Media Label Palestinian Terror Attack Killing 3-Month-Old a ‘Car Accident’

Yesterday, a Palestinian Muslim terrorist drove a car over a 3-month-old baby in Jerusalem. The baby was an American citizen. Hamas promptly praised the attack as a “daring operation.” So did the “moderate” Palestinian Authority wing Fatah, which pledged “loyalty” to the terrorist. Palestinians in East Jerusalem went on a mini-riot in the aftermath, setting tires and dumpsters on fire and throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at police, according to the Times of Israel. The West, thus far, has been silent.

But not the entire West. The Western media has played the terrorist attack as anything but a terrorist attack, once again perverting the truth in order to achieve moral equivalence between Palestinians who run over 3-month-old babies and Israelis who shoot those who run over 3-month-old babies.

Here’s the initial Associated Press headline: “Israeli police shoot man in East Jerusalem.”

Yes, that was the actual headline. Which is like AP headline the Canadian terror attack, “Canadian police shoot Muslim in Ottawa.”

So the AP changed the headline: “Car slams into east Jerusalem train station.”

Yes, it was the car, not the Palestinian Muslim terrorist inside the car. CAMERA explained, “there were clearly enough details available at the time, even with the news still in the hazy ‘breaking’ stage, that the inappropriate and misleading headline should never have appeared on the story.”

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