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How 2014 proved there is nothing too silly, too intellectually vacuous, for educated feminists to embrace

A newspaper story out of liberated France tells of a brave campaign by feminists to coincide with the gift-giving season, and beautifully illustrates the sensitivity and devotion of truly dedicated social justice progressives.

That country’s feminist domestic legion — just to dissociate it from the more famous and, just possibly, even braver French Foreign Legion — has executed a brutally stupid nuisance campaign of inserting tiny leaflets into various Christmas toys imprinted with the harsh declarative, “This toy is sexist.” Sound the Dies Irae.

They do so, they are pleased to claim, to alert little boy kiddies when they get a train set, or little girl kiddies when they get a nurse doll, that they are being abused; that they are being shouldered into “stereotypes”; and that Santa (their parents) is confirming all the known “gender biases.” Finally — this is really good — their fortune-cookie sabotage is meant “to raise awareness … that toymakers and sellers play a part in the fact that not a single little girl asks Father Christmas for a sword.” (Absolutely my italics.)

Well, if there is a cause I want to join, endorse and publicize it is surely the impoverishment of a world where little girls don’t have, by right, cutlasses and rapiers, samurai steel and Toledo blades, with which to terrorize the domestic hearth and practice parry and thrust, hack and pierce, on the Christmas turkey — or more likely their weaponless male siblings.

Leftists Are as Guilty of Censorship as North Korea’s Dictator

Nobody should be surprised that the dictatorial ruler of North Korea would want to censor a film that offended him, or even that he would feel entitled to break the law by threatening reprisals against the offenders. His actions emulate those of hard-left feminists, radical Muslims, university administrators, and others who seek to prevent the publication or distribution of material they deem offensive.

Musical Interlude

Muslim Scholar Blames Porn for Jihad


Muslim scholar Hamza Yusuf, president of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, Calif., blamed pornography for the proliferation of jihadist violence during a Georgetown University panel discussion Monday about the status of Muslim minorities in non-Muslim countries.

Princeton University law professor Robert George moderated the panel, and Yusuf appeared onstage along with John Esposito, a Muslim Brotherhood defender who heads the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Christian Muslim Understanding at the university.

After George noted that intelligence agents routinely find sexually explicit materials on laptops belonging to captured jihadists, Yusuf offered a theory in which young men “become deeply defiled” by the pornography habits and blame the West for providing the corrupting influences. They turn to jihad for religious purification and redemption.

“I really think that we underestimate the amount of people that have this experience of wanting to restore some kind of purity to themselves,” Yusuf said, “and the only restoration for them is blowing themselves up and get rid of the part that is the source of my defilement which is my body.”

Pali savages firebombed this little girl


A day after a Molotov cocktail thrown at Ayala Shapira and her father, she remains in serious condition and will undergo surgery; doctors say they will have to eventually reconstruct her face.

Gift cards a money-laundering loophole

Police and money-laundering experts believe organized crime is using gift cards, along with prepaid credit cards, to launder at least some of their profits from drugs, fraud or other illegal activities in Canada, which various estimates peg at somewhere between $5-billion and $55-billion a year.

Modern-day slavery: Death toll among Qatar’s 2022 World Cup workers revealed

Nepalese migrants building the infrastructure to host the 2022 World Cup have died at a rate of one every two days in 2014 – despite Qatar’s promises to improve their working conditions, the Guardian has learned.

The figure excludes deaths of Indian, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi workers, raising fears that if fatalities among all migrants were taken into account the toll would almost certainly be more than one a day.