Defence of VIA rail accused seems to be that they were too inept to actually cause any damage

John Norris isn’t done yet with his cross-examination of the undercover FBI agent who is the key witness in the trial of two men accused of terrorism charges in the alleged plot to attack a VIA passenger train.

Thus it may be too soon to say what is the end game of Mr. Norris, who represents accused plotter Raed Jaser.

But part of his defence, it appears, is that Mr. Jaser and his co-accused, Chiheb Esseghaier, were a pair of schmoes who were all over the map with their terrorist plans, too inept and full of baloney to pose a real danger, and further, that his guy at least, Mr. Jaser, wasn’t serious anyway and was just trying to put the arm on the purportedly rich agent for money.

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