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Toronto vigil for Jewish kids murdered by palestinians


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Comment of the day

Naftali Frankel 16 (dual Israeli/American citizen) Gilad Shaar, 16, (Israeli citizen) Eyal Yifrach, 19 (Israeli …

“Ha! I told you so. Good and dead. Now get the fuck out of my country you stooge, take M Marinov with you. Greasy fucking immigrants.”



Canada and Israel are going to pot together

When Neil Closner, the former vice president of Business Development for Toronto’s world-renowned Mount Sinai Hospital, found himself a bit cynical about his latest job offer, it took a trip to Safed, Israel, to help him make up his mind.

Closner is now the CEO of MedReleaf, a licensed producer and supplier of medical cannabis which works out of a 55,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Markham, Ontario, just minutes east of Toronto. He had no background in this area, and swears that he’s never even had so much as a drag on a cigarette.

But when Stephen Arbib, CEO of MENA Investment Network, the company behind MedReleaf, approached him about the job, Closner wasn’t convinced that the medical pot business was anything more than a legal way for people to get high.

“When I left Mount Sinai, I knew that I wanted to be part of a successful business, but I also knew that it would have to be a business in which we were helping people with the quality of their lives; to help improve the world, bit by bit,” says Closner.

So Closner made the 13-hour plane ride to Israel to visit Tikun Olam, Israel’s first and largest government-approved producer of medical cannabis. Known as the start-up nation for its entrepreneurial spirit, Israel is also one of the most progressive medical cannabis markets on the globe.

Closner soon found himself in a senior citizen nursing home on a kibbutz about an hour outside of Tel Aviv where Tikun Olam had been running clinical trials of the effects of medical cannabis on its patients for two years.

After spending a day visiting with several seniors and hearing their personal stories, Closner knew he had found his new business, one that melded nicely with the Jewish values he had grown up with in Toronto’s Jewish community.

“I went room to room, meeting with at least a dozen of these octogenarians, and each one of them told me their stories about how their lives were totally transformed by cannabis, most of which really blew my mind,” says Closner.

Among the seniors he chatted with, Closner relates a particularly heartfelt and emotional tale of a patient suffering from dementia.

Unable to eat or go to the bathroom by himself, the man needed 24-hour care, someone to literally spoon-feed him every day lest he succumb to malnutrition. After taking a couple of cannabis capsules daily, he soon found himself not only eating on his own, but able to take care of his bathroom needs without anybody’s help.

Iranian Cleric Accuses Israel of Spying on it with Genies


Iranian TV has broadcast a segment where Waliullah Naqi Borfer, an expert in the supernatural jinn of Arab mythology, said that Jews have long experience in manipulating jinn and Israel has tried to use the creatures to perform espionage on Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Content warning: Moronic mayoral candidate releases new video

Russia in secret plot against fracking, Nato chief says

Russia is secretly working with environmental groups campaigning against fracking in an attempt to maintain Europe’s dependence on energy imports from Moscow, the secretary-general of Nato has said.

Speaking at the Chatham House foreign affairs think-tank in London, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Russia was mounting a sophisticated disinformation campaign aimed at undermining attempts to exploit alternative energy sources such as shale gas.

SEIU Member Freaks Union Out with Transparency Lawsuit

One courageous member of the powerful state-employee union, SEIU Local 1000, is challenging the way they do business, trying to make public the union’s financial records.

Egypt arrests 15 ISIS militants from Gaza

Egyptian special forces tracked and arrested a terrorist cell which had used tunnels to cross from Gaza into the Sinai Peninsula.

US House panel set to approve Hezbollah sanctions bill

The US House Foreign Affairs Committee is completing legislation that would put intensified financial pressure on Hezbollah. The Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act of 2014 will prevent the Lebanon-based Shia terrorist group from receiving financing through international institutions.

Why Does the Toronto District School Board Hate Disabled Children?


Jacob wants to know.

Parallel parking is hard

Video: Muslim savages on the Temple Mount

List of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel (so far), 2014

This is a detailed list of Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks on Israel in 2014.

Israel aims to stop Palestinian Authority from paying terrorists

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is a “mega-terrorist” because he encourages the murder of Jews with monetary grants, Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett told Israel Radio on Thursday as the Diplomatic-Security Cabinet examined possible ways of blocking the Palestinian Authority from paying out rewards to terrorists and their families.

On Wednesday evening, the Prime Minister’s Office presented figures on the PA’s payments to terrorists imprisoned in Israel. The numbers indicated that in 2011-2012, the Palestinian Prisoner Affairs Ministry transferred half a billion shekels ($150 million) to imprisoned terrorists and their families. Individual prisoners receive up to 12,000 shekels ($3,500) every month.

 According to the data, the awards are handed out on the basis of a pay scale determined by the sentence. For example, a terrorist serving five to 10 years will get 4,000 shekels ($1,200), while a terrorist serving 25 to 30 years will get 10,000 shekels ($2,900). Terrorists serving sentences of more than 30 years will get 12,000 shekels ($3,500). Terrorists who have children get additional money.


Israel Renovates Pediatric Oncology Ward in Kenya

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman inaugurated a pediatric oncology ward in Kenyatta National Hospital renovated by the Embassy of Israel in Nairobi.

‘Peaceful’ Palestinian Leaders Tolerate Terror Buildup

One of the most important, but least-reported stories connected to the recent kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers by Palestinian terrorists is the discovery of numerous terrorist tunnels and weapons depots in areas ruled by the “peaceful” Palestinian Authority.

The conventional wisdom is that Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas is a “moderate” who opposes terrorism and wants to make peace with Israel. PA spokesmen have assured Western reporters that they oppose the Hamas terrorists and are “cooperating” with Israel in the search for the abducted teens.

But what Israeli soldiers have found in their search missions tells a very different story.

As they have gone house to house in the PA-controlled Hebron region, Israeli soldiers have discovered “dozens of suspected terror tunnels,” according to a June 22 report by, the internet news site of the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot.

“Some of the tunnels were found by soldiers inside the homes of Palestinians, under large pieces of furniture and laundry machines,” Yediot reported. The Israelis also found numerous “caches of weapons and explosives” in private homes — and “close to 20 laboratories for manufacturing improvised explosives devices.”

Judge calls Liberal fundraising tactics ‘troubling, even toxic’

The Charbonneau Commission has officially wrapped for the summer.

Justice France Charbonneau closed the spring session on Wednesday afternoon, promising that she and her staff would continue working behind closed doors in the coming weeks and that they would return to the airwaves “on Sept. 2, at the latest.”

The high-profile inquiry will hear from several additional witnesses this fall before moving on to a final phase of public consultations, which should wrap by Christmas.

The last witness of the 2014 spring session was former Quebec Liberal Party fundraising organizer Violette Trépanier, who spent two days on the stand answering questions about how her party raised money between 2001 and 2013.

On Wednesday, Trépanier acknowledged that the Liberals approved fundraising certificates for several people who were suspected of having links to the Mafia or who were embroiled in fraud and corruption probes.

Certificates were issued to construction bosses Lino Zambito, Paolo Catania and Giuseppe Borsellino, for example, and to former SNC-Lavalin executive Riahd Ben Aïssa (now detained in a Swiss prison). Rosaire Sauriol of engineering firm Dessau and his brother, Jean-Pierre Sauriol, also held certificates, as did France Michaud of Roche.

The documents, which were entered into evidence at the commission, allowed the executives to solicit donations on behalf of the Liberals between 2007 and 2009, and were perfectly legal.

Trépanier testified that it is “troubling” and “disappointing” that so many of the people she trusted to collect money were targeted by police investigations, but said it didn’t occur to her to revoke the certificates.

That response wasn’t good enough for Justice Charbonneau, who suggested that the whole thing reeked of corruption and political influence-peddling.

“It’s troubling, it’s even toxic,” said the judge.

As the day wore on, Trépanier was again questioned about so-called “sectoral financing.” She maintained that the Liberals solicited individuals within engineering and construction companies, but never the companies themselves. Inquiry lawyer Paul Crépeau then confronted the witness with emails and other documents linked to party fundraising events which listed the names of companies, not people.

A visibly uncomfortable Trépanier replied that these were simply cases of “bad wording.”

“If we had to do this again, we’d do it differently,” she testified. “Well, we’d do the same, but call it something else. We’d refer to individuals.”

Other inconsistencies — like the name on a cheque being changed or part of a donation being transferred from a father to his daughter in order to ensure the party respected the legal donation limit — were chalked up to “clerical errors” or simply “mistakes.”

Asked why people with links to the construction industry gave so much more to political parties in Quebec than any other group (like doctors, lawyers or veterinarians, for example), Trépanier said she had “no comment to make about that.”

But the Liberals apparently knew exactly who their biggest donors were and what they were looking for — namely, access to the cabinet. The party set higher fundraising targets for its ministers in the late 2000s ($100,000 per year) than for less-powerful MNAs ($50,000). Trépanier acknowledged on Wednesday that selling tickets to a fundraiser was easier when a transport or municipal affairs minister was scheduled to be present because engineering executives wanted face-time with those people.

In total, the Quebec Liberal Party received $95 million in legal donations between 1996 and 2011, compared with $68 million collected by the Parti Québécois.

The Charbonneau Commission spent much of the spring session analyzing how the provincial government awarded public works and construction contracts, and how that process may have been linked to political financing. The inquiry’s final report, nearly four years in the making, is expected to land in April 2015.


Shin Bet reveals identity of two main suspected kidnappers


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Filthy, lying Canadian Kapo of the day


“Fine, I am not yet a Palestinian Jew, but in 10 to 15 years — and certainly in my lifetime — this place will be called Palestine, and I will be a citizen of Jewish-Israeli heritage.”

Your tax dollars at work: $12,000 umbrellas

Waterfront Toronto spent $11,565 for each of the 36 pink umbrellas that dot Sugar Beach and another $529,800 for the lakeside park’s large candy-striped rocks – money spent without public scrutiny by an agency that is running out of cash, says the Toronto councillor who unearthed the spending details.


Hello Kitty house


Review and excerpts of Mahmoud Abbas’ Holocaust denial book

How often have you heard that Abu Mazen is a Holocaust denier? Ever since Mahmoud Abbas rose to top of the Palestinian leadership, the issue has come up again and again. But on the 27 April, 2014, in an unprecedented move, the Palestinian President publicly declared that the Holocaust was “the most horrible crime committed against humanity.” Abbas argued that the Holocaust was the result of ethnic discrimination and racism, which the Palestinians reject.

Abbas’ words, alongside his rejection of the idea that his book explicitly denies the Holocaust, strengthen the need to do an in-depth review of his controversial work. First, we need to point out that Holocaust Denial isn’t just the denial that any murders happened, but also the minimizing of its true dimensions, the hiding of facts, as well as the blurring of the responsibility of the actual perpetrators. Abu Mazen may not do the former, but does the latter openly and explicitly.

We can already see this in the subtitle of the book itself “The Secret Contacts Between Nazism and Zionism.” In addition, throughout the whole book, he weaves many anti-Semitic threads, describing Zionism as being ultimately responsible of the destruction of European Jewry, a statement that the Nazis themselves would no doubt have endorsed. Abbas also touches on Jews in Arab lands, ignoring their suffering and creating an ahistorical politically-motivated fantasy. Anyone with any knowledge of history would easily recognize this to be a tendentious, propagandistic work saturated with open and hidden anti-Semitic messages.

Vancouver may declare city is on ‘unceded territory’

“The modern city of Vancouver was founded on the traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations and that these territories were never ceded through treaty, war or surrender,” reads the motion.

Israeli, US terror victims could ‘own’ Iran’s Internet

A United States court on Tuesday effectively awarded a group of American and Israeli victims of Iranian terror the rights to the .ir domain, the suffix used to identify Iranian websites, along with all of Iran’s IP addresses.

As a result, said the group’s attorney, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner of the Shurat Hadin Law Center, Iran could find itself kicked off the Internet by ICANN, a Los Angeles-based organization that manages the web.

Video: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog covers the World Cup

Iran is the world’s most notorious executioner of children

They rape and torture women in Iran: First, at home, as a family matter; then in prison, as a state matter.

They publicly execute women for daring to kill their attackers in self-defense. It is public in order to terrify and sicken others, shame them, make them know that they are really, truly helpless, have them understand that when the authorities come for them, no one will intervene on their behalf. A public execution is a fine way to keep a civilian population permanently cowed.

And yet, there are things that will not allow one to go on, brutalities on a daily basis that are, perhaps, even more sickening than a public execution.

Rayhana Jabbari has been sentenced to hang for the crime of killing the man who was attempting to rape her. She has already been in jail for seven years. Even the United Nations has called for a “fair trial.” Her execution was postponed but she remains in danger of being hung at any moment.

As does an Iranian child bride, Razieh Ebrahimi, married at 14, and who now faces imminent execution for killing her violent and abusive husband when she was 17 years-old. She has been languishing in prison for the last four years.

Farzana Moradi was also accused of murdering her husband. She was married to him when she was 15, became a mother at 16, and wanted “out” by the time she was nineteen. “Out” did not exist for her. “Out” meant killing her husband. Despite an international campaign on her behalf, the Islamic Republic of Iran hung her on March 4, 2014. Farzana was 26 years old.


Israel Claims $3B in Cyber Exports; 2nd Only to US

Netanyahu: ‘We Have a Land Flowing With Milk and Cyber‘.

Sweet Video! Palestinian Authority police assault CNN reporter, Ben Wedeman

Ben Wedeman, the network’s correspondent who covers events in Israel and the territories, said that he was accosted by PA policeman who ordered that the cameraman cease filming a pro-Hamas demonstration.

Isis jihadists ‘seize Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons stockpile’

Wait what? Chemical weapons? You don’t say….

Now what?

Battle of the victims!

“Gay, white/native professor sues historically black university for discrimination.”

List of Killings Ordered or Supported by Muhammad


“The use of assassination to achieve political/religious goals has been important throughout the history of Arabia and Islamic expansion, and the very word “assassin”[1] has Arabic roots (حشّاشين).

This list contains the results and reasons for the targeted killings and assassinations ordered or supported by Prophet Muhammad, as well as the primary sources which mention these incidents.”

Mo sure did kill a lot of folks for mocking him.

82 Astounding Facts About Cats

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Palestinian Authority Raid Exposes Hamas Dungeon for Hiding Israeli Captives

Video footage released on Tuesday showed what Palestinian Authority (PA) security officials said was an underground dungeon Hamas had prepared meant to hide abducted Israelis.

The underground facility, with electricity, piped-in air, running water and waste disposal, served as a bunker intended to not only hold hostages, but also to serve as a command center to hold negotiations over their release, according to the officials, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.


Hillary: Hamas Officials ‘Largely Technocrats’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience in Toronto on Monday that she supported President Barack Obama’s decision to work with the Palestinian Authority’s new unity government, even though it includes the Hamas terror organization, because the new governing officials are “largely technocrats.”

Iran’s ‘anti-Canada rhetoric’ has officials on guard for possible Ottawa area terror attacks

Noting Iran’s rising “anti-Canada rhetoric,” intelligence officials have been monitoring the Islamic republic as a potential terrorist threat to the Ottawa area, newly declassified documents show.

While the diplomatic falling out between Ottawa and Tehran is well-known, the intelligence reports are the first indication the Canadian government is tracking the possibility it could lead to terrorism in the capital.

The reports, written by the Integrated Terrorist Assessment Centre, do not specify the exact nature of the threat Tehran may pose to the Ottawa region but in the past Iran has used its proxy force, Hezbollah, to attempt attacks internationally.

The documents also note the Iran connection to last year’s alleged plot to derail a Toronto-bound passenger train. The RCMP says the conspiracy was directed by Al Qaeda figures operating out of Iran.

Wonder why the media is so quiet on the Las Vegas shooting?

The murderers were left wing Occupy movement pigs.

Let the assassinations begin

One Hamas bitch per day, and don’t stop, even after the boys are back:

“Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, while accusing Hamas of perpetrating the abduction of three Israeli teens, hinted Sunday that Israel, either in retribution or in order to thwart future attacks, may reestablish its campaign of targeted killings against the organization’s leadership.”

Today in palestinian filth

This was posted on the palestinian authority Facebook page.



JDL Prayer Rally for 3 Jewish students kidnapped by Arab Terrorists


Naftali Frankel 16 (dual Israeli/American citizen)
Gilad Shaar, 16, (Israeli citizen)
Eyal Yifrach, 19 (Israeli citizen)…

who were abducted by Arab terrorists on Thursday on their way home from religious school.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with these boys, their families, the IDF, the government of Israel and all those involved in trying to secure their release. May G-d bless you.

Monday June 16th, 9:00 pm–10:00 pm




Israel Consulate 180 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Palis up in arms over kuffiyeh shorts


“Cultural appropriation” blah blah blah.

Dogs have more self respect than Obama voters


Dogs prefer to EARN treats by solving problems, rather than receiving handouts.


Venezuelans sodomized by socialism — even after death

Now, even in death, Venezuelans are afflicted by shortages. Coffin production has dropped between 20% and 30% this year for lack of materials, forcing funeral and burial delays and boosting cask prices, industry officials say.

Pedro Navarro, former president of Venezuela’s funeral parlor association, has blamed lagging production at the state-run foundry Sidor. In short supply especially was the metal leaf used in the construction of coffins. “Some factories are paralysed. Others are buying thicker leaf,” he said.

The country, which has a population of 30 million, has about 50 coffin factories. The president of one of Caracas’ biggest coffin companies, Ataudes Venezuela, said that glue, varnish, paint and fabric for the interiors, was scarce.

“I figure that within two or three months, if things continue on this path, it’s going to get so bad that there won’t be coffins to bury people”.

Video: Israel VS palestine

Video: Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street Characters, Part of Jewish Plot to Destroy Humanity

First proactive anti-BDS student resolution passes at Western Washington U.

Associated Students of Western Washington University (ASWWU) became the first North American university student government to pass a proactive resolution against the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

In a 7-0 vote, ASWWU resolved that it would not consider BDS resolutions based on national origin because of the “tensions between students related to foreign conflicts should be managed in a healthy and collaborative manner rather than be exacerbated.”

Additionally, the resolution noted that BDS campaigns could result in students being targeted based on their nationality and lead to “disrespectful bias, hostility, hate, or harassment.”

ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan, ‘Slaughter’ King Abdullah

Islamist terrorists in Iraq and Syria have begun creeping toward neighboring countries, sources close to the Islamic fundamentalists revealed this week.

The terrorists, who belong to The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS — known as DAESH in Arabic] and are said to be an offshoot of al-Qaeda, are planning to take their jihad to Jordan, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula — after having already captured large parts of Syria and Iraq, the sources said.

Amazing street art in Brazil

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Inequality Thrives at Public Universities, Where Execs Live Like Kings

The left loves to cite corporate America when lambasting the greed of the mega-wealthy 1 percent. But what about public universities, where top administrators make millions of dollars while students flounder in debt?

New Fatah logo: A united Israel-free palestine

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Concentration camp travel agencies, smugglers offer false hope of emigration

“The poor economic conditions in the Gaza Strip for more than eight years made me want to leave. I kept wasting my money until I had to borrow from friends. I was young and the travel offices that I visited took my money for ‘initial costs.’ After a while, they would tell me that the attempt hadn’t succeeded and that the money was nonrefundable because it paid for the cost of communicating with the embassies,” he said.

He said that the travel agencies he dealt with were less fraudulent than their peers, because he lost little money compared to other people who used other agencies. According to him, some other agencies went as far as dumping some of their young clients at sea near European shores.