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Lakin v. Facebook

On October 26, 2015, Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center filed an unprecedented lawsuit against Facebook on behalf of some 20,000 Israelis to stop allowing Palestinian terrorists to incite violent attacks against Israeli citizens and Jews on its internet platform. The Complaint seeks an injunction against Facbeook requiring it to monitor incitement and to respond immediately to complaints about inciting content.

The Complaint was filed in response to a wave of terror attacks beginning in October 2015 by which Palestinians attacked people with knives, axes, screwdrivers, cars and Molotov cocktails for no reason other than a perception by the attacker that the victims are Jewish. Many of these attackers were motivated to commit their heinous crimes by incitement to murder and the glorification of violence against innocent civilians they read on Facebook. 76 year old Richard Lakin, the lead plaintiff in the case, was brutally attacked by two such Palestinian terrorists, as he rode Bus 78 in Jerusalem’s Armon HaNatziv neighborhood on October 13, 2015. He was left with life threatening injuries after being shot in the head and stabbed in the stomach and died of his wounds two weeks later. The 20,000 Israelis that joined the lawsuit all live in fear of their personal safety and security as a result of this violent incitement and want to see Facebook change its policies.

The Complaint alleges that Facebook is much more than neutral internet platform or a mere “publisher” of speech because its algorithms connect the terrorists to the inciters. Facebook actively assists the inciters to find people who are interested in acting on their hateful messages by offering friend, group and event suggestions and targeting advertising based on people’s online “likes” and internet browsing history. Additionally, Facebook often refuses to take down the inciting pages, claiming that they do not violate its “community standards.” Calling on people to commit crimes is not constitutionally protected speech and endangers the lives of Jews and Israelis. Shurat HaDin will pursue the claims against Facebook on behalf of its 20,0000 clients until Facebook makes it will not allow itself to serve as a tool for terrorists to transmit their rabble rousing messages to their followers and that incitement to anti-Semitic violence will not be tolerated on its website.

Isis in Mosul: Brutal metal instrument used to clip women’s flesh

People in Mosul call it “the Biter” or “Clipper” – a metal instrument newly introduced by Isis officials to punish women whose clothes they claim do not completely conceal their body. A former school director, who fled from the city earlier this month, describes the tool as causing agonising pain by clipping off pieces of flesh.

Fatima, a 22-year-old house-wife who does not want to give her full name, said she had finally escaped from Mosul after several failed attempts because her children were starving and Isis had become more violent and sadistic compared with a year ago, especially towards women.

“The Biter has become a nightmare for us,” Fatima said after reaching safety in Mabrouka Camp for displaced people near Ras al-Ayn in Kurdish-controlled north-east Syria. “My sister was punished so harshly last month because she had forgotten her gloves and left them at home.”

Judiciary Committee Approves Muslim Brotherhood Terror Designation Bill

The House Judiciary Committee approved H.R. 3892, the “Muslim Brotherhood Terrorism Designation Act” in a party line vote of 17-10 today, with all Republicans voting in favor. The bill calls for the U.S. State Department to either designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group or formally state their reasons why the group cannot be listed.

HSBC Shuts Down Terror-Linked Account

HSBC cut ties with Islamic Relief Worldwide, the largest Islamic charity in the world.

Iran offers financial reward for families of potential Palestinian ‘intifada martyrs’

The Islamic Republic of Iran announced on Wednesday its support for the “Jerusalem intifada” that Israel has been witnessing for the past five months, declaring that it would give financial rewards to families of Palestinian terrorists.

Speaking at a press conference in Beirut on Wednesday, with the participation of several leaders of Palestinian factions, Iranian ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Fathali, said: “Continuing Iran’s support for the oppressed Palestinian people, Iran announces the provision of financial aid to families of Palestinian martyrs who were killed in the “Jerusalem intifada.”

According to the ambassador, every family of a martyr will receive $7,000, while a family whose home was demolished by the IDF will receive $30,000.

Fatah logo designer dies. He was Syrian.

This is appropriate, since the pioneer of fake Palestinian nationalism, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini, only came to that idea after his original intention of an Arab Palestine becoming part of Syria fell through by the Sykes-Picot agreement.

Just like the Palestinian flag – based on a design by the same British Colonel Sykes – even Palestinian symbols aren’t Palestinian.

Hezbollah funded animated movie on Islamic supremacy to be featured in Montreal

The animated movie “Princess of Rome” is coming to Canada’s theatres and is slated to be featured on February 28, 2016 at Sait-Ex, 5150 Boulevard Robert, Saint-Leonard, Quebec. Centre Communautaire Musulman CCMM promotes the movie on its Facebook page.

The 75 minute movie is the brainchild of the Iranian director Hadi Muhammadian and Iranian producer Hamid Jafari.

According to Payvand Iran News, “Mohammadian and producer Hamed Jafari faced difficulties in providing the necessary funds to produce the animation. After their failed attempt to gain the support of relevant Iranian companies to provide startup funding for the project, they entered into talks with the Imam al-Mahdi Scouts, a Lebanese youth movement affiliated with Hezbollah.”

ICNA Canada’s online syllabus: Muslim wife must obey her husband when he calls her to bed

ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Canada is an Islamic nationalwide organization striving “to build an Exemplary Canadian Muslim Community” by “total submission to Him [Allah] and through the propagation of true and universal message of Islam.”

Located at 391 Burnhamthorpe Rd., East, Oakville, Ontario, ICNA Canada emphasizes that “the propagation of true and universal message of Islam is only possible in Canada when whole Canadian Muslim Community transformed into a Dawah community by practicing and propagating the true Islamic Way of Life. With the vision of building an exemplary Canadian Muslim community it is very important to spread the word of Islam…”

Zunera Ishaq, the woman that stood at the centre of the “niqab debate” in the Canadian election campaign, works/ed for the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

On its official website ICNA Canada shares with its members, followers and supporters the book “Riyad us Saliheen” (“The Gardens of the Righteous” رياض الصالحين) compiled by Imam Zakaruya Yahya Bin Sharaf An-Nawawi, a Sunni Shafi’ite jurist and hadith scholar who lived in 13th century.

The Gardens of the Righteous (Arabic: Riyadh as-Salihin), is a compilation of verses from the Qur’an and hadith by Al-Nawawi. It contains a total of 1905 hadith divided across 372 chapters, many of which are introduced by verses of the Quran.

The book “Riyad us Saliheen” (“The Gardens of the Righteous”) which appears on ICNA Canada site adds modern commentary to the verses from the Qur’an and hadith.

The following are excerpts from the book which deal with the religious duty upon the Muslim wife to respond to her husband’s call to bed:

Interview with Saudi Foreign Minister

The wait for the interview with the minister takes six hours, but then he greets the journalists in a large conference room in a grand hotel in Munich. Adel al-Jubeir, 54, a slim, amiable man, wears a traditional robe and looks a bit fatigued. He and his counterparts spent the previous evening negotiating a cease-fire in Syria well into the night. And since early this morning, they have been busily discussing current global events. Al-Jubeir is the embodiment of a new breed of top Saudi Arabian leaders: He went to school in Germany and college in the United States and then served as the Saudi ambassador to Washington. In contrast to his longtime predecessor Prince Saud al-Faisal, who served as the country’s top diplomat for decades stretching from the oil crisis in the 1970s until early 2015, al-Jubeir is not a member of the royal family. At the time of his appointment as foreign minister last April, Saudi Arabia had just gone to war with neighboring Yemen and the situation in Syria was escalating. Al-Jubeir is now responsible for representing his country’s controversial foreign policy. And he allowed himself plenty of time to do so in this interview with SPIEGEL.

Hezbollah chief threatens mass Israeli casualties by bombing chemical plant

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah made a rare television appearance yesterday, threatening to strike an ammonia plant in the northern Israeli city of Haifa, in what he described as the terror group’s “nuclear bomb.”

Addressing the annual Hezbollah Martyrs Leader Day, Nasrallah said that “Israel knows Hezbollah has missiles and rockets that can strike anywhere in its territory.” In particular, he said that a strike on the ammonia plant would cause up to 800,000 casualties, adding, “This would be exactly as a nuclear bomb, and we can say that Lebanon today has a nuclear bomb, seeing as any rocket that might hit these tanks is capable of creating a nuclear bomb effect.”

Saudi halts $3b aid to Lebanon, blames Hezbollah

Saudi Arabia said the decision was in protest over Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based terror group allied to Iran that is fighting in support of the Syrian regime.

Eagles Of Death Metal Metal frontman Jesse Hughes on gun control in the wake of the Bataclan terrorist attack

Main German bank closes top BDS-linked account

Dr. Jürgen Eikenbusch, the spokesman for DAB Bank Munich, wrote the Post by email on Tuesday: “Because of bank secrecy [financial laws] we cannot provide you with concrete information about the account. We took the information very seriously and are examining the topic and are taking, if necessary. the corresponding measures.”

DAB Munich is the German branch of its French mother company bank, BNP Paribas. French law outlaws BDS activity targeting the Jewish state.

It is unclear if action by BNP Paribas against the BDS-Kampagne account is connected to possible violations of French anti-BDS or anti-terrorism laws.


The BDS-Kampagne website promotes a “petition in support of the right to call for a boycott of Israeli goods in France.”

According to German bank law, the BDS-Kampagne will have 60 days to close its account and remove the DAB bank information from its website.

Energetic anti-Israel activist Doris Ghannam is listed on the BDS website as the holder of the DAB account. Asked by the Post via telephone on Monday about the closure of her DAB account, she insisted that the newspaper send her a written query, but declined to respond to the queries, including questions about BDS-Kampagne’s views of Hezbollah and Hamas, which are designated by the EU and US as terrorist organizations, and about the Iranian-backed al-Quds Day protests in Germany.

In 2014, BNP Paribas pleaded guilty to criminal charges for violating US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sudan and Cuba. BNP Paribas paid nearly $9 billion – a record financial penalty for a bank – to the US government because of its illicit activity.

Manhattan attorney Preet Bharara, who played a key role in prosecuting BNP Paribas, said at the time:”BNPP banked on never being held to account for its criminal support of countries and entities engaged in acts of terrorism and other atrocities, but that is exactly what we did today.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European Union officially oppose BDS.

Charlotte Knobloch, a Holocaust survivor who heads the Munich Jewish community, told the Post in November, “The BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] campaign disguises the socially unacceptable ’Don’t buy from Jews!’ as a modernized form of Nazi jargon by demanding ‘Don’t buy from the Jewish State.’” The BDS-Kampagne website promotes and lists demonstrations in front of German department stores and supermarkets against Israeli products. Critics of BDS argue that the goal of the anti-Israel boycott movement mirrors the al-Quds day slogans to dismantle the Jewish state.

The website cites the 2005 Palestinian call to boycott Israel and its aim to return millions of Palestinians to Israel: “Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties.”

There is a growing backlash against BDS in Germany. The city council of Bayreuth rescinded on Tuesday its human rights and tolerance prize to the pro-BDS US group Code Pink.

In September the Commerzbank, Germany’s second largest bank, closed a pro- BDS account connected to the al-Quds day demonstration and annual marches in German cities calling for the destruction of Israel.

The bank “closed the account in September because of business conditions,” a spokesman told the Post in September.

The mass-circulation Berlin daily BZ published a piece by popular columnist Gunnar Schupelius in July titled, “Israel haters collect money through Commerzbank.”

The publicly-funded cultural center Bürgerhaus Weserterrassen in the northern Germany city of Bremen pulled the plug last month on a fringe BDS activist lecture.


Hillary Emails: Intelligence Report Said Hezbollah Has Base in Cuba

A private intelligence report from Hillary Clinton’s confidant, Sid Blumenthal, claimed that Hezbollah, the Iran-backed terrorist organization, had set up shop in Cuba, according to an email released by the State Department over the weekend.

Brooklyn College students demand ‘Zionists off campus’

Group of activists barges in on faculty meeting, calls Jewish professor ‘Zionist pig,’ demands end to ‘racist’ classes.

Newspapers Wither in Canada With Few Billionaires to Save Them

“I resent the fact that I’m competing with something I’m paying for with my own taxpayer dollars”.

‘What are the lecture times here and when do people come for lectures?’

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In a first, new Egyptian schoolbook teaches peace deal with Israel

The peace deal is described in a matter-of-fact way, without bias or any attempt to present Israel in a negative light, the report said.

The authors of the Egyptian schoolbook, intended for the ninth grade, detail eight clauses from the agreement, which are reproduced in the book verbatim. These include phrases on Israel and Egypt “ending the state of war” and on “each side respecting the sovereignty and independence of the other side.”

You know who’s responsible for evolution, don’t you?

“I believe that the gorillas and chimps living today in the forests of North Africa are cursed Jews. They are perverted humans that have mutated”.


Muslim teenager ‘should watch TV to avoid radicalisation’, court hears

A Muslim teenager feared to be in danger of being radicalised and travelling to Syria to become a Jihadi bride should be watching more television, a family court judge has been told.

The teenager, now 17, is one of a number of Muslim girls from east London who found have themselves at the centre of family court litigation after police and social services staff raised concerns about them being exposed to Islamic State ideology.

Mr Justice Hayden is analysing her case at hearings in the Family Division of the High Court and is expected to make decisions relating to how she can be protected later this year.

An independent social worker has prepared a report on the teenager for the judge – and one recommendation is that she ought to spend more time in front of the television.

The Sexual Misery of the Arab World

AFTER Tahrir came Cologne. After the square came sex. The Arab revolutions of 2011 aroused enthusiasm at first, but passions have since waned. Those movements have come to look imperfect, even ugly: For one thing, they have failed to touch ideas, culture, religion or social norms, especially the norms relating to sex. Revolution doesn’t mean modernity.

The attacks on Western women by Arab migrants in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve evoked the harassment of women in Tahrir Square itself during the heady days of the Egyptian revolution. The reminder has led people in the West to realize that one of the great miseries plaguing much of the so-called Arab world, and the Muslim world more generally, is its sick relationship with women.

‘Unique’ Israeli bandage: The more you bleed, the quicker it works

Boycott this.

The shadowy right-wing group infiltrating lefty organizations

They are shtulim — that ominous Hebrew word for “foreign agents” or “moles” that recently entered the Israeli discourse to describe (and denigrate) both foreign government-funded left-wing NGOs and the right-wing activists embedded in those same groups to spy on them.

Hamas video yearns to ‘roast’ Jewish flesh

ISIS operatives in Sinai are receiving medical treatment at Hamas hospitals in Gaza

Mordechai said that Hamas started allowing the ISIS members in for treatment recently in exchange for money, weapons and goods. The move is an attempt to make up for losses to Hamas’s coffers suffered due to Egypt’s policy of destroying tunnels between Sinai and Gaza, the general said.

Pali supporter arrested for hacking CIA, FBI

Crackas With Attitude, or CWA, first gained notoriety when they hacked into Brennan’s email, leaking a series of documents to WikiLeaks at the end of October last year. At the time, Cracka told Motherboard that it was so easy to hack Brennan that “a 5-year old” could have done it. He also said he didn’t want to go to jail.

That was just the first in a long series of brazen hacks, which the hackers bragged about publicly on Twitter. The hackers always claimed their actions were all done to support the plight of the Palestinian people, a sentiment they often summed up with the simple hashtag #FreePalestine.

Video: “What more democracy you want than the one we have in Qatar?”

Tell me you don’t want to bash this guy’s face in.

Israel’s crybullies

It is a characterization that fits the behavior of the Israeli Left like a glove.

This has been starkly illustrated in the Left’s response to several recent initiatives by political rivals – all either entirely truthful, or eminently sensible.

Moreover, they are not only completely compatible with the tenets of democratic governance, but, in fact, conducive to them – which is of course what both piques and alarms the Left, with its increasingly untenable political credo and commensurately shrinking electoral appeal.

Al Arabiya publishes editorial trying to convince Middle Easterners Hitler was bad

It’s fair to say that the Hitler cult is a bit passé in Germany these days. We are well versed in the atrocities committed in his name, and only the racist fringe still endorses his ideology.

It was thus a surprise to find out that much of the world thinks differently, and that the murderous dictator is held in high esteem in the Middle East in particular.

I first cottoned on to that fact when I stumbled upon an edition of Adolf Hitler’s infamous autobiography Mein Kampf in a bookshop in Dubai. At that stage, it was impossible to buy newly printed editions of the book in Germany, since the state held the publishing rights and simply refused to print it. (With the expiration of these rights, things have since changed, and a heavily edited version can now be purchased.)

But it was not until after I had left the expat-heavy, apolitical bubble of the UAE that I truly realized how pronounced the reverence for the erstwhile German leader in the region is. I have yet to speak to anyone in the Middle East who thinks badly of the genocidal Führer, who is responsible for the extermination of six million Jews and a World War that caused the death of twenty million Russians alone.

UAE names first minister of state for happiness

A woman will lead the United Arab Emirates’ attempt to secure happiness for its citizens after being named the country’s first ever minister of state for happiness.

Ohood Al Roumi’s appointment to the position was announced on Wednesday via Twitter by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prime minister, ruler of Dubai and the vice president of the UAE.

“National happiness isn’t a wish. Plans, projects, programmes, indices will inform the work of our ministries to achieve happiness,” he wrote on his official Twitter page.

Pali terrorist who assassinated Robert Kennedy up for parole

Now 71, Sirhan last went up for parole nearly 5 years ago.

Israel experiments in “stunting” growth of Palestinian bodies

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Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog Talks to Young Voters

ISIS sadist was Viva Palestina volunteer

Kotey left Britain in 2009, when he traveled to the Gaza Strip on an aid convoy of 110 vehicles organized by George Galloway, then a member of British Parliament. Nine volunteers on the Viva Palestina mission were arrested under the United Kingdom’s Terrorism Act the day before departure.

Video: Gloria Steinem: Mohammed’s first wife was a real estate agent



Rising number of Iranian girls as young as 10 forced to marry

Filthy child rapists:

A growing number of young girls are being forced to marry in Iran, UN rights experts warned Thursday, decrying laws permitting sexual intercourse with girls as young as nine.

About every 90 minutes, an honor killing unfolds somewhere in the world

“She took away our honor,” Maqsood said from his jail cell. “If you put one drop of piss in a gallon of milk, the whole thing gets destroyed. That’s what she has done. … So I said, ‘No, I will kill you myself.’”

Maqsood said that after shooting Saba he went home and told his wife, “I have gone and killed your daughter.” He added: “My wife cried. What else could she do? I am her husband. She is just my wife.”

Perpetrators of honor killings often are not prosecuted because Pakistani law allows families of victims to forgive a killing. So a man kills his daughter, the rest of the family forgives him, and he’s off the hook.

Tremendous pressure was applied to Saba by community elders to pardon her father and uncle. In the end, her husband’s older brother — the head of her new family — told her to forgive and move on. “There is no other way,” he said. “We have to live in the same neighborhood.”

Saba complied, and her father and uncle were released from prison. “After this incident, everyone says I am more respected,” her father boasted. “I can proudly say that for generations to come none of my descendants will ever think of doing what Saba did.”

Hezbollah drugs-for-guns ring busted in international sting

An international sting operation has netted members of a European Hezbollah cell accused of using millions of dollars from cocaine sales in South America to buy weapons for Syria, US officials said Monday.

Edmonton court relaxes Omar Khadr’s bail conditions

Omar Khadr is allowed to stay out past his midnight curfew if required by employment or education commitments, a Court of Queen’s Bench judge in Edmonton ruled Friday.

Khadr, who is living with his lawyer’s family in Edmonton, is taking courses to become an emergency medical responder, possibly working in an ambulance. Such a position would require late hours.

Federal and provincial lawyers did not oppose the change to his bail conditions, nor did they oppose Khadr’s request to make travel easier.

The court decided requests to travel out of province can be approved by his parole officer, rather than taking each request back to court for permission.

His third request — to meet and speak with his mother and sister without the presence of his lawyer Dennis Edney — will be argued later in February. Federal lawyers oppose the request.

Bail conditions require Khadr to speak English with his mother and sister Zeynab. But he is not required to speak English when he visits his grandparents in Toronto.


Abbas: ‘We Welcome Every Drop of Blood Spilled in Jerusalem’

“We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. This is pure blood, clean blood, blood on its way to Allah. With the help of Allah, every martyr will be in heaven, and every wounded will get his reward.”