The Absurdity of Israeli Compassion

I get it that we are a compassionate people – but this is ridiculous.

Today we read here that in Israeli hospitals it’s first come first served.

So during this killing spree, Arabs wounding and murdering Israelis at will by the day, by the hour, Jewish doctors make no distinction between the Arab terrorist and the Jewish victim. They get the same treatment, and if the killer gets to the emergency room ahead of time, he or she gets the benefit of immediate quality care.

The Jews must wait their turn.

That is not compassion. That is stupidity.

It is that kind of approach, this kind of mercy for the wicked, that gives the enemy the upper hand, knowing how easy it is to play on Jewish emotions…and play they do into this specific Jewish weakness. They play the Israelis for patsies, and rightly so.

Do you hear laughter?

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