab should be handed to French authorities.

Saudi cleric finds cure for MERS, AIDS and Leukemia

Abdullah al-Amrani told al-Hayat newspaper in an interview published Tuesday that he had “succeeded” in finding an herbal cure derived from Islamic medicinal practices.

“I am confident of its effectiveness and [its] ability to cure stubborn diseases and viruses including MERS,” Amrani said, adding that he tried his medicine one two patients – one with AIDS and the other with Leukemia – and both were relieved of their ailments.

Video: Denmark’s ‘voteman’ cartoon pulled: Oral sex, extreme violence and dolphins just too ‘damaging’

A violent and sexual 90-second cartoon made by the Danish parliament to encourage voting in the upcoming EU elections has been removed after being labelled “offensive”.

The ad introduced ‘Voteman’ – a muscular, leather-clad, aggressive ‘superhero’ – who is first filmed having sex with five naked women, in an attempt to appeal to younger voters.

He puts a stop to the hanky panky and rushes out to encourage people to vote, interrupting couples having sex and smashing men and women through glass windows to get them to the voting booths.

Before riding into town on two dolphins, he also rips the head off a young person who says he is going to skip the polls, and throws a couple having sex on election day out of the window – bed and all.

‘Iran owes al Qaeda invaluably,’ ISIS spokesman says

In a response to al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri’s latest attempt at reconciliation with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al Adnani made a startling admission: Al Qaeda has ordered its fighters and branches to refrain from attacking the Iranian state in order to preserve the terror group’s network in the country. This is what Adnani had to say [the translation of Adnani’s statement was obtained by The Long War Journal]:

“The ISIS has kept abiding by the advices and directives of the sheikhs and figures of jihad. This is why the ISIS has not attacked the Rawafid [rejectionists, a term used to describe Shia Muslims] in Iran since its establishment. It has left the Rawafid safe in Iran, held back the outrage of its soldiers, despite its ability, then, to turn Iran into bloodbaths. It has kept its anger all these years and endured accusations of collaboration with its worst enemy, Iran, for refraining from targeting it, leaving the Rawafid there to live in safety, acting upon the orders of al Qaeda to safeguard its interests and supply lines in Iran.

Yes, it [the ISIS] has held back the outrage of its soldiers and its own anger for years to maintain the unity of the mujahideen in opinion and action.

Let history record that Iran owes al Qaeda invaluably.”


Trial of Ottawa hospital technician accused of terror plot begins

The trial of Misbahuddin Ahmed, who is accused of plotting terrorist attacks in Canada and abroad, began in Ottawa Wednesday.

Ahmed, 30, a former diagnostic imaging technician with the Ottawa Hospital, has pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiring to knowingly facilitate a terrorist activity, participation in the activities of a terrorist group, and possession of explosives with intent to do harm.

Actual good news: Mohamed Harkat security certificate upheld by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the national security certificate against terror suspect Mohamed Harkat, rejecting his constitutional challenge.

The top court decision released Wednesday says the legal process used to detain the Ottawa resident for years was fair and reasonable.

The decision means the government can move to deport Harkat, who has argued he faces torture or even death if he returns to Algeria. The matter of his deportation will be handled by immigration and public security officials.

Good news: 26% of the World Is Anti-Semitic and 46% Unaware of Holocaust, Survey Finds

The survey of 53,100 adults attempted to measure anti-semitic attitudes in 102 countries around the world by asking respondents their impressions of a series of 11 stereotypes about Jewish people. 26 percent of those who responded hold strongly anti-Semitic views, they found.

Daily Beast: Boko Haram Terrorists Are Not ‘Islamic’

On the very day that the devout Muslim group Boko Haram released a video of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, clad in burkas and being forced to recite the Qur’an, author Dean Obeidallah declared in the Daily Beast that “The Nigerian terrorist group that kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls has nothing to do with Islam, and it’s grotesquely irresponsible of the media to suggest it does.”

Mr. Obeidallah, it’s not the media that suggests it; it is Boko Haram that declares it.

Epic: It Took Just 3 Minutes For Trey Gowdy To Shame An Entire Room Of Journalists Into Silence

Amnesty Researcher Admits That Palestinian ‘Eyewitnesses’ Often Lie

“Fear can lead victims and witnesses to withhold evidence or give deliberately erroneous accounts of incidents. In Gaza, I received partial or inaccurate information by relatives of civilians accidentally killed in accidental explosions or by rockets launched by Palestinian armed groups towards Israel that had malfunctioned and of civilians killed by Israeli strikes on nearby Palestinian armed groups’ positions. When confronted with other evidence obtained separately, some said they feared reprisals by the armed groups.”

Uh huh, they lie because of fear………

J Street’s Loss Is George Soros’s Loss

The anti-Zionist Zionists, J Street, lost its bid to become a member of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The prestigious and influential group said no to George Soros’s fifth-column attempt to gain admission to the Jewish community’s big tent. Even some liberal Jews, despite their mantras of inclusion and outreach, showed they still understood the difference between tolerance and self-inflicted sabotage.

J Street, after much subterfuge, finally admitted in 2010 that it receives funds from Soros, a man who says the upsurge of anti-Semitism in Europe is a result of the policies of Israel and the United States. According to Soros, Jews are being beaten in the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, and Malmo not because of fundamentalist Islam’s hateful teachings but because of Israel and America.

To divert attention from Soros’ controversial and embarrassing role in J Street, Jeremy Ben-Ami, J Street’s executive director, created a straw man. According to Ben-Ami’s diversion, the issue was never about Soros’ funding but about his founding the group.

Ben-Ami pointedly denies that Soros founded the group and shifts ground to minimizing his support as a mere seven percent of the total funding. But then there is the inconvenient Ms. Consolacion Esdicul, a Hong Kong businesswoman, whose admiration for J Street and its quest for peace in the Middle East so moved her that her contributions outstripped Soros’.

Ms. Consolacion Esdicul, regrettably, has the distinct appearance of a Soros proxy. And Ben-Ami’s attempts at explaning both her beneficence and who she is require that one substantially lower the bar of credulity.

Soros is known for many things that caused human misery, including betting against currencies that, when they crashed, took the life savings of people across the globe. But Soros, a non-practicing Jew, seems to have taken a peculiar and succulent delight in being an accomplice to the Nazi expropriation of Jewish property in his native Hungary.

In a “60 Minutes” interview with Steve Kroft, which Soros’ partisans have been continually reinterpreting, Soros said that the war years were the happiest time of his life. During that period, Soros went out with his faux godfather and helped in the confiscation of property of fellow Jews, a fact he acknowledged.

Kroft thought this might put most people on the psychiatric couch, but Soros admitted that he did not feel any guilt.


Armed with bats, Kiev Jews look to combat anti-Semitism

Ukrainian Jews with combat have skills formed a rapid intervention force to stop anti-Semitic attacks. The force, which was set up in recent weeks, currently is made up of eight men who served in combat units of the Israel Defense Forces or have martial arts skills, the team’s founder, Tzvi Arieli, told JTA Thursday.

Boycott this: Israeli company produces cancer vaccine against 90% of cancers

Vaxil BioTherapeutics, a biotechnical company based in Ness Ziona, near Tel Aviv, has produced a ground-breaking therapeutic vaccine for cancer patients which could prevent about 90% of cancers from coming back.

And now, female genital mutilation parties

The cutting of girls at female genital mutilation “parties” is still going on in Britain and not just taking place abroad, healthcare experts have told MPs.

The Commons home affairs select committee has heard that “cutters” – often older women – are flown into Britain for the events, at which as many as a dozen girls may be operated on.

Janet Fyle, of the Royal College of Midwives, said that by the time the authorities could be alerted, the cutter would have left. “By the time the girls are cut, the woman ‘cutter’ is on her flight back to the country she came from. We can’t go after the cutter. We don’t know who she or he is. The parents have to be held responsible,” she said.

Video: Egyptian TV: Simpsons Episode Proves Syria War Is U.S. Conspiracy

“Just when you think Bernie Farber, bigtime censorship zealot and former head honcho of the Canadian Jewish Congress, can’t get any smaller…..”

Mark Steyn rips Bernie a new one:

“….he does. In a world in which the US Secretary of State thinks nothing of slurring Israel as an “apartheid” state, the Prime Minister of Canada is the best friend the Jewish state has. But Farber can’t resist a cheap and vulgar crack (it is one of the paradoxes of our world that you can’t say “bossy” or “man up” but you can say “shit” and “fuck” all you want).

The photoshop of which he is so proud imposes Stephen Harper on the current formal portrait of Her Majesty as Queen of Canada, and wearing her medals as Sovereign of the Order of Canada, which Bernie desperately wants to get in on, and of the Order of Military Merit, which may be a stretch even for him. I don’t mind people sneering at the Queen – Quebec separatists do it all the time, and so do Aussie republicans and Guardian columnists and all kinds of other folk. But it’s a strange thing for a creep like Bernie, who wasn’t above accepting Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee medal, and is so pleased with it he uses the photograph of him getting it on his Twitter page, the self-same Twitter page where he pisses all over her.”