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These Are Some Of The Most Spectacular Israeli Air Force F-15 Jets Photographs Ever


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Sick: BDS groups spread photoshop of Concentration Camp inmates holding anti-Israel signs


Beyond revolting.

The Myth of ‘Deradicalizing’ Islamic Radicals

On Monday, I appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence. The committee is studying the question of security threats to Canada as well as ‘deradicalization’ efforts being promoted by the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police].

I suggested to the senators that ‘deradicalization’ initiatives by Canada’s security agencies were doomed to failure because the very men and women partnering with the RCMP in this exercise were not just part of the problem, but in many ways the cause of radicalization.

Support for Islamic State (Isis) among Arabic-speaking social media users in Belgium, Britain, France and the US is greater than in the militant group’s heartlands of Syria and Iraq

In what is understood to be the first rigorous mass analysis of those for and against the world’s largest jihadist organisation, Italian academics found that in a three-and-a-half month period starting in July, content posted by Arabic-speaking Europeans on Twitter and Facebook was more favourable to Isis than content posted in those countries on the frontline of the conflict.

As the World Burns, UN General Assembly Takes on Bullying

The world is in flames, Christians beheaded all over the Middle East, much of that region in anarchic chaos, increased nuclear saber-rattling from Russia, many parts of the world crippled economically, hundreds of thousands dying from malaria, and a billion people cannot get a clean glass of drinking water. Yet this week, the United Nations General Assembly took up bullying.

Birthright Israel cuts ties with New Israel Fund

In response to Birthright’s decision, Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the head of NGO Monitor, a watchdog group, told The Jerusalem Post that the NIF “seeks to do more than ‘influence Israeli policy’ – on central issues, their unelected officials seek to impose their opinions on the Israeli democratic process.

“For example, as NGO Monitor research shows, members of the NIF NGO network, including Adalah, Breaking the Silence, B’Tselem, Yesh Din and others use their budgets to bombard the UN, the European Union, journalists, academics and others with false allegations of ‘wars crimes’ and ‘apartheid.’

A Progressive Guide to Thanksgiving Conversation

In the great progressive spirit, here are a few tips on how to talk to — and morally improve — your family this Thanksgiving:

1. Your crazy uncle complains in passing that the construction on Redlands Avenue is limiting the flow of traffic to his hardware store, and wonders if the job could be completed more quickly.

This must not be allowed to stand. Ask your uncle if he’s an anarchist and if he has heard of Somalia. If you missed Politics 101 at Oberlin, refer to the Fact Cards that you have printed out from and explain patiently that the government is the one thing that we all belong to and that the worry that it is “too big” or “too centralized” or “too slow to achieve basic tasks” has a long association with neo-Confederate causes.

Remind him also that:

the state has a monopoly on legitimate violence.
Europe is doing really well.
The Koch Brothers.

Should all that fail, insist sadly that if he doesn’t fully apologize for his opinions you will have to conclude that he hates gay people. Ask why your family has to talk about politics all the time.


Attempted Jew massacres of the day


A Shin Bet operation, with the aid of the IDF, exposed a Hamas terror cell and thwarted its foreign-trained members from executing a number of attacks on Israeli destinations, it was cleared for publication Thursday.

The terrorists were receiving orders from Hamas’ Turkey delegation. During the investigation, more than 30 suspects were arrested; explosive devices, M-16 rifles, and ammunition were confiscated. The cell included a number of West Bank Palestinians, two Jordanians, and a Kuwaiti.

Jews Control Everything

google it

How the hell do I get in on this giant Zionist conspiracy thing? Click the image.

Iran To Murder Man Accused Of Insulting Mo

An Iranian court upheld the death sentence of a man who is accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in art posted online.

Palestinian Authority Taps Top Lobbying Firm Patton Boggs

Determined to keep American aid flowing to the PA, despite a recent alliance with Hamas.


Israel Demands NATO Response to New Hamas Headquarters in Turkey

Israel has demanded that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) take action against one of its members, Turkey, after learning that the country allowed the Gaza-based Palestinian terror group Hamas to set up operational headquarters in Istanbul.

Senior political sources in Jerusalem said Hamas has chosen to relocate its diplomatic and military headquarters from Damascus to Istanbul due to the civil war that is raging in Syria. Official communiqués sent from Jerusalem to NATO’s office in Brussels said it was inconceivable that a member of the intergovernmental military alliance would maintain ties with a terrorist organization.

EXPOSED: US Media Outlets Daily Beast and International Business Times Publish False Accusation of Israeli Police ‘Sexually Abusing’ Palestinian Children

At least two major media outlets have this week reported the shocking statistic that 40 percent of of Palestinian children detained in Jerusalem have been sexually abused by Israeli police. There’s only one problem – the statistic is entirely fabricated.

Israeli lawmaker warns ‘post-Zionist’ groups infiltrating Hillel around the U.S.

The Jewish campus life organization Hillel came under fire in the Knesset on Monday from an unlikely direction: the Israeli right.

MK Ayelet Shaked (Habayit Hayehudi) expressed deep concern that representatives of what she termed “post-Zionist groups” had been invited to addresses students at Hillel functions held on campuses around the United States, where they were influencing student opinion.

“I have heard testimonies that the BDS [Boycott, Divest, Sanction] movement and the New Israel Fund have infiltrated some campuses, and this is happening under the supervision of Hillel and with the funding of Hillel,” Shaked told a session of the Knesset Committee for Aliyah, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, which met to discuss growing anti-Israel sentiment on American college campuses. Participating in the session were Eric Fingerhut, the president of Hillel International, representative of the Israeli Hillel organization and students active in Israel advocacy groups.

The participants at the Knesset session were shown excerpts from a new documentary that accuses Hillel, the largest Jewish campus life organization in the world, of providing a platform to groups that it claims demonize and delegitimize Israel.

“You have organizations like J Street and the NIF [New Israel Fund] that bring representatives of groups that badmouth the Israel Defense Forces and the state of Israel to speak at Hillel-sponsored functions,” the Israeli-born filmmaker, Natan Nestel, told the committee. In particular, he noted that B’tselem and Breaking the Silence, two Israeli groups active in documenting and exposing human rights violations in the occupied territories, were often invited to present at Hillel events, where they had a “destructive influence” on Jewish students.

“Many kids who grow up in pro-Israel homes end up joining anti-Israel movements as a result of their influence,” he charged. As a graduate student at Berkeley, Nestel served as chairman of the Israeli Students’ Organization in North America. He has spent the past few years making this film.

According to Hillel guidelines, organizations that “delegitimize” and “demonize” Israel are banned from participating in functions it sponsors. Nestel claimed, however, that Hillel violates its own guidelines.

Abbas’ book reveals: The ‘Nazi-Zionist plot’ of the Holocaust

Peace partner!

In 1982 doctorate, Palestinian president not only doubts existence of gas chambers, number of Jews perished, he also accuses Zionist movement of secretly colluding with the Nazis and supporting the genocide of the Jews of Europe.

Concordia students urged to vote against BDS

Recently, McGill University students shot down a motion to condemn Israel and stand in solidarity with Palestinbians that would have seen the college take a stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Now, Jewish and pro-Israel students are urging undergraduate students of Concordia University to vote against another anti-Israel stance.

Students for Justice Palestine Plans Illegal Activity Against Jewish Students, Israel

A recently discovered internal document of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Binghamton SUNY sheds new light on the anti-Semitic bigotry of SJP groups all over the United States, along with SJP’s ties to international campaigns to harm Israel and the Jewish people.

The document, which is entitled “Declaration of Principles and Strategies,” specifically outlines strategies for targeting, ostracizing, harassing, and silencing students on campus who oppose the boycott of Israel or who simply attend a pro-Israel event. In a lengthy section on “Tactics and Strategies Used to Counter Zionist Normalization,” the document gives instructions for when and how to disrupt “Zionist” events and activities on campus. Disrupting an event is a direct violation of others’ right to freedom of expression and assembly, as well as a blatant violation of New York law.

The internal Binghamton-SJP Declaration provides a window into “anti-Zionist normalization” campaigns that are being waged by Students for Justice in Palestine groups across the United States who have the explicit purpose of delegitimizing all pro-Israel perspectives and actively suppress their expression on college campuses. These campaigns have resulted in dozens of Jewish and pro-Israel students’ events being disrupted, and Jewish and pro-Israel students feeling harassed, intimidated, and stripped of their constitutionally protected freedom of expression and association.


Canadians with alleged terrorist links


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Jerusalem terror attack of the day

45-year-old Jewish man arrives at police station with stab wounds to abdomen, another suffers wounds to neck and hand; one suspect held for questioning as police searching for additional suspects.

Two New Black Panther Members Arrested with Explosives Near Ferguson

he FBI arrested two alleged New Black Panther members on Thursday on outstanding warrants, they’re “accused of purchasing explosives they apparently planned to use during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, a law enforcement source told CBS News.”

Choosing to be offended

For the zillionth time, Anti-Zionism IS Anti-Semitism

This is for all you “progressives”.


Erdogan is a lunatic

RCMP de-radicalization councillor admits holding meetings for months with Taliban representatives

“Please pray for the success of my mission. I am meeting with the head of the Taliban Embassy in Doha, Qatar and we are working on a treaty that would state clearly that the Taliban (Mujahideen) don’t condone vigilante violence, Criminal acts or Terrorism in Non Muslim Countries. They have agreed to take it to Mullah Omar. When and if it is signed then it will be read at a press release in Doha, Qatar and CNN, CBC, BBC and Al Jazeera will be invited. This will hopefully put some doubt as to the legitimacy of ISIS and there Fatwas about killing indiscriminately. It’s not a solution but every bit helps Insha’Allah.”

Sick Jew hatred at Cornell: Fuck you Zionist scum

Read about it here.

Common sense: revoking terror supporters’ Israeli residency

“I have instructed the staff at the Interior Ministry to assess and advise me on how my authority may be widened…to nullify the permanent residency and accompanying social rights of East Jerusalem Arabs who promote terror and incite to violence,” Erdan said at a conference in Ness Ziona.

The Zionist boars are back!


Several Palestinian media outlets on Saturday quoted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as accusing Israel of using wild boars against Palestinians in the West Bank.

Indonesia Forces Female Police Officers to Undergo ‘Two-Finger’ Virginity Test

“In addition to the other medical and physical examinations. Women who want to become policewomen are to undergo a virginity test. Policewomen must keep their virginity,” the informational page states. It ends the section with a cheery “thank you” and a smiley-face emoticon.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau showed B.C. co-workers jihadi videos

CBC has learned new details of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s life in British Columbia that appear to challenge the picture of a homeless, drug-addicted drifter.

The account by a former supervisor and friend at a drilling company in Squamish, B.C. also reveals that Zehaf-Bibeau was open about his support for jihadi groups.

JDL Memorial Vigil At Palestine House – Sunday Nov 23, 2:00 PM

JDL Canada will be holding a memorial vigil at Palestine House to honour the memory of the 5 civilian victims that were mercilessly slaughtered while praying in a Jerusalem synagogue yesterday.

Palestine House is the nerve-centre of support for the terrorist organization Hamas, here in Canada.

Palestine House is on record supporting this most recent horrific civilian massacre and encouraging further terror attacks. Link 1, Link 2.

JDL Canada will be asking the authorities to lay criminal charges against the members of the Board of Directors of Palestine House for their incitement to violence and support for terrorism.


TIME:2:00 P.M.


For more information JDL Canada | (416) 736-7000 |

Just look at these animals

Palestine House board member praises the terrorists who committed the Jerusalem massacre and calls them: “role models”

monira kitmitto

Monira Kitmitto is a Palestinian activist, resident of Oakville who serves as a board member of The Palestine House in Mississauga (Ontario) and is also a member of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA).

Two men disguised in burkas rob Toronto jewellery store at gunpoint, hauling in $500K in merchandise

Toronto police are asking for the public’s assistance identifying two men who robbed a jewellery store last month while wearing burkas.

The two men robbed Mona-Clara Jewellers, in the York Mills-Leslie Street-area, on October 14 at gunpoint, Holdup squad Staff-Insp. Mike Earl told reporters Wednesday.

The pair got away with about $500,000 in jewellery during the five-minute holdup, he said.

They kill, we build

Israel on Wednesday approved the construction of 78 new homes in two Jerusalem neighborhoods over the Green Line.

The Marxist-Leninist militants linked to the Jerusalem synagogue attack

It’s not clear at present which, if any, Palestinian militant organization was behind Tuesday’s attack at an Orthodox synagogue in Jerusalem. The incident led to at least four deaths, including those of three Israeli-American citizens.

But the two men who carried it out are now believed to have ties to the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Marxist-Leninist guerrilla group.


pure evil


Four people killed in terror attack at Jerusalem synagogue

Two terrorists infiltrate synagogue, yeshiva compound in Har Nof neighborhood, attack worshipers with large knives and gun; eight people wounded; terrorists killed.

New CBO study shows that ‘the rich’ don’t just pay their ‘fair share,’ they pay almost everybody’s share

The major finding of the CBO report is that the households in the top income quintile are the real “net payers” of the US economy. The average household in the top one-fifth of American households by income paid $57,500 in federal taxes in 2011, received $11,000 in government transfers, and therefore made a net positive contribution of $46,500. The second-highest income quintile basically just barely covers its transfer payments, so it’s really the top 20% of “net payer” households that are financing transfer payments to the entire bottom 60% AND financing the non-financed operations of the entire federal government.

York U Jew hater in a mask runs away like a little girl

After his brave act of, er, dropping a banner, the little scumbag runs and hides — much like the pali terrorists he loves so much!


Meet Ferguson Activist, Bassem Masri

How One Woman Outmuscled a Teachers Union

Jerusalem in Photos from 1862: No mosques, no Palestinians – only ghost towns of massacred Christian areas

West Front of the Mosque of Omar

A new photographic exhibition in London follows the journey taken by England’s Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) in 1862, as he undertook a four month tour around the Middle East.

And as usual, no sign of mosques or active Palestinian presence as the decades old argument from the Palestinian side to keep up the saga to fight and occupy, for the sake of jihad and foreign aid.

Pali terrorist stabs Jewish man in Jerusalem

Initial reports say 32-year-old Israeli man stabbed in upper body by palestinian terrorist with screwdriver.

Musical Interlude

Human Smuggling Operation Busted at US Border With Canada

A human smuggler was busted earlier this week at the U.S.-Canadian border. Three individuals were arrested and charged as a result of the incident, which took place at the Peace Bridge port of entry.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), 50-year-old Tonin Ndoja, a Canadian citizen, is charged with bringing illegal aliens into the U.S. in exchange for money.

The smuggled individuals are 30-year-old Bardok Tusha and his wife, 20-year-old Kleda Tusha. CBP reported that both are Albanian citizens. They have each been charged with illegal entry.

Ndoja was a member of the trusted traveler program and a Free and Secure Trade (FAST) card holder.

The flag of Palestine, 1939


Click the Jewish image.

United Arab Emirates lists Council on American Islamic Relations as a terrorist organization

I wonder what they think about the Canadian branch of that group, The National Council of Canadian Muslims, which until last year was known as CAIR-CAN?

Palestine House board member implicitly justifies ‘run-over’ attacks


Dr. Nazih Khatatba, editor of Canadian Meshwar Newspaper and a board member of the ‘Palestine House’ in Mississauga, implicitly justifies the ‘run-over’ and stabbing attacks against Israeli Jews and overtly supports launching a Palestinian armed intifada (war) against Israel. It should be noted that during the last month 6 Israelis, including 3 year old toddler, were murdered in ‘run-over’ and stabbing attacks carried out by Palestinians. Israeli security services and citizens’ vigilante foiled some other attacks.

China Is Financing Putin’s Aggression

Russia’s economy is tanking, but Putin is sending long-range bombers on sorties in the Gulf of Mexico and combat troops into Ukraine—thanks to billions in new energy deals from Beijing.

Video: U.K. Muslims mark Remembrance Day